From now on, it is the best time
  Last Sunday, I met an acquaintance while shopping. Ten years ago, she opened a copy shop, right next door to my store.
  I looked at her up and down, a woman in her 40s, who looked very intellectual and capable. She told me that she is now working in a well-known company in the city and recently became a department head.
  Ten years ago, she had to run a copy shop outside, go home to do housework, and counsel the son of elementary school. But every day, she still took the book and took a few pages of books and made several questions. I was amazed at her preparation for the adult college entrance examination. She was already in her 30s. Is it too late? When I get the certificate of completion, it is already 40 years old. Besides, her small business is good, her husband has a stable income, is it necessary to fight like this?
  She said that attending the adult college entrance examination now is a bit older. In fact, she wanted to apply for the exam two years ago. At that time, she hesitated because of her age. After two years have passed, I think about it now. If I made up my mind at that time, wouldn’t I achieve my goal two years ahead of schedule?
  So, she decided to start now. She didn't want to wait two years and then went back to regret.
  Later, she passed the adult college entrance examination. As the surrounding copy shop opened more and more, the business in her store gradually became cold, and she was even more interested in her studies. Middle-aged women of the same age are trying to improve their abilities while playing mahjong watching TV on the market. At an age that was comfortable, she did not choose comfort.
  Later, she closed the store and started a new life. When she met her again, she was the head of a large enterprise. Looking back now, I am going to take the adult college entrance examination in my 30s and get a certificate of completion at the age of 40. It is not too late.
  I met a friend who fell in love with dancing at the age of 37. She wants to go to the dance class. All around is a voice of opposition. Everyone is asking her: You have missed the best age to learn dance. Is your ligament still open? Is the action still done well? In the face of doubt, she also wanted to give up.
  Once, she met a 58-year-old sister in the dance class. She has been learning dance for 3 years . Her dance skills are better than those of teenage girls. Stunning. She was so surprised that she opened her mouth.
  The older sister told her that when she first learned dance, she was also opposed by the whole family. Some even said that she was not afraid of shame, and she still learned the fashion of young people with her old arms and legs. But she feels that since I want to learn now, that is the best arrangement. It’s just that you have to spend more time than others and sweat more. If you don’t try it, how can you be willing to do it?
  My friend decided to sign up for the dance that day. A few years later, the dance performance team she led won the second prize in the provincial competition.
  It’s not too late, it’s the best time from now.
  When I was nearly 40 years old, I picked up my pen and started writing. I also lamented that it was too late to start, and I wasted my time to waste a lot of time.
  I learned about the writer Jiang Shumei on the Internet. She started learning to write at the age of 60. She started to write at the age of 75 and has published four works. Like many traditional women, she gave her life to her children's family. Until the child's adult and her wife died, she began to do what she liked. Who can think of an old man who started literacy at the age of 60 and will become a writer in the future?
  The famous Moses grandmother began painting at the age of 76. At the age of 80, she held a solo exhibition and created more than 1,600 works, which warmed many people. She told people: Don't make excuses for yourself, what you want to do is never too late, even if you are 80 years old.
  Grandma Moses once wrote such a passage: Someone always said that it was already late. In fact, now is the best time. For a person who is truly pursuing, every period of life is young and timely.
  It is never the age that traps us, but our attitude towards age. We always thought it was too late, but it was in this sigh that we missed the opportunity from now on.
  However, it was discovered later that we thought it was not too late when we were late. If I have already obtained it since then, I will sigh again and regret it.
  There is a saying that is good: age is never a limit unless you take it yourself.
  For the time that has already been embarrassed, regret has no meaning. It is better to start again now. Ten or twenty years later, you will be grateful to yourself now. Fortunately, at the beginning of the year, you still chose to start, otherwise life. It’s really only regrettable.