The adult world: survive, excel; fail, out
  I have recently read a book about Zeng Guofan , and I feel very touched. There are many places in the late Qing Dynasty's life worthy of our reference and reflection.
  Tell two little stories.
  The first is the experience of Zeng Guofan's examination of talents.
  Among several famous officials in the late Qing Dynasty, Zeng Guofan's qualifications were relatively mediocre compared to others.
  At the age of 17, Li Hongzhang was a talented candidate. Zuo Zongtang took the Xiangyin County test at the age of 14 and ranked first.
  The second story is the experience of serving in Changsha, Hunan, after Zeng Guofan entered the workplace .
  In the second year of Xianfeng, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Movement swept through half of the land of the Divine Land. At that time, the army of the Qing court was already too vulnerable to battle and Hunan was almost occupied.
  The so-called regiment training is actually a militia, not a regular army.
  After arriving in Changsha, Zeng Guofan began to work aggressively, but because he used too much force, he almost offended the entire Hunan officials.
  Later, the local regular army green camp army in Hunan began to constantly find trouble with Zeng Guofan, and one day even besieged his office, Zeng Guofan almost died, and several followers were also injured.
  Interestingly, no other officials came forward to stop, pretending to be invisible, sitting and watching the joke.
  After the accident, Zeng Guofan left Changsha.
  Now comes the end of these two stories.
  The end of the first story is that Zeng Guofan did not give up, finally won the talent for the seventh time, and suddenly opened his eyes, Zhongjue, Zhongjinshi, singing all the way.
  The ending of the second story is that after Zeng Guofan left Changsha, he went to Hengyang to continue the regiment training, trained a Xiang army that can fight tough battles, and settled the uprising of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.
  What do these two stories tell?
  In fact, just one word: boil.
  In my life, people will encounter many dark to dark moments. At this time, there are two ways before them. One is to give up, and the other is to die.
  Many times, you can only embrace the light if you grit your teeth and go through it.
  To survive, to stand out; to survive, to get out.
  This is the most real life.
  Good, often made out
  Known as the "thinker of the real estate industry," Feng Lun once said that greatness comes out of it.
  I don't like to use the word "great". I think "beautiful" is closer to ordinary people, but I deeply agree with this sentence.
  Due to work reasons, I have contacted many real estate sales staff.
  Many people do sales and exercise themselves. They are usually just talking about the scene. The main reasons are twofold: one is to make more money, and the other is the lower threshold.
  When the market is good, even in third- and fourth-tier cities, 20,000 to 30,000 a month, that is a normal operation.
  This sounds tempting, but the mobility of this profession is also very high, because there are many times when there is no food, the market is not good, or the project is not good, only a very low monthly salary can be held, some people If you ca n’t stand it, you just leave.
  Those who have done this should have a deeper understanding. The market price is often more important than their own sales ability, and the good price is often boiled out.
  Although this is not true enough, it is a fact.
  Tell the story of a well-known person, the founder of Meituan Wang Xing.
  In the eyes of many people, Wang Xing is undoubtedly successful , but many people may not know that Wang Xing had many failed entrepreneurial experiences before he founded Meituan .
  In 2003, the first project of Wang Xing's venture was a Duoduo website, which was not completed. The second project was a Yoututu website, which failed.
  In 2005, Wang Xing made the school intranet, which was later known as Renren. However, at that time, Wang Xing had to sell the school intranet to Chen Yizhou because he did not have the money to increase servers and broadband. Later he changed his name to Renren.
  It is said that on the day when the school intranet was sold, Wang Xing's team ate at a restaurant, everyone drank their heads and drank without talking, tears dripping down.
  This scene reminds me of Ma Yun and his team crying in a tavern when they left Beijing after the team failed to start a business in Beijing.
  In 2007, Wang Xing made Fanfan, and then made the domestic network.
  In 2009, Wang Xing made, although this time it was done, the process was abnormally tortuous.
  If for a moment, he can't stand it and give up, then there may not be today's Meituan.
  This is so for Wang Xing, so is Ma Yun, and so is Yu Minhong. This is true of all entrepreneurs, including the general public like you and me.
  No matter what kind of life you are and what age you are in, you must have experienced successes and failures. Looking back on the road you have traveled, you will find:
  What makes you feel good today is often from step by step through the dark days.
  Such as examinations, entrepreneurship, promotion, confrontation with illness, and even love.
  What you regret now is often asking yourself why you didn't persist and didn't survive.
  How to properly "live up"
  In "Mencius Under the Confession", there is such a paragraph:
  Therefore, the heaven will descend to the people of Sri Lanka, and they must first suffer their minds, strain their bones, starve their skin, empty their bodies, and disturb their behavior.
  In short, who God is going to send a major mission to, he will have to suffer first, both physically and mentally.
  Countless facts prove that this statement is true.
  But what I want to say is, who is not suffering in the world, than you are miserable, you will always be a loser, because someone is always worse than you.
  That being the case, how can we be the one chosen by God?
  In other words, the good is made, but how to make it hard and how to make it hard is not the case.
  Talk about actress Tang Wei!
  Tang Wei once said this to himself. I was like the Shanghai A-shares, rushing to the highest point in history frantically, and then crashed and crashed.
  After making the film "Lust Ring", Tang Weiyi became popular at night and won the 44th Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best New Actor. However, due to the controversial nature of the film, Tang Wei had to go overseas.
  When Tang Wei went to the UK, he brought all his net worth, paid 500,000 yuan for film and 800,000 yuan for advertising endorsement.
  The advertising endorsement fee was actually 6 million yuan, and 4.8 million yuan after tax had been credited to her account, but the advertisement was suspended within a few days of the launch of the advertisement. Tang Wei took the initiative to refund the 4 million yuan fee to the advertiser.
  In London, Tang Wei originally wanted to find a school to study, and found out that it was not realistic at all: one was that her English was not good enough to meet the admission requirements; the other was that the tuition was too high to afford reading.
  Since he did n’t know when he would have another chance to make money, Tang Wei did n’t want to use his old capital, so he needed to find a way to make money: First, make some cash, such as brushing dishes, doing odd jobs; Earn a full scholarship.
  But instead of brushing dishes, she used what she learned in college: art, badminton.
  Tang Wei used old newspapers to tear out his clothes and painted the makeup of a Japanese geisha; he used oil paint to paint Peking Opera masks on his face; drew a bucket of water and wrote calligraphy on the ground with a brush made of sponge ...
  When she spends two hours a day performing arts, she always has dozens of pounds in rewards, which is enough for her daily expenses.
  Tang Wei not only took to the streets to perform, but also "sold herself". Many people may not know that she is a national badminton athlete.
  She found a club, played a game with the on-site coach, and successfully became a part-time sparring club. She earns about 900 pounds a week and can pay the rent and language training classes.
  From eating old books to being self-sufficient, her English was slipping, and she gradually adapted to life in London.
  The real twist was a call four months after arriving in London, with Bey Logan, president of the Weinstein Brothers Film Company.
  When the two first met, Tang Wei was still playing performance art on the street. Bey Logan looked at her in the crowd and appreciated her creativity.
  After being introduced by BeyLogan, she met people from the British entertainment industry, and met a group of well-known makeup artists and graphic designers through them. Eventually, she met Garry, a fashion designer.
  Not only did Tang Wei play badminton well, she also knew art. She was also a professional model and met Gary. Tang Wei showed him his photo, and the charm of old Shanghai immediately impressed him.
  At the London Fashion Design Week in 2008, Tang Wei became Gary's royal model and went on the runway. That week she got a salary of 20,000 euros.
  The catwalk was very successful. With the help of Gary, Tang Wei also met many designers of international first-line brands. At this time, she received a phone call from Hong Kong to obtain a Hong Kong resident identity card, as well as a new film "Full Moon Hennessy" in collaboration with Jacky Cheung.
  She chose Hong Kong, but problems followed. Her Cantonese was bad, so she devoted herself to learning Cantonese.
  Tang Wei and Peng Yuyan both have the trait that they are constantly learning new skills.
  During her time in the UK, she learned English; came to Hong Kong and learned to speak Cantonese; made the movie "Late Autumn", learned Korean again, and found love, married and had children.
  Tang Wei said that at any time, the fittest survives, and people can only go further if they keep learning.
  And this is exactly the answer I want.
  It is not the most important thing for a person to be able to endure hardships and sufferings. What is really important is to be able to grow up in the process of suffering. Residual asthma.
  This is the most correct way to open up.
  In the dark days, please clenched your teeth and hold on; in the days you clenched your teeth, don't forget to grow.
  A good life is boiled out; the burdock's ability is forced out!