Refine difficulties into simplicity, not far from success
  On the night of the Chinese New Year, our family went in and out of the kitchen and planned to make a good reunion dumplings.
  According to past habits, the quasi-club will be wrapped into the shape of a crescent, but that day, my cousin had a clever idea and suggested that everyone learn now and use the video to learn how to operate.
  Such an interesting family activity was quickly approved by all votes, and the big guys immediately dispersed and went online to study tutorials. Because the videos are almost only a minute or so, after two or three times, everyone is gearing up and eager to try.
  When the dumpling skin and dumpling filling are finished, we will start work.
  I thought that such a simple operation in the video really got into the hands, but it became even more difficult. When less than five, the cousin had died down and lost the original spirit of the proposal; ten caps and inflexible hand strength made the cousin again difficult and silently put down the "defective product" in his hand.
  Mom's side has been so calm, one by one, practising pinch, and working hard.
  From about the 28th, the ear-wrapped dumplings made by my mother have a good appearance, only in the processing of lace. After reviewing the video again, she seemed to have the knack. She just squeezed it and formed the fine wheat ear dumplings.
  This made us all staring aside, very envious, complaining that we couldn't do the work, and then retreated to the front and changed back to familiar practices, wrapping up simple crescent dumplings.
  Looking at the smart and cute wheat ear dumplings on the dining table, the big guy sighed again: This wheat ear dumplings are too difficult to learn!
  The mother who was sitting on the side denied the opinions and stated the main points:
  If you don't make difficult into simple, you will always find it difficult; if you want to make difficult into simple, you have to lose the enthusiasm for a while and stick to it without fear and repeat it.
  Later, we tried to pack it again. As the mother said, if I can't do well, I want to run away and give up, and continue to do it. Soon, the big guys will be packed.
  Therefore, if 30 years ago, it was understanding or talent that Bao Cheng could not see, then after 30, it would depend on courage not to be afraid of difficulties, and to persevere difficulties into simple perseverance.
  Friend A Jing is a man who dares to do it.
  Last year, he rented a facade room and planned to renovate and open a restaurant. Later, after contacting the soft furnishing company and the construction party, it was found that the cost was too high, so he decided to teach himself the interior design and work for his ideal restaurant.
  But as soon as he found a course online, he found that he didn't understand the terms at all, such as hue and saturation. It took him almost a week just to finish the first lesson seriously, and often he was interrupted while listening, and had to stop to check the meaning of the professional terms.
  After persisting for more than a month like this, slowly, Ajing felt that it was really difficult to learn by himself, and he began to get tired.
  Therefore, he compromised with the soft decoration company, and soon the company sent a designer to dock with Ajing with the decoration drawings.
  During the conversation, regarding the treatment of floor tiles and wall paints, A Jing always stated that he must adhere to the details, but the other party claimed that too many details we spent too much manpower and resources to achieve, so the two parties terminated the cooperation in the end.
  But it was also this experience that made Ajing determined to learn interior design.
  Because the price of avoiding difficulties is that you can never enjoy the ease of freedom. Only by not fearing hardship and adhering to hardship can you win the outcome you want with a high probability.
  Later, Ajing reflected on his own mentality, and turned the existence of difficulties into opportunities. He embraced and tolerated every difficulty with an inclusive mentality, and united his heart and hands with repeated practice and thinking. Jiner understand, not good at some effort to get through.
  After more than half a year of preparations, A Jing's restaurant finally opened. It is precisely because of the insistence on the original design and the precise control of the details that the restaurant's business is extremely popular from the year before to the year.
  Overcoming difficulties with those professional terms has also allowed A-Jing's store to add an artistic sense other than fireworks, so it has gained the favor of unexpected high-end crowds.
  At the same time, with a profound understanding of interior design, Ajing was also fortunate to be invited to participate in the design of many stylish restaurants around.
  Today's success, Akin likes to summarize it as: Only by willing to take the difficulties and refine the difficulties into simple suffering, can we better move towards the ideal success.
  In fact, each of us has a "difficult zone" in his heart. For example, when he was swimming, he was afraid of the water, but he continued to choke himself.
  I do n’t understand the scalp when I learn programming, but I still have to remember the code;
  When the journal list was approved by the leaders, it still had to work hard ...
  Many times, we are struggling and restless on the road to overcome fear, but we still have to move on.
  This "difficult cognition" of something inside is normal.
  What we need to do is just to open the sponge of the mind, absorb the essence of the difficulties that are beneficial to ourselves, and then convert the energy spent to overcome the difficulties into the benefits of simple operations in the future.
  Just like those who have learned to make wheat dumplings, they can use the charm of handmade food, or please themselves, or sell craftsmanship; and those who know design can also use their artistic vision and methods to build their own restaurants and win the ideal palace. .
  From contact writing to now, I have a habit of analyzing articles that I think are good and analyzing them piece by piece.
  In fact, slowly, you will find that those authors who often write good articles, most of their ideas are not arranged according to the traditional structure.
  You will see that the more high-quality an article is, the higher the level of its perspective, and the logical arrangement, all of which are natural and will not be quite satisfactory.
  Because most of the time, when we do n’t know a thing or know little about it, we can't help but choose the existing form or routine. The authors who have ideas and experience, they have grasp of the article. The process of transitioning from difficult to simple has been experienced.
  It is this process that allows them to gain the rare ability to be familiar with the logical structure, but fluent and error-free.
  Just like a big coffee author around, she told me that in order to write a good emotional article, she found no less than 30 platforms to submit articles, during the day to find similar styles of posted articles, and re-check in the word document. "Copy" again.
  When I got inspired in the evening, I started writing on my own. I submitted the article to the platform the next day, and then found the existing problems and corrected them through the editor's reply.
  Relying on such high-frequency and high-speed reading, writing, revising, and submitting, she finally broke out, and now her emotional writings are even more hand-held, and all the majors are constantly inviting. But she often said: Difficulty is the hardship and pain in the process of simplicity, and it will eventually become your nutrition. But only those who are willing to persevere and overcome the obstacles of commanding heights can complete this step of transformation.
  In real life, it's not just writing. When facing any unknown skill or direction, we should overcome fear as soon as possible and relentlessly improve our strength.
  Keep in mind: The ones that bother you are not actually difficulties, but you don't want to refine the difficulties into simple psychology.
  And the best way to get out of the predicament is to motivate ourselves . We have to tell ourselves from time to time: Being the best is now.
  If you are progressing on the road to excellence, and if you are running on the road to success, then you must grasp it, make difficulties difficult, and you will not be too far away from success.