What made you give up comfort and let go of your dreams?
  My friend Ma Quan is a yoga instructor, male of gender. Before returning to his hometown, he worked alone in Guangzhou for 5 years.
  When he first arrived in Guangzhou, he joined the largest local yoga chain and trained 12 hours a day. He just wanted to be a yoga teacher quickly. But after the training, when it was time to give him a lesson, there was always no news, and he was very helpless.
  During that time, Ma Quan often stood by the Pearl River and asked himself, "Do I really fit here? Where is my future?" When he was most lonely and helpless, he met his girlfriend from the same town. Life is no longer alone, and after a few years of hard work together, the two decided to return to their hometown to develop.
  In the small northern city of their hometown, most of them are full-time moms who practice yoga, so people often ask him with a smile: can yoga lose weight? How can men teach yoga?
  Facing the "question", Ma Quan did not explain too much. He gets up at 5 in the morning and goes home at 10 in the evening, telling customers what yoga is, and what's going on in private lessons.
  Relying on his accumulated experience in Guangzhou and his resilience to fail, Ma Quan was gradually accepted by the locals.
  Ma Quan, who has just returned from his hometown in Guangzhou, is confused. He doesn't know if this small place can accommodate him who has just returned from the "first-tier city". But now he finds that small cities can fulfill his dream . After leaving Beishangguang to return to his hometown, he did not evade and admit defeat, but opened up a new battlefield.
  When I met a girl from the Northeast, she said that her hometown was too cozy, and cozy made her fat. She chose to go to Beijing alone, pull up seven or eight friends, rent a 60-square-foot small house in the East Fifth Ring Road, and start her own Internet film and television venture .
  "Every day I have to work overtime until early in the morning, and I have to get up early to catch the bus to check in to work the next day." Huahua laughed and shared her daily life, such a day she has passed half a year.
  Once the whole group worked overtime until 4 am, and was planning to go home. Huahua suddenly received a notice to show the proposal at 8 o'clock, and everyone had to work hard to continue working. At 6 o'clock in the morning, the plan was finally completed, and several people crowded on the company's sofa for a while before going to see the customer. The proposal worked well and they successfully received the new project.
  "At that moment, I felt that all the hard work was worth it!" Hua Hua said happily, "If you didn't work hard or struggle when you were young , what's the difference from salted fish?"
  Yeah, we only have one life, so why not go out bravely when you can still take risks. Regardless of the result, at least when we look back, we can say "I tried, I don't regret it."
  "A lot of people say that small places don't have high aesthetics, but if no one brings new things and new ideas back, will the small city never have these things?" Zifu returned to his hometown in Guizhou with this idea. .
  Zifu is engaged in photography. He found that in his hometown, everyone can only go to the photo studio if they want to take pictures. And he will show customers some better-looking photos, or provide some newer shooting methods.
  Some customers asked him with anticipation for the photos downloaded from the Internet, could they be taken like this? After getting a positive answer, these customers are so happy. Zifu said firmly, "It's not only those big cities that can take good-looking photos. We can do it in small places, and the scenery is more beautiful."
  Last year, Zifu finally saved enough money to open his own photography studio. He also organized a club for photography enthusiasts to record beauty with photos.
  He never regrets returning to the small city, because the city is also changing every day. As long as there are developments and changes, there are unlimited possibilities.
  Change is an exciting word, it makes us feel that everything is possible. As long as the sun still rises every day, we will continue to do what we want to do.
  Of course, it is not without difficulties.
  Until now, Ma Quan still meets many people, and feels that yoga is for women who want to lose weight;
  Huahua, who remained in Beijing, said she had contracted a disease called "lively phobia" and was used to doing everything by herself;
  Zifu said that there were no photographers like him, and there was no competition. It felt that his thoughts had gradually stagnated, and it was difficult to have that kind of drive.
  But none of them thought about giving up.
  Even if there are ups and downs in your dream pursuit, you are not alone. Thousands of ordinary and extraordinary young people are in this land. They use their love and persistence in the factory, on the road, in the grid, and in the conference room to contribute to their dreams.
  Wherever there is a dream, there is hope in a dream.
  May you no longer search hard, and you will gain inspiration for your life in hard work; May you no longer be inactive, and embrace a new future in the rising sun.
  You who are willing to work tirelessly will one day meet your dreams.