Good tomorrow, work hard from today
  At the closing meeting at the end of the month, the company owner praised Xiao Mao who had joined the company less than a year ago, and made an exception to promote him to deputy head of the department.
  The exception is because in a company with hundreds of people, no one has ever become a deputy director just after entering the company.
  The boss said that Xiao Mao's ability to have today depends entirely on his past efforts. This year, all our colleagues witnessed his transformation, and we are convinced that he can get this position.
  When I first joined the company, my colleagues occasionally called him after work. He said that he had to complete a report. If he didn't complete it today, he would not be able to sleep.
  We always thought that he was a novice in the workplace , and it was normal for him to be positive about work or want to show himself.
  He said:
  I always insist that today's work is over today. If I don't complete today's work, the previous efforts may be lost. If we want a better tomorrow, we must work hard today!
  And precisely because of his habit of never delaying things, his work performance is even more outstanding than our old employees.
  In fact, many times, we will say to ourselves: "It's too hard today. I'm in a bad mood today. I'll just relax and take a rest."
  The mood is understandable, but the work to be done is not so understandable. Everyone will have the urge to delay work, and everyone will have different degrees of delay.
  Li Dazhao once said: The most precious thing in the world is "today", and the most easily lost is "today."
  Finish today's work, because tomorrow you will have new work.
  Tomorrow may be the time for your success , so don't let today's procrastination delay success again and again.
  Each year's college entrance examination will enter a countdown of less than a hundred days. Don't underestimate this final sprint stage.
  My cousin is the dark horse killed at the last moment.
  My cousin was not the best student in the class when he was in high school. Before his senior year, his grade was only at the intermediate level. My uncle had an accident in the second semester of high school and lost his ability to work. His cousin who wanted to drop out and work was severely stopped by his uncle.
  Since then, he changed his habit of going home from school to play online, leaving textbooks aside and studying hard every day.
  My uncle saw that he slept every night because he was studying late, and he felt a little distressed and asked him to study again the next day.
  But my cousin insisted on completing the day's study plan every day.
  At the end of the college entrance examination, my cousin was admitted to his ideal university.
  Since then, he has insisted that today is over, and this habit has continued to this day.
  When my cousin was about to graduate from college, he was hired by the school because of good grades and personal performance. He is now a university teacher that made his father proud.
  If he did not work hard, maybe he is still the father did not worry about the ability to work and support their livelihoods, perhaps because those months of neglect, the future has led to struggle even harder than others on the road.
  All concepts in life are in common: if you don't leave today, you will have to run tomorrow.
  Zhuangzi said: If there is a gap in the world between life and earth, suddenly it will be over.
  However, people are always forgetful and always think that everything comes to Japan and some things don't matter until tomorrow. Many people think that there is only one today, but there are so many tomorrow. Why do you have to do everything in one day?
  One day after another, one month in January, the slightest delay has been amplified, and the future will have to pay a great price.
  On the contrary, the effort is the same. Every day, do your best for the day. Water droplets can be turned into creeks. The creeks can be turned into lakes. The lakes can be turned into the sea. The future waiting for us is infinite explosive force.
  Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and even the rest of our lives, are all the gains in exchange for our immediate efforts.
  Only today is the beginning of the future, and we have no reason to overwhelm tomorrow's comfort now and forget the work.
  What your tomorrow looks like is determined by today. Take control of the present, get what you want to accomplish into the present, and don't always push back.
  Success can wait, but hard work cannot.