Other people's doubts will inspire me to work harder to counterattack
 When I was a child, I had a friend called Coral. She was very good at everything, but she didn’t sing well.
  There was a Spring Festival Evening event in the class. It was suggested who was sung in the ball. The coral that has been uneasy has not been able to escape and was hit by the ball. Several of our good friends have squeezed a sweat for her.
  Sure enough, she opened the shackles, and the five-tone out of tune immediately made the sly boy laugh, saying that she had a beautiful appearance, and the jagged wood-like voice was a torture to people.
  She was frustrated and did not expect her image to be damaged by this small problem. She is upset and annoyed. Is it really impossible to sing in this area?
  She was not willing, let her father go outside to report a cram school, learn from the most basic development , gradually learn the improvement of the scale, the clarity of the bite, including how to breathe and exhale. In a few months, she has mastered the range that she is good at, and she has made rapid progress under the guidance of the morning exercises and the guidance of the instructors.
  Later, during the celebration activities, when the teacher asked anyone who volunteered to sign up for the school songs, she no longer squatted and retired, but raised her hand first. When her voice rang, everyone was upset, and the whole class rang with thunderous applause.
  Later, when I was promoted to high school, when I was about to graduate, other people were not specializing in adding highlights to themselves. She suddenly thanked the sneer of the past, so that she could have the opportunity to deepen the field and become more popular. Plus points.
  Because he was questioned, he would not be reconciled. He struggled to climb up and struggled to break through the blind spot, and thus jumped over everyone, but instead became the best one. Sometimes, in a state of extreme frustration, people will be more awake, choose to reinvigorate their minds, and concentrate on bringing themselves to a higher level.
  A long time ago, forced want to succeed in life notice I wrote a few essays to a publishing house.
  After knowing that the other person saw my sultry work, I came up with a sentence. Your story is not very touching, but the feelings in the text are still okay. These are all copied online.
  I felt that my self-esteem was hit and my personality was insulted. Only I know that those things are not enough to touch people, but I have personally experienced them. Those sentiments are summed up by my words and words. Is it a Can the authors of the inexperienced writings write only the essence of the sentence?
  It is very strange that, after being questioned, I was injected with a strong shot, like a frog jumping out of the warm water, and looking for a source of water that would boil my body temperature again.
  I pick up the articles that I like to watch but are too lazy to learn, from content stories to sentiments, from the title to the number of lines of control in each paragraph, from the wording of the sentence to the finishing touch, each detail is analyzed one by one, and then rewritten after analysis. After a while, my first point of view was finally published.
  Some time ago, I sent an article on WeChat. I had a strange avatar and praised it. When I opened it, I was pleased with it. It was the editor of the publishing house that once questioned me.
  Suddenly, I thanked him for his criticism, forcing me to try my best to break through and prove my worth; thank him for questioning, forcing me to re-examine my position, re-sail and go further and further. .
  Can not withstand the doubts and denials of others, doomed to fly low, in life can only be a loser.
  Sometimes, questioning will make you feel inferior and make you doubt whether your ability is worthy of ambition, but if you can turn this questioning success into a vine that will encourage you to climb and never give up, you will one day become a battlefield. The king.
  Each of us will be questioned from all sides, and even if it is not, the key is how we treat the different voices around us. Whether to accept improvement or to exclude the place, this will determine our future success or failure.
  If you are questioned and trapped, disarmed and surrendered, and immediately confessed, the only mediocrity that is waiting for you, and more and more doubts. Life has always been a cause and a consequence, complement each other, how do you treat the questioning attitude, it will become what kind of power haunts around you, what kind of change to your magnetic field. In a sense, questioning is a catalyst for successful people.
  Many times, someone else's question is more than any inspirational chicken soup to make you wake up from the fog, to rise from the already ridiculous state of the situation, to produce fearless courage and strength, desperate to do a battle with fate.
  Don't reject doubts, because only doubts will inspire your most primitive desire to fight, and encourage you to climb the counterattack, which will force you to fly higher and farther than the average person.