Doing one thing seriously is more important than anything else.
  Thoreau, the author of the world famous essay collection Walden, said: "Only hard work is not enough. Ants are hardworking. It depends on why you are busy."
  Colleague Wang Zuo is a very motivated person, at least it looks like this.
  Outside of working hours, he developed a detailed personal promotion plan for himself, which was refined to every minute. Everyone can feel it -
  I got off work at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, arrived at home at 7 o'clock, had dinner at 7:30, exercised for half an hour, washed at 8 o'clock, started learning English at 8:30, finished learning English at 10 o'clock, reading for an hour, sleeping at eleven o'clock, the next day seven Get up, read an hour of English, go to work, weekend painting, fitness, reading, climbing... the positive energy coming from the face .
  But one day, Wang Zuo said to me in frustration: "Do you know, I feel that I have not learned anything, I have not done anything, and I am still busy with JB."
  I asked him what happened, he said that there are two main problems -
  A plan is disrupted, and the latter does not want to do it;
  It is difficult for him to devote himself to switching back and forth between different plans.
  Wang Zuo’s experience confirms a truth: Everything wants to catch, but nothing can be caught.
  There are many people like Wang Zu around us. First of all, such people are really diligent, but they are caught in several cognitive misunderstandings.
  Everything is important.
  You have the ability to handle many things at the same time.
  Your willpower is very strong.
  The truth is that there are not many things that really matter;
  You can handle a lot of things at the same time, but you can't handle everything well;
  We are always bothered, tempted, distracted at any time, and we are less focused.
  Only by looking at our own shortcomings can we make more objective choices and plans.
  We are not superhuman.
  Gary Keller is the chairman of Keller Williams Real Estate, one of the world's largest real estate companies. One year, the company was in trouble, but employees clearly worked harder than before.
  Later, Gary Keller summoned the company's 14 core people and asked them "what is the most important three jobs this week," and later became "what is the most important job of the week" until the end becomes " What is the most important job this week?"
  In Gary Keller's view, as long as one of the most important tasks of the week is completed, other work will become simple or unimportant.
  Sure enough, after 14 core figures identified the most important job of the week, the company's business level went up.
  Later, Gary Keller released his best-selling book, "The most important thing, only one."
  He tells us in the book: to minimize the goal, focus on the most important thing in the moment, and be able to achieve a successful and efficient life.
  How to determine the most important thing at the moment?
  You can use the reverse method: after five years the target -> annual target -> monthly target -> weekly target -> day target -> current
  Your ability is numerator, but the target number is the denominator. In the case of the same ability, the more the target, the smaller the result.
  Only one goal is set at a time, and only one of the most important things is done for this goal.
  If you always want to cover everything, the result may be nothing.
  As Gary Keller said: The secret to excellence is to ask a big, concrete question, and give a subtle, compact and focused answer!
  Remember, you have to do the right thing, not do it for everything.