Have you really tried it?
  Thanks to Mom and Dad, you have given me a worry-free life, and also gave me the space to work hard and pursue my dreams !
  Thank you, Mom and Dad, you are my best example of struggle!
  During these days, I often heard some complaints. Some people said that they had bad luck and could not find a good job. Some people said that they were in a bad way and always met with scum. Some people said that parents could not afford to buy a house. Some people complain that they are not bullied, they are always bullied by their colleagues; some people say that their lives are not good, they can't meet the rich aunts, they can't be rich and rich, so they encounter the above-mentioned total things.
  In the face of such problems, I often don't know what to say. I have seen too many people who have tried to change their lives on their own. They have also seen people who have squandered the original superior conditions and eventually become the waste of life. People's birth is really impossible to choose, but the future fate can be chosen!
  These days, my mother played with me. I occasionally talked about the changes in my family over the years. My mother talked about the friends who once recruited people into the factory. Everyone’s starting line is the same. The factory recruits workers, breaks their heads for the number of migrant workers, and even has to Marriage is counted in it.
  In the age of state-owned enterprises, those who sneaked on horses, those who are good at two sides and three knives tend to mix more than those who are honest and do not know how to do the work. In my memory, the uncles and aunts who do the supply and marketing are always a lot of delicious, always the first to have fresh things, good-looking clothes. The young people who enter the factory together, when they are married, when their children are seven or eight years old, their lives will begin to divide. The most expensive for administrative and dry supply, and the poorest technology, my family is the latter.
  But this is not the end of life.
  In 1998, fate pulled most people back to the same starting line - state-owned enterprises went bankrupt. The vast factory, thousands of employees, just face the fate of being laid off overnight, no one is better than anyone else. For the first time in the middle age of life, the generation saw the lethality of the market economy. There are only two choices in front of them: whether to sigh the tragic fate, and then take a one-time settlement of wages and poverty for a lifetime, or do not believe that life has been set, change fate. The raging tide that began in 1998 gave the hard-working people a chance to choose their fate for the second time. Everyone stood on the same starting line again. After more than ten years, they walked out of different life paths.
  Listening to my mother said that the bankruptcy of their unit was up to two years. When the liquidation team evacuated from the unit, a large state-owned enterprise became devastated. At this time, people who have a back road have already found their next home. Those who have no back road choose to take the liquidation wages and make another plan. The worst is those who stay behind.
  Bankruptcy is often accompanied by corruption investigations. Many uncles who have been familiar with each other have become prisoners. In my impression, the director and party branch secretary have gone in, and some cadres who have marketing slogans have not fallen. At this time, my father was in danger and took over the party branch that had no one already, and became the "lighter commander" that I was joking in the future. Others sound like "party branch secretary", but in fact it is "unlucky janitor."
  Nearly one year, my family had no income, and only the money that my parents had saved so hard in the early years was barely maintained. During this period, in addition to maintaining some of the daily routines of this empty shelf factory, Dad began to work part-time in the accounting firm and subsidized the family through the help of friends. Because Dad was the head of the equipment department in his early years, he was proficient in equipment. When the accounting firm needed to audit similar companies, he would ask him to help and give some rewards. Dad doesn't plan to use it. He can only use a computer. When the workload is heavy, he often has to go to 3 am. Because my father is very responsible for the work, the work error rate is very low, the friend even suggested that my dad simply leave the unit and go to the office for a long time to help. I don't know if I am a dad or I feel that it is a little irresponsible to leave at this time. In short, I did not agree.
  As the only heavy industry company in the city, the bare nails are there, and the government is afraid that it will be finished, and began to find ways to attract investment. A few months later, Dad began to go to the meeting in the office, began to contact some strangers, and even some people came to my house to talk about things. Later, I heard my mother say that those people came to investigate.
  The first wave of people who came first, talked to my dad for a few days, and wanted to put in a red envelope. There was 3,000 yuan in it, and my dad didn’t accept it. Later, I came to a group of people and talked for a few more days. The red envelope increased to 5,000 yuan, and my dad still confiscated. Later, a person who seemed more capable to come to my dad, talked for a day, the red envelope directly became 20,000, he still confiscated. In fact, I guess that at that time, my family’s deposits have already been spent seven or eighty-eight. My mother got a relationship to get an early retirement, and the monthly salary was only 418.3. My dad’s monthly savings in addition to the accounting firm, “every month” The janitor is worth 400 yuan, or a bad check. At that time, 3000 was good, or 20,000 later. It was a big sum for them, and it might improve the life of a while. However, my parents life work principles have always felt that it is their own take, should not be their own, took a degrading principle. At that time, Dad said to the person in charge of the main event, "If you are really willing to invest and cooperate, I will be able to help, and I will solve the problem with technical problems. No one hopes that such a big factory will be abolished."
  I don't know if these three visits let those people relax. In short, two months later, the city leaders will lead the line, and a ten-year lease contract will be signed. The last person who gave 20,000 will be in the future. Chairman of the board.
  After the contract was signed, they needed some original technicians to guide the production line process. At the same time, they also blocked some of the above-mentioned faces and arranged some positions for the original (not in the office) cadres, but did not raise money at all. For my dad, because the impression of the previous period is very good, I think he is a person who has no principle of the small ninety-nine, and hopes that he can come over to help production, but still does not mention the time of compensation. During that time, my mom used to say that you are busy all day, why not get a salary to get it back!
  In the first three months of the start of the workshop, I was busy with a dim, and there was a dime. Those cadres couldn’t sit still. They used to be pampered. Now they are not only tired of work, but also the foreigners who don’t know where to come. Face, still can't see a dime, what is it! So they started to make trouble and started to strike. This strike, my father will be miserable, heavy industry enterprises, a new production line will be very hard, and then a strike, that can not help half a busy, but also add chaos, the workload has been added several times. Not only that, they also encouraged my father to strike, leaving a mess to them, as if it is still the state-owned enterprise before, the public thing, the defeated, the best!
  My dad didn't agree. He was a "party secretary" of the polished pole for a whole year. He really hoped to change this situation. He couldn't bear to leave. What's more, he couldn't tolerate his irresponsibility. A production line just got on, and still I didn’t start production, and when I was half-hanging, I couldn’t do it. He couldn’t pass his own.
  The gangs had been in trouble for a long time and found that they had no choice but to ask to leave, thinking that this threat would work as usual. I don't know, in the 30 years of Hedong in the 30 years of Hedong, it was not a place where they could be arbitrarily placed. The investors took advantage of this opportunity and took some money to invite the guys who did not do anything.
  Maybe, my dad likes to be a big man in his life.
  Although these foreigners who are investing are embarrassed, the work style is "extremely barbaric" in my mother's words, and the last project will not be sleeping. In my dad's eyes, these talents are people who really want to do business. After listening to him, the first three months, other workers did not take money, they are constantly saving money inside, the entire project investment spent more than 40 million, they are afraid than anyone else will not be able to do it. At that time, my dad worked 12 hours a day, they also worked 12 hours, no one is better than anyone.
  After a few months, everything was on the right track. They began to formally tell my dad that the leadership is their own. Here, my dad is a middle-level position of the workshop director. The salary is 1,800 yuan. They ask if my father is willing. accept. Maybe there was no other choice at the time. Maybe he had feelings for the unit that had been working for more than ten years. Maybe there were other considerations. Dad didn't refuse. My mother also expressed support. Just like this, my dad took off. The original identity became the most common migrant worker.
  From the start of the construction to the end of the year, my father received 1800 yuan a month for 7 months. Those uncles who have already left are often laughing at my father's stupidity. In order to save money, I will teach others how to make a difference. And they rely on the relationship at home, where and where to make a small cadre, do not have to work to get two or three thousand monthly salary.
  Life began to recover so little, my dad’s salary began to grow at a rate of 10% per year, and the year-end bonus began to rise from 5,000 to 10,000, 30,000. The trust of the leadership has increased year by year with the annual salary. After three years, my dad’s income has turned into 80,000 for the whole year. This is a very good salary for my parents at the time. Dad and her side. The gap between some friends began to appear gradually. At this time, fate gave my dad another choice.
  Because of the technical word of mouth, some neighboring companies began to dig corners. I hope that my dad and other technical cadres in the unit can quit and carry out corporate restructuring. At that time, my father’s annual salary was 150,000. In 2003, for a third. For ordinary migrant workers in small-scale cities, the annual salary of 150,000 is too attractive. Other technical cadres have taken over the olive branch, rushing to change jobs, and even intend to take away a group of their own cronies. For a time, the human heart began to float.
  My dad didn't express his position. Instead, he directly went to the chairman of the time. He said that he did not intend to leave. Others chose him not to decide, but he would not leave. He did not ask for a raise, nor did he ask for a reduction in his workload. He still took his salary of 80,000 a year and did almost endless work throughout the year. At that time, the original factory had tripled in the hands of investors, and the total assets had changed from the original 30 million to 300 million.
  My mom said that since Dad did not leave, he was concerned about family stability, and secondly, he was responsible and loyal. From the three years of work, although the salary was very middle, the work was very hard, but the management has been giving He has great respect, and in this part of production, he has given all the trust. Another point is also very important. Dad has his own measure. A company that is steadily rising is far more promising than a small factory that has not yet started. He is very light and heavy. He is very clear.
  Sometimes I think that my parents often do some stupid things, but they are often the ones who end up benefiting the most. This is not their luck, but their prudence, principle, and long-term planning. A lot of things don't see any improvement in the short term, but as long as the foundation is solid, as long as the direction is correct, time will give them what they want.
  The promise of 150,000 annual salary has taken away several skilled middle-level cadres. Once again, my dad took on extra work. Fortunately, he loves his work and hopes to carry out various transformations. Otherwise, I really don't know. How have you persisted in these years?
  Because of this incident, the entire management has a better view of Dad, they began to decentralize their father, began to let Dad enter the management's daily decision-making meeting, wages began to break away from the middle-level cadre standards, to some vice presidents The salary is close. What's more interesting is that they started to suggest that my dad buy shares, even if only a little, they also welcome Dad to join.
  In the second year after the 150,000-year salary, my dad’s annual income entered the 120,000 mark, and the two people who had switched to the pursuit of high salary two years ago, listened to my mother, most people even have 100,000 for two years. Did not earn back, because small businesses can not open at all.
  In 2005, my parents started to invest in small funds. The company began to grow bigger and bigger, and the principal gradually became bigger and bigger. When I graduated in 2009, I suddenly found that the big snowball could make my parents The city lives very well. From a small middle-level cadre, Dad turned into a director and entered the decision-making circle.
  A state-owned enterprise that was originally bankrupt was saved by 40 million yuan. In the past 13 years, they have used this company as their parent to carry out continuous expansion investment, set up four branches, and set foot in other industries such as real estate and hotels. After 13 years, they are no longer the lessee, but the real business owner, the group bosses.
  I often think that if my parents gave up their efforts after bankruptcy, if they surrendered before those little temptations, if they really couldn’t resist the little greed and took the 3,000 yuan, wouldn’t it be? Life now.
  My mother often said that this decade has only changed the fate of our family. Those friends who have lived in their own homes have not changed much in their 13 years of life and their current lives. They still complain that the original state-owned enterprises were laid off. It is still blaming the profiteering and exploitation of the capitalists, but only my family, jumping out of the resentful family area, has another life.
  I told my friends that I believe that "it will change my destiny", even if I admit that there are many people in my life who are hard to work, but I don't get what he wants. Even if many people work hard, fate will make fun of him. But in the bones, I still have to tell myself that "effort will definitely be more valuable than giving up." The example of my existence is constantly telling me that "you can change your destiny as long as you work hard, even if your fate is not as good as you think. It must be much better than before." My parents are like this, so are the rest of my family. .
Having   said that, I would like to talk about my coward, who has been aunt since I was a child, and was picked up by a bunch of old couples in the town to be raised as grandchildren. My coward often told me that when he was a child, he began to go out with his grandfather and grandmother to go out for dinner, and the house was not a poor one, but also leaked on all sides. But the old couple said that they must study hard when they are young, and must leave the town. You must only go out to change your destiny.
  How good old couples can give children ambition if they can't give material.
  The widower left the town to go to the county to go to the middle school, and then went to the city to attend the high school with the first place in the county. The high school he attended (and the school I later read) was the national key middle school, except for the recruitment every year. Outside the best students in the city, it is much harder to recruit the top three of the nine counties and cities below. But this father has done it. Three years after high school, he was admitted to the Department of Meteorology of Nanjing University. He did not take it away from his hometown, except for a clothes borrowed from his neighbors. I used to think that the kind of college clothes and clothes were all stories in the novel, but when I returned to the town, the family who borrowed clothes was still there, and the children talked about this story quite a bit. pride.
  After graduating from the Department of Meteorology of NTU, he was assigned to the Beijing Meteorological Bureau. After the Beijing Meteorological Bureau became the deputy director, he chose to leave the Beijing area and transfer to a county in Beijing (now it should be the district) for the issue of the aunt's account. Be the director of the office.
  The coward's life is very similar to the phoenix man in our mouth (of course, he does not have a phoenix man in marriage). He does not have any resources. He does not even have a personal aunt, but he has achieved his own imagination far beyond his own imagination. it is good.
  Not only his, but also my aunt, when I was a village girl in the town (she often loves to laugh at herself), and later went to Beijing with a coward, being bullied by Beijingers, from talking to seeing to wearing to life, It seems to be nothing. Later, when I entered the state-owned unit, the encounter was even worse. Because there is no culture, many things can't be learned. Even the simplest accounts are often made mistakes. My aunt's temper is tempered, and the most hate is looked down on, so I let my coward to make up the class every night. From a village girl who really doesn't know a few words, it turns into a post accountant in the future. This is hard work.
  I didn't ask how the days of the year came from, but it was not easy to think about it.
  In fact, not only the family, but also the friends around me, the relatives of my friends, they are trying to prove to life, all can be changed as long as they work hard, at least to some extent. They went abroad to study through their own efforts and went to work in the world's top 500. They worked hard in another field that they couldn't beat. They worked hard in a city through their own efforts, saving from a penny. Not relying on it, in fact, without the help of any relatives, I bought a house, set up a family, and now I also buy a car, and began to live in this city in another way.
  Just like my former colleague, she and her husband came from the countryside, and there are brothers and sisters. In this city, they all rely on themselves, and they have to give their parents something to go home every year. The house rented by the young couple is 300 yuan a month. The conditions for renting a house are incredible. The husband and wife have reduced the daily expenses to less than 20 yuan for a long time in order to smash the house. Even one colleague returned to his home for a few days. In addition to solving the problem of eating in the unit, the husband's other expenses are actually compressed at 5 yuan per day. After two years of work, in addition to the uniforms issued by the unit, no new clothes were added. In this way, relying on the salary that was not too much work, the two men bite their teeth and make up the down payment for buying a house. Even if the house is remote, the supporting facilities have not kept up, but at least they have their own homes by their own efforts.
  I remember when I first bought a house, she told me that I used to live in a bad life, and now it will always be better than before. As long as I work hard with my husband, when the children are going to primary school, we will definitely change the house from small to large and from the suburbs to the city center. At that time, there were a lot of old people around me. I didn’t believe what people said, but they said that I believe that because I saw their efforts in the past two years, I can only admire me!
  A year later, her husband changed jobs and her salary began to double. She left my pothole unit and the salary doubled. In the past few days, she called me and said that she had time to let her old car pick me up to play at her house. Haha, yeah, the car also bought. I don't think I can use my children to go to elementary school. They can change the house from small to large and from the suburb to the city center.
  This is the power of effort, more touching than any rhetoric! I am very glad that the circle of my life is full of hard work. Whether it is a family member or a friend, they are using their own actions to prove the belief that “work is rewarding”. I also want to thank the old friends around me. They are also trying to become a counter-evidence of "efforts and rewards" by giving up, complaining, and not seeking advancement. Of course, they don't have time to think about "work hard" because they are busy with endless "complaining life"!
  Every time I meet friends who endlessly complain about life and insist that "the effort will not pay off", I really want to ask them, "Do you really work hard?"
  Don't say, if you have worked hard without any return, first ask yourself if you really worked hard. Are you really determined to break the boat and try your best to stick to one thing? Those people who say "I have worked hard, but have no return" in my mouth, ask myself if those efforts are just a little bit of water, just staying in the verbal expression, just just flashing through the heart, turning around forget?
  You said that you should work hard to study and change your destiny, but the study room often fishes for two days in three days. You have never happened to you on the day. After the exam, you saw the papers and stupid eyes. So you started at each Kind of forum post to attack English is too perverted!
  You said that you have to work hard to enter a good company in a foreign company, but often you are not willing to learn technology at the grassroots level of the enterprise, but every time you encounter some small setbacks, you start to complain that the company is inhuman and the salary is too low. Even if you want to change jobs, you should level yourself to the level, and experience will be accumulated to a certain extent. Don't be level or rookie, self-awareness is at the director level.
  You said that you have to work hard to study abroad and change your destiny. But when you turn back to the GRE word, you start crying and shouting, and your mother’s words are abnormal. How do these perverted words change the fate of many students and how many persevering young people are sent to their favorite? school. Why can't you just go to here?
  You said that you want to start a business to make big money, but in addition to the aunt's sponsorship fee, you have lost your savings with your friends and finally closed down. I personally saw that a friend burned out hundreds of thousands of people, and then told me like nothing, now the social situation is not good, whoever and who have not closed down. I didn't even hear him a little bit of reflection and thinking. It seems that the money and time of sacrifice are like water vapor, and there is no water stain left.
  Yes, you are all going to do something, then rushing through things, failing in the middle, and finally drawing conclusions, no effort to make a return!
  This kind of effort really hopes that the less the better, in addition to bringing bad negative effects to friends, it also hurts the hearts of parents expecting!
  I know that there are many unfair things in the world. I also know that there are many people who are born at the beginning of their lives. They are like the children of the university. The scores are lower than those of other cities, such as being born. It is easier to study abroad than those who live in the hut in the hut. Yes, this is the life that God gave, and it was nailed at the beginning.
  But we can't give up, we can't tell ourselves that others are better than me, so I will be degraded. Even if we work hard for a lifetime, we can't catch up with those born with gold spoons, but we can change ourselves and change the starting point of life behind. We can live better than the previous one. We can go farther than the people who are almost in the same condition. We can even try to find a life that can only appear in a dream. Because our starting point is low, the space that God has reserved for us is great, so there will be more possibilities for change.
  In the 10,000 steps, even if you work hard, you can't achieve the goals you have set. For example, the goal is to be a certain chairman, a certain president, etc., but in the process, God lets you meet many people. I met a lot of things and broadened my horizons. As the saying goes, even if you don't change the depth, at least expand the length.
  I still believe in the value of hard work, the meaning of struggle, still believe in the self-helper, still believe that if you can't give the results, there will be a wonderful process.
  So, I really want to tell my friends, put away the complaints, free up the time to do really meaningful things, do things that really change myself, and do things that let others really admire you.
  As long as you work hard, you will find that you are far better than you think!