Ten minutes longer will bring you closer to success
  Before, watching the girls on the street wearing cheongsams, Nana, I was very envious and bought one from the Internet.
  In fact, every time the weather is warmer, I think of a poem: The beautiful lady first tried Bo Luoshang.
  I hope that I am also a beautiful lady, able to reborn, shake off the lazy and bloated for a winter, put on beautiful clothes, and spend spring and summer in a calm heart.
  But he is always unsatisfactory in the mirror. I tried running, but I fished for three days and sunbaked for two days. I tried yoga, but I didn't go to a few classes after paying the money.
  This time, I heard that doing sit-ups can remove the fat on the lower abdomen, and I feel like being beaten up again.
  With the previous lesson, I no longer dare to take my inertia lightly.
  I hung the cheongsam by the bed, I could see it as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning, and I started doing it the first time.
  Time does not wait, the short summer is fleeting, and if you want to wear a cheongsam as soon as possible, you cannot be lazy.
  A month later, I added a piece of abdomen to dress up the cheongsam. If you continue, the effect should be better.
  I found that as long as there is motivation to move forward, in fact, ten minutes a day is not difficult.
  Three years ago, niece Dan Dan was admitted to the key high school, but was the last in the class.
  In fact, Dandan's scores in other subjects are good, that is, English has lowered the score. Dan Dan did not like English since he was a child and often failed. The lower the score, the less interested. Gradually, English becomes a burden.
  However, Dan Dan met a very severe English teacher in high school. She asked Dan Dan to read English texts aloud during her early morning study, at least ten minutes a day.
  The teacher also gave Dan Dan an example of previous students who persisted in reading. These students could eventually improve their English scores through morning reading.
  The teacher said, don't underestimate the ten minutes a day, this little insistence will also wear water and stone, making the iron pestle grind into a needle.
  For three years in high school, this persistence of the niece has never stopped. She felt more and more about English. Whether it was pronunciation or listening, she gradually found her way. This subject, which she hated, slowly gave her a sense of accomplishment.
  With the improvement of performance, Dandan also has more and more confidence in himself and is willing to spend more time to make up for his shortcomings.
  Surprisingly, when this year's college entrance examination, Dandan's English has never failed to become 110 points, no longer hindered.
  The seemingly inconspicuous ten minutes a day has not unhurriedly improved the English performance of her niece.
  Sometimes, we only need ten minutes of persistence every day to bring ourselves closer to success.
  Don't underestimate these ten minutes. The accumulation of time is a huge force.
  Ten minutes passed in the eyes of many people. However, if it was ten ten minutes, one hundred ten minutes, one thousand ten minutes ... the force of gathering sand into a tower came out.
  Minor changes in ten minutes are negligible, but if we stick to them, those small changes will stack up and send us an unexpected surprise.
  My colleague's daughter is in third grade, and her math scores have been jumping up and down the passing line. Math problems always bother her, and she can do all her homework.
  At the beginning of the semester, the math teacher and her made a plan together, and the teacher asked her to complete five calculation problems outside the homework every day.
  The teacher said that junior high school mathematics is not difficult and the grades can't get up, but the questions are not up to the mark.
  It took a long time to do it at first. After a period of time, the little girl was getting faster and faster. The five questions were usually completed in ten minutes.
  This persisted for one semester, her math scores have easily passed a hundred, and her interest in solving problems has greatly increased.
  Hayao Miyazaki said that sometimes, if you insist on what you don't want to do, you will get what you want most.
  Those humble efforts and hard work, and the unremitting perseverance every day, will turn into a beautiful encounter, and one day in the future, you will meet unexpectedly.
  Your excellence may be that you have paid ten minutes more every day than others. The ordinary you have since become different.