There is only one failure, that is, halfway
  Years ago, friend Xiao Bing called me and said that it was gathering. Late at night, we opened two bottles of beer at a bar in Beijing. She was unkempt, took a sip and began to cry.
  I handed over the paper towel and didn't speak. Because I know that this is her first year in Beijing. Everyone who leaves home to live in the field and fight for the first year may have similar emotional outbreaks, but for different reasons. Every time I spend the holidays, I am still years ago.
  She said a lot of work is not smooth, and said a lot of hardships in life. I listened quietly, no sound, and the light of the bar hit her face and penetrated into her tears. Until she said the phrase "I am leaving Beijing."
  I put down the bottle and said, "I thought so a few years ago."
  She asked, then? Why didn't you go?
  I said, later I found out that you can have countless reasons to leave, but not to leave, there is only one reason, that is, you still want to persist . Even if you cry, don't forget to continue running after crying. If you don't quit halfway, you will always see a glimmer of light.
  She stayed there, took the bottle and slammed it out for a while.
  After half a year, I saw her again. She wore a decent suit and met me at a coffee shop in Guomao.
  She became the department head of their company. Just last month, the original department head was resigned, and a position was vacated. The leader examined many people and finally chose her. That day, we were drinking coffee, and it was full of traffic. She smugly finished the latte, then smiled and said to me: You just want to, I please.
  I looked at her and smiled and said: "Look, you have to go back years ago, no one will ask me for coffee?"
  She smiled again and said, I am pleased with your coffee.
  On the way home, I looked up at the tall buildings of the city, suddenly remembered a word : failure is only one, is halfway.
  This sentence has given me too much power. Who is like this, we can have a lot of reasons to give up, but there is only one reason to insist: I want to persist.
  In the years of the teacher, I have seen too many children swearing to quit, and give up; they start with blood, but stop without warning; they start to run and slam down.
  They have tried hard, they have paid for it, but they have forgotten it. Only by persistence can they make their efforts shine. Halfway through, but it is a waste of effort.
  I have met a child who has back 100 words every day and persisted for three days. In order to reward myself, I played a whole day of games. On the fourth day, I suddenly found out that the words on my back were forgotten, and I simply stopped my back.
  The other child, who recited 50 words a day, knew how to be new, and insisted on it for half a year. He later achieved good results in the exam, and more importantly, developed a habit of not giving up easily. After years of hard work, he has now become an English teacher.
  Many good things in the world stem from persistence. There is only one failure, which is halfway.
  Just like when you are running a marathon, no matter how fast and powerful you are at the beginning, there is only one kind of person who can run to the finish line, that is, people who have not stopped running.
  I really like that sentence, your persistence will be beautiful. And those beautiful, will eventually illuminate the way for you.