Your habits determine your luck.
  Have you ever encountered such a thing? Did not get up in time in the morning, hurriedly rushed to the subway, accidentally collided with the pedestrians on the side of the road, overturned the breakfast, soiled the clothes. Although he was not late, but because he had not had breakfast and committed a stomach ailment, you secretly complained that "it is really bad today."
  However, if you can develop a good habit of getting up early and getting up early, you may not be mistaken because you didn't get up in time, and you will not delay your breakfast time.
  It is true that luck in life is always good or bad, but in many cases, we can actually avoid some unfortunate things. Because of the habit, the so-called luck can be determined to a large extent.
  I used to have a college roommate who didn't take care of myself. There was always a lot of debris on the table, so he often knocked over the cup, soiled the keyboard, or couldn't find anything.
  It doesn't take much time to organize the desktop. At least it is much more time-saving than cleaning up the “disaster scene”. However, he does not realize that this is a habit, but simply complains that “the bad luck”.
  If the key is always in a fixed position, then you will not find it; if the debris is cleaned up in time, then you have enough room to spread important documents at any time; if the data in the computer is backed up, Then you will find any problems to follow.
  Life needs to be sorted out, starting from the little things around you, and getting into a neat habit, luck will get better and better.
  In a limited life , some people are unfavorable in the wind, and some people are caught in various troubles. Developing the habit of time management can make us live more exciting.
  I have seen such a law: your activities will always swell until you fill up all your time. No matter how many things you do, time will be occupied, so don't use your busyness as an excuse, and don't blame your busy mistakes on bad luck.
  By managing time, people can do more and do important things better. Time management is not about saving time, but about how to allocate time.
  The “first thing” theory put forward by an entrepreneur suggests that we classify to-do items according to their importance and urgency. When faced with multiple things that need to be dealt with, we will prioritize important and urgent matters, and finally deal with Not important or urgent.
  Developing the habit of time management can free you from trivial matters and solve problems more calmly.
  Studies have shown that people who are procrastinating are more stressed than those who are not procrastinating. Delays will make us lose our initiative and lack the ability and time to respond to emergencies.
  Many friends are troubled by procrastination, but it is difficult to overcome it.
  Changing a habit requires will, and more needs a method. There are many ways to deal with delays. The simpler one is to decompose tasks and complete them at regular intervals. Decomposing tasks makes people feel that tasks are simpler and they are willing to do it. The prescribed time makes people more constrained and guarantees the completion of the task.
  Correcting bad habits is not easy for everyone, but letting yourself delay will only fall into infinite negatives and pressure. Finding the right way for you, ending the delay, and regaining control of life can prevent those bad luck.
  Nowadays, many young people are drinking while drinking, while yelling while losing weight while eating, while licking more and more hair while staying up late to brush the phone is not tired.
  There are too many reasons for staying up late, writing papers, playing mobile phones, playing games, but there is only one reason to stop staying up late - health. Long-term staying up late will disrupt the body clock, causing insomnia, habitual staying up late not only has a variety of damage to the body, but also lead to psychological depression in the long run.
  Not only staying up late, many people do not work regularly, do not pay attention to health, the body is in a state of being vulnerable, and the outside world can't hold any pressure.
  Taking care of the body is everyone's own responsibility, and getting rid of bad habits that are bad for the body can be energized into the normal rhythm of life.
  I have heard such a sentence : "Habit is a tenacious and huge force, it can dominate life." Correcting bad habits can keep us away from a lot of troubles, and developing good habits can make us have a healthier and more positive life.
  Good habits, luck is not too bad.