Self-discipline where others cannot see, success is closer to you
  When I woke up, I saw that the study was still on, and the door was not covered. Walked quietly to see, sir is still struggling.
  After Mr. resigned from the original unit, the new secretary has not yet been on the road, and the unit leader asked him to take a ride. No, it's too late to work hard.
  I drank a glass of milk and gave it to the gentleman, and said to him, it can't be done, rest first, don't stay up late. I'll do it with you, anyway, your leader can't see it anyway ... Besides, you are no longer in the unit. It is duty to help them, and duty is not to help. It's almost done, there is no need to keep improving.
  As soon as the gentleman heard me, he became serious: "Others can't let themselves go if they can't see it. I can't do it. You think about it, you are not familiar with the work of our unit. Even if you do your best, you may not be able to do well. You are not allowed to hand in something similar. "
  After listening to Mr. I was lost in thought. It is undeniable that in life, in front of people, most of us always show the most beautiful, positive and positive energy to others like a peacock opens its screen.
  However, when a person is alone, the original form is revealed, and he feels that there is no need to restrain himself, and he often relaxes himself.
  Where no one else can see, my Mr. "Screw Bar" can be strict with himself, stick to his own bottom line, and never cross Leichi.
  As the saying goes, silly people have silly blessings, and there are also springs!
  One day, Mr. Jiaoba told me cheerfully: "Wife, I am valued by a listed company! They dug me over and became vice president with an annual salary of 200,000!"
  This is really good news. However, why do people fancy you?
  The gentleman said: "The boss of that company heard that I was a self-disciplined person, and tried to find a way to let me go to their company for half a year before deciding to dig me in, because I have n’t talked about it before, so I did n’t talk to you The internship. Now that I'm finalized, I'll tell you the good news. "
  Life is really like Mr. said, stricter self-discipline where others can not see, good luck is not far from you, success is closer to you.
  The lucky change of my husband reminded me of a story I read in Junior High School Expo.
  Nike is hiring an associate director of marketing. After passing the assessment, three young people were selected.
  One week later, the company informed that the final assessment will be conducted over the phone.
  The interview proceeded as scheduled. As the three young people anxiously waited for the results, they received another notification that the company hoped that their mother would give a written explanation of his son's performance on the day of the interview, including what he said during the interview, the clothes he was wearing at the time, the expression .
  The mothers of the three finalists faithfully reported the situation to the company by letter. Soon, the company's vice president, Adam Helfint, announced the results: "Den Thompson finally won!"
  The other two young men were very unconvinced: "Mr. President, we want to know, why did Thompson beat us?"
  Herfint smiled and said, "Thompson's mother told us in the letter that on the day of the phone call, although we couldn't see each other, her son Thompson solemnly put on a suit, tie This is sitting side by side.
  At that time, Thompson's mother and son: "It's just a phone interview, and the other party can't see you. Is it necessary to dress yourself so solemnly?" '
  Thompson said seriously: 'Yes, now I can wear pants and a vest to talk to each other, but then, my emotions will be relaxed, and the words will naturally be casual.
  Moreover, the other party called me in the office and he was well dressed. How could I not give him the respect he deserves? "" After that, Helfint did not forget to add to the two young men who were lost: "You know, marketing is a job that must be stricter than self-discipline. Thompson's self-discipline in nowhere, Just what we need for Nike! "
  Strict self-discipline where others cannot see is true self-discipline! Life is for me to see, how good you are, how much the world will show you.
  Not everyone who is self-disciplined can succeed, but successful people are basically more disciplined in places where others cannot see.
  I interviewed a girl from a leading domestic university. Upon graduation, I was fortunate to have received a letter of acceptance from Harvard's Kennedy College and began her graduate study career.
  You know, many international political celebrities are from the academy. Many people are envious of jealousy and envy, and feel that she is gifted to study at Harvard.
  She actually relies on being more disciplined in places where others cannot see--
  After going to college, the learning tasks were alleviated a lot. Coupled with the lack of parental discipline, many people, like birds flying out of cages, completely freed themselves up and flirted with youth in the relatively relaxed environment of the university.
  The girl made a schedule that seemed very perverted to her classmates, and arranged for herself to be full of time every day, no free time, self-discipline to outrageous-
  Get up at 5 o'clock every day and insist on reading in the morning; go to class on time at the same time; leave two or three hours completely untouched every day for yourself to improve your ability. In these two or three hours, avoid playing mobile phones, chasing dramas, chatting ...
  Someone laughed at her and said that this way of life is ascetic, and deserves no boyfriend Yunyun.
  Instead of giving up because of others' ridicule, she continued. With this super self-discipline, she finally realized her dream .
  Those who are self-disciplined in places where others can't see, really can't live up to God.
  The so-called elite is nothing more than that.
  Actually, there is no so-called genius in this world, but just insisting on self-discipline in places where others cannot see, forcing yourself to keep moving forward.
  If you don't want to be mediocre, then start with self-discipline, be hard on yourself, and maintain self-discipline where others cannot see, and stick to it.
  Someone once said, believe in your self-discipline, believe that every effort you make, time will be gifted to you in another beautiful form in the future.
  Yes, be hard on yourself, stick to self-discipline where others cannot see, the closer you are to success, the faster you get lucky.
  Please keep in mind that growing up in the dark and brutal, one day will be full of glory and fragrance.