7 tips before you reach 40
  Uncle Liang has already passed 40, as if in a split second, life has entered the second half.
  In addition to mixed feelings, as a person coming here, I also want to give you some suggestions for the younger ones, all of which are truthful. I hope that I will be a little enlightened for you.
  Make more money
  It may be vulgar to say so, but money is really important, and I don't shy away from it.
  Looking at the people around me, many tragedies are almost no exception related to lack of money.
  When you reach middle age, you will know how many places to spend. This is not only about the quality of life, but also whether you have an open mind.
  As a child of someone else ’s family, if you go abroad to expand your experience and go to interest classes, you will be shy. You can only tell your child to study hard and change their destiny.
  When your wife ’s clothes are from various stalls or Taobao cottages, and you ca n’t afford a set of authentic cosmetics, you can only comfort her that everything will be fine.
  In this scenario, can you really be open-minded?
  You might say, why compare?
  In fact, this is really not the case. It is a ability to let your family live well. When you are middle-aged and you do not have it, you will judge yourself every day.
  So please let go of all the nonsense and focus on making yourself rich, and you have to admit a truth:
  Most people can't talk about happiness without material.
  You and I are most people, so we can't escape this rule.
  That means that with material guarantees, you can say goodbye to those you hate;
  With wealth accumulation, you can quit gracefully when you are tired of working;
  With enough balance on the card, you can sit on a sunny afternoon under a Starbucks umbrella and read a boring book calmly ...
  And all of this is undoubtedly costly.
  Get married
  I'm not strewing dog food, but at middle age you will understand that love is the last harbour.
  When you have been in the world for many years, you will definitely see a lot of ugly faces, experience too many people's speculations, taste all kinds of mischief ...
  You will find that there is almost no place to tell this kind of desolation and helplessness, and it is only your lover who is willing to sit down and listen to you quietly and understand it.
  To some extent, the so-called husband and wife is not just a contract, an identity, a conversion of love , a family formation, but also a symbiotic relationship.
  That means that in this relationship, the spirit can support each other, and the emotions can be stored in each other. Even if they are relatively speechless, they can experience the common determination.
  Therefore, when you reach middle age, the biggest misfortune is the misfortune of marriage. If you spend most of your life, you can't even keep a person who is willing to listen to your truth. What could be more sad than that?
  Therefore, regardless of your age, you must learn to manage your marriage. It is business, not simply living.
  That means watering, fertilizing, and weeding often, although slightly trivial, but when you enter the second half of your life, you can feel great returns.
  Hug children more
  It took me a long time to get used to being a young man and transitioning to a father.
  On the day of my wife's birth, when the nurse held out a little monster and asked me to hug me, my first reaction was to avoid it.
  Because at that time, I was not ready to be a father.
  The little monster is also very difficult to linger, crying all night and all night, can not leave the arms of his parents.
  And I was annoying, and even trained him to hold the conditioned reflex before crying, and finally he almost fainted and passed out.
  However, the child is always a kind of Huairou policy, responding to the need of "embracing" without resistance.
  And she finally convinced me in one sentence :
  The child will grow up soon, and when you want to hug, he will not let you hug.
  Yeah, just hug, what a big deal, so I also started to hug often.
  Until the first two days, my son was 11 years old. I met him back from school downstairs and wanted to give him a regular hug.
  However, he pointed nervously at the classmates around him, and avoided it very lightly, as I reacted when he first met him ...
  Finally, my wife's words came to fruition. I didn't expect this day to come so soon.
  Fortunately, I already have a lot of memories of "embracing" and I am ready for this day.
  Wu Xiaobo once told the story of an entrepreneur friend. In 2001, he sold the company to foreigners and cashed out more than one billion yuan.
  At that time, few Chinese had more than a billion cash on hand.
  So he is a very successful person.
  One year Wu Xiaobo and the entrepreneur traveled to the United States. When they passed the customs, the American in front picked up his child and showed it to the immigration officer. When he saw this scene, the entrepreneur burst into tears.
  He told Wu Xiaobo that he had two children, but he couldn't remember what they looked like when he was five or six years old, because he never held them.
  Men are rational animals. Especially when we are young, we like to be tough and reject tenderness. Most people are naturally indifferent to "hug".
  But I want to advise you to hug your children when you have time. After all, it carries a special day. Once you miss it, you will only leave a gap that cannot be filled.
  Have a hobby
  When people reach 40, everyone will have a common feeling: anxiety and boredom.
  You might say that the same is true of young people today.
  In fact, there are some differences. Young people have more time and opportunities, so they can give more rich reveries to the future.
  And middle-aged people? Even this reverie was deprived.
  The writer Feng Tang once gave an interview. When it comes to the middle-aged crisis, he said that the root is "a sense of certainty":
  When you are middle-aged, you already know how much you can do, which things you can do, and which things you can't do in your life. At this time, what excitement do you have?
  The cruelty of middle-aged lies in this: moving forward with a heavy hope.
  At this time, the middle-aged person is going downhill with energy and body, but the burden and trouble are pressing step by step. If you do not know how to release the pressure reasonably, the entire spiritual world can easily collapse in an instant.
  If you have a hobby, it will be much better.
  When you are bored, there is always a spiritual sanctuary, so that you will not fall into a vortex that cannot be extricated.
  Just like Uncle likes to play, no matter what troubles are encountered, no matter how selfish the world is, as long as there is an opportunity to play, at least in those hours, the mood will be refreshed and the world will become colorful.
  Therefore, I also have a conjecture, is it because those middle-aged people who are short-sighted are missing a hobby?
  As a result, in the storm, we couldn't find a port for a temporary stop. Otherwise, how could such a beautiful world be reluctant to say goodbye?
  Make a few friends
  If you are 40 years old and have a few friends, it will be a very lucky thing.
  First of all, socializing with friends is a joy in itself.
  From the age of apes, everyone combs their hair, builds relationships, and finds fun.
  Therefore, socializing is a joy in itself. Don't wear any utilitarian hat.
  Secondly, friends can give you some suggestions and help.
  When people reach middle age, they will encounter many intractable problems. If you have a few good friends around, you can help you get ideas, give you some suggestions, or even give some help directly when you have no God. The road will soon be suddenly open.
  Finally, look for a sense of balance.
  Why are people anxious? Many times it is because you feel that others are better than you, and when everyone leaves you behind, you will become extremely anxious.
  There are many types of good friends, but I have found that no matter how big your career is or how much your income is, in fact, in middle age, everyone has the same troubles.
  Those who are prestigious, or those who are entangled in the waist, are actually a bunch of tangled things behind, and they are also annoying every day.
  When you know that everyone is almost a virtue, you will feel more comfortable in your heart. You see this is another kind of happiness in making friends.
  Of course, making friends is not indiscriminate. On the contrary, you should stay away from people who can't help themselves or play tricks.
  In short, when people reach middle age, they don't have many friends, but they are refined.
  Never stop reading
  Don't get me wrong, this is not forcing you to learn some skills and reading professional books. This is important at some stage, but it is not the focus of what I want to say.
  What I want to highlight is: keep having fun in reading.
  First, reading is the door to your imagination.
  I always have regrets. Once a good novel or literary work is made into a movie or TV series, no matter how good it is, it can't restore the reading experience.
  The reason is very simple, because once it becomes a movie, no matter the protagonist, the scene, or the props, it becomes a specific and shaped thing. Your imagination attaches to these specific things, and loses the power of extension.
  Reading is not the same. Those words can let you go wild and expand the boundless imagination space, and even this space is customized for you, it only exists in your ideology.
  So, like that famous saying: Ten thousand copies of Gone with the Wind have 10,000 Scarletts.
  That's the real joy of reading.
  Second, reading is a shortcut to advanced thinking.
  Any esoteric thought must be abstract, which also means that it is difficult to perfectly display it through the picture, and it can only be displayed through text symbols.
  If you don't read, you lose a chance to collide with good ideas.
  The author of each classic book is the best wise man in the contemporary era, and these classics condensed the essence of their thinking. During the reading process, you are talking to the author. This kind of intellectual improvement.
  The intellectual growth and knowledge acquisition in this process are both a stable, lasting, and high-level source of happiness that will push you to become a middle-aged man with a firm rationality when you reach middle age.
  Health is always the most important thing, no one
  Tell a story:
  Polar bears are recognized as one of the most powerful mammals.
  At a low temperature of minus 40 degrees, polar bears can run for more than 40 minutes, swim in a mixture of ice and water for 15 minutes, and not eat for 20 consecutive days. The thick fur can resist all knives and spears-such a powerful animal, Eskimos How to deal with it?
  Polar bears have one disadvantage: bloodthirsty.
  The Eskimo hunter would kill a small seal, bleed it on the blade, and then stand upside down in a bucket.
  Let the blood flow over the tip of the knife, and the blood barrel was placed outside and frozen into ice. A bear hunting artifact was born.
  The polar bear saw the blood and hurriedly licked it with his tongue. When the blood above was licked, the tongue froze. The exposed blade will cut the polar bear's tongue through a small wound.
  But at this time, the frozen tongue of the polar bear did not feel pain until the wound became deeper and deeper, and finally the polar bear fell because of excessive blood loss.
  Yes, in the end the polar bear licked all his blood ...
  At this point, the waiting Eskimos will jump out and kill the polar bear.
  I want to use this story as a metaphor: when young, people will be confused by the glorious TITLE, the high salary, the dazzling career, just like the blood on the blade.
  For this reason, we desperately licked and tried desperately to lick it. Don't you know that we need to repay it afterwards.
  Some time ago, a college student left us with a heart attack.
  The day before the onset, he worked overtime until 2 o'clock in the night.
  I don't dare to pretend that work pressure is the root cause of the disease, but you have to say that there is no connection at all, and I also absolutely believe it.
  The pressure of that classmate was obvious to everyone, and he rarely took a break, either travelling or working overtime. He was in poor physical and mental condition.
  This situation happens frequently and people have to worry about it.
  The real commercialization of China is only 20 years. Even if it is a person's career, he has not completed a complete cycle.
  Therefore, it is easier for us to see the benefits brought by desperate efforts, but we can't see the costs caused by them for the time being.
  But because of this, I have to be reminded that there is nothing in this world and it is worth traded for health.
  If the first half of life is determined by opportunity, ability, and intelligence, then the only thing left to determine the second half of life is health.
  Unfortunately, some people were unable to enter the second half ...
  To the end
  Finally, to sum it up, people will not know until middle age that balance is the most important thing.
  Material, family, spirit, friendship, health ...
  Like throwing a few balls into the air, you have to be like an excellent clown and try not to let one fall to the ground.
  Come on, fellow clowns.