Why do people work hard? This is the best answer I've ever heard
  There is an older sister in the circle of friends who lives with two children and runs a flower shop. She sends her children to school every day, then goes to the flower shop, and then picks them up in the evening, cooks and cooks, and gives the children tutoring homework. She is a little tired but happy.
  She likes writing, and reports to the class, where she is also the monitor. Although it is a part-time job, she has taken it very seriously. She will remind her that she has fallen behind in the class, and she will praise her for her outstanding performance. She also likes to run a marathon. Once she runs, she feels that her life is very promising. She also took the children to run together, she said: "Life is a marathon. Winning at the starting line does not mean that you can win at the finish line. It is good for children to experience it early."
  The hardships she had experienced had long turned into a drop of sweat and was excreted from the body. And her own bones and bones, become resistant to falling and beating, very vigorous.
  Many times we ask ourselves, why is it so hard to live lazily? But as long as you think of the world as big, the scenery so beautiful, and so many interesting people, you will not be reconciled.
  This is the meaning of our efforts. The way up is actually not crowded, because many people choose ease.
  Yesterday, my colleague in the office happily called his parents: "Dad, I booked a flight with you and mom, and the hotel is already booked ..." I suddenly remembered my parents, and they planned to go mountain climbing a few years ago. Watching the sea eat food is like a pair of children who haven't had enough fun.
  But in recent years, they haven't heard the sound of wanting to go out. Every time I called home, they only asked me if I was doing well. I was suddenly ashamed that I hadn't been able to give them a better life. Instead, they kept worrying for me.
  I did n’t know my family until I left, and I did n’t know my parents ’kindness until I raised my child.
  In fact, I really want to be their pride and make them live better. I don't want them to worry about my wandering situation any more. They want them to buy things they like and go where they want to, and they want them to be healthy and happy forever.
  This is probably the meaning of our efforts. I hope that we can grow faster than our parents are getting older.
  We all once walked on tiptoes. We went out before dawn, and we ate meals. We often stayed up late to work overtime. Those seemingly difficult and long struggles are actually like a shining star. If you ca n’t tell where you are, there is a star that illuminates the way forward.
  No matter how long the road is, you can walk step by step; if you are short, you cannot reach it without taking your feet. As long as the life is so long and the outside world is so exciting, I want to see it. My effort is to experience a larger world, and I don't want to stop my pursuit of the meaning of life .
  Each section of the road is an uphill road. It may be difficult to walk, but the harvest is even more valuable.
  I will never forget how hard I worked. I also like myself working so hard.
  How about you, are you living so hard? Will you also hurry in the cold wind in winter, close your eyes while taking the subway and rest, buy a fast food at the fast food restaurant downstairs to solve the dinner, still dare not get tired in the middle of the night, and try to guard the light in your heart?
  What is the meaning of hard work? It is to live a rich and unique life of tens of thousands of days, not to repeat the day tens of thousands of times; it is to stand beside the person I love in an unquestionable status, whether he is rich or has nothing, I have Can give him a firm embrace. He is rich, I am not climbing high; he is down, I can warm him.
  The worst result of hard work is failure, but the result of not trying is endless remorse, doubt and mediocrity.
  Let us work hard to live a complete life in the way we like.