You think it's too late, maybe the best place to start
  When I first started writing, I met many people's doubts.
  My cousin said to me: I have graduated. I do n’t have so much free time in school before I start reading writing. Is n’t it too late?
  My girlfriend directly yelled at me: I didn't see you working so hard at school. At that time, both memory and comprehension were in the golden age. Now that you are busy with your work, you start to try writing. It's too late!
  Even my aunt told me that it's too late to start now, and writing should be cultivated at an early age, so that the possibility of success will be greater.
  Listening to everyone's doubts, I also began to doubt. Is it too late to start writing?
  After all, some people have already published books in their teens, they have become famous in their early twenties, and many people who are the same age as me have been struggling in this industry for many years, both in terms of writing skills and reading volume. Above me, I started to try it now, is it really too late?
  Once, in a writing group, everyone talked about this issue. An elderly teacher in the writing industry, Teacher Wang, told us that she started writing at the age of 38, and the manuscripts she had just begun to submit were always sinking into the sea. Later, she finally published her first article. The editor teacher gave her a book on writing to encourage her to continue her efforts. She has kept it till now.
  Teacher Wang comforted us: It is the best time to start doing something at any time. As long as you dare to try, it is not too late.
  Later, a few of us agreed that no matter how hard the road ahead, we must also go and find out together, not let ourselves ten years later, regret retreating ten years ago, and go bravely.
  Not afraid of "it's too late," I'm afraid of "stopping."
  Some time ago, I went to my friend Xiaoying's house to play on the weekend. I saw Xiaoying's grandfather practicing writing on the floor. I looked around for a while and thought it was very interesting.
  It turned out that grandpa began to learn brush writing after retiring . At the beginning, he was on the square in the park. I saw some elderly people who practiced writing brush writing on the ground with a brush dipped in water. Older life adds a bit of fun.
  After the grandpa went back, he asked his granddaughter Xiaoying to teach herself to buy a whole set of writing brush artifacts on Taobao with Taobao.
  Grandpa himself faced to the copybook and practiced on the canvas in a stroke. Later, I simply reported a crash course in adult writing brush writing, following the practice of the teacher for several months.
  After leaving school, Grandpa began to hold a brush in his right hand and carry a bucket full of water in his left hand to practice writing on the floor at home or in a square in a park.
  Last weekend, when Xiaoying and I were playing in the square, I also saw that the old man was teaching the people around him to learn writing brush characters. Looking at the writing brush characters of the old people, it was impossible to imagine. He only started learning in his sixties. It's more like a word practiced from a young age.
  Xiaoying said that his grandfather often told her: It is never too late to always do something if you really want to do one thing.
  Those who think it's too late, in the final analysis, are just afraid to start, afraid to try, and afraid not to persevere one day .
  But the best time in my life is not the past or the future, but every minute and every second of the moment.
  If you want to write, start reading now, read more, observe more, think more.
  It is not too late to mobilize all the sensitive cells in your body, to maintain a certain sensitivity to the details of life, to practice more, and to accumulate experience little by little.
  If you want to practice calligraphy, you will start to make a plan for yourself, set a goal, and practice it seriously.
  Learn to enjoy the process from temporary posting to independent writing, instead of worrying about being too late.
  Sometimes, we often think, why did n’t we start to learn a certain skill 10 or 20 years ago, but it happened many years later that we needed to use it before we regretted it and felt it was too late?
  In fact, there is no such thing as "it's too late." It's the best time to start.
  As the saying goes: The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now.
  By the same token, the best time to start doing something, other than many years ago, is actually now. It has been impossible to return many years ago, and only the present can be grasped.
  We have missed the days before today, so don't let tomorrow's selves, regret today's indecision, or wait until the day when they grow old, then regret what they want to do, always just an illusion.
  You think it's too late, maybe the best place to start.
  Start now, it's not too late to take a road that is too late!