You must wake up the sleeping oneself
  I quit a job that many people envy.
  It is really the professional dream of "the money is less and less away from home". It is a good treatment. It takes only 20 minutes to get to work by car. You don't need to go to the 9th and 5th nights to miss the peak of the morning and evening trips. I wake up every day and wake up naturally. I wake up at 10 o'clock in the morning and go to the company to eat a meal. The actual working time is not long. Colleagues exchanged the dramas and the new cake baking method. In a relaxed atmosphere, it is easy for people to lose their sense of time, and unconsciously they will fall into the nest.
  Occasionally, I met with my friends. Everyone joked that I was in Beijing, and I actually lived a life that is more stable than my hometown. I don’t want to be too happy.
  Yes, I used to think that this is very happy. Work is not just needed here, laziness is obviously more marketable than it is. When I first went to the company, I was bored with a kind of luck in my heart and felt that I was taking advantage of it. No matter from what point of view, if you change any company, you may not be able to achieve all the details at this moment.
  Sometimes I can't hold back the inner impulse, I want to break the puzzle. From time to time, I came across people who came running to tell me "It’s good, just like this, why bother yourself so tired?" It’s been a long time, including myself, and I’ve begun to learn to give myself a reassurance: “Let’s wait and see, don’t move.”
  Wait a minute, these four words are addictive psychotropic drugs. A mediocre person will only talk on paper, and a good person knows how to do it. The clear sunrise of the sea smashing tremors, only those who get up early can sneak a glimpse; Tibet Motu is like a fairy tales, only to the acquaintance of the acquaintance in April every year; that long-awaited The company may have hired a young man who is not as good as you are, but who is brave in fighting; the boy who loves the next class, can’t say that he is watching you quietly, as long as you hint, he can’t wait to be jealous of you. ......
  Don't let everything in your ideals stop at the "waiting" fake action. The scope of a person's walking is his world. A lot of opportunities, you can't do it at this moment, try your best, catch it, and miss it. I don't know when it will be met next time.
  Long-term "comfort zone" will make your life crisis.
  One day I came home from work, less than 6:30, I used to turn on the TV to the favorite channel, cut the fruit, hold the doll, and began to feel comfortable sitting on the sofa to enjoy the so-called graceful time. Suddenly I received a call from a senior who asked me to go to a nearby cafe to discuss things. She is developing a new product that will help me in the content operation.
  I haven't studied hard for a long time to compare the various products on the market. Today, I can only say the gossip of various variety shows. So in the cafe that day, our communication about the product did not make much noise. My subconscious mind has habitually refused to brain, unable to concentrate and reject all squeeze of creative thinking.
  The predecessor probably passed my expression and felt my current state of mind. It was difficult to disappoint between the eyebrows. She said in a gentle way of "pity": "Although I can't say where it is wrong, I feel that it is not right. A few years ago, you were so fierce, curious, strange and creative, hand-to-hand, to things. The angle of analysis is always a shock to others, and it seems that there is an inexhaustible reserve energy. However, although you are sitting here today, although it looks mature, the aura that is ready to come is felt again. Not enough."
  It’s awkward.
  Her words, like the pliers in the hands of the dentist, suddenly plunged into the alveolar core that had been hollowed out by the locusts. In addition to the pain, it was sour and sorrowful, and it gave me a sense of shame that was poked into the real face.
  At this time, I realized that in this proud work experience, I got a short, superficial stage of relaxation, but lost the curiosity and speculative ability of things. If I can't wake up that energetic self, I will probably smash the original living soul in the so-called good environment.
  There is really nothing in this world that is more difficult than waking up.
  You are lazy, some people work hard; you are lax, some are vigilant; while you are full of freedom, some people use actions to prove the truth of "self-discipline is freedom." Hey, many times, when you look back, you will find that the so-called lucky is just a choice.
  There is only one life , and it is better to be alive and sober. Don't swallow fantasy between the swallows.
  You must wake up the sleeping one yourself, because time is limited, the times will not wait for you.
  You must wake up the sleeping one, because the dream is beautiful again, and you will eventually return everything to zero.
  You must wake up the sleeping one, because you are not jealous of yourself, life will be embarrassing to you. You don't force yourself, fate will force you to live forever.