The so-called "koi sang" is just the harder and harder to work harder.
  Recently, my circle of friends and Weibo have been swiped by the "Jin". It seems that as long as the "Koi" is forwarded, good luck will be attached, and all that you want will be obtained.
  In fact, everyone understands that this is just a kind of spiritual sustenance, and sometimes it is fun to follow the trend. But think about it, will "Koi" really help us realize our dreams and wishes?
  Some time ago, the company had a new project started. At the beginning, many people around me and I will also turn to "Koi." But when the project is completed, I want to thank, and I work hard every day with my colleagues who work side by side. I didn't think of the picture of the "Jin".
  The longer you grow up, the more you understand one thing. Shortcuts and luck are just another form of wasted time. For those who pursue their dreams, they should be down to earth from the very beginning, which is the latest road.
  I have seen such a sentence : Some roads in life have to go step by step, and they have to eat it bit by bit. There is no shortcut other than this.
  To get a true sense of possession, in addition to taking every step of the foot to be more determined and practical, any other addition is just a comfort to you.
  Suddenly remembered my own self, the second year of coming to Beijing, I decided to quit the work that had just started to improve and set up my own studio.
  At that time, no one paid me a salary. I stay in the rental room every day, writing articles, editing, post-production, and planning content. Working until two or three in the morning is also commonplace.
  At that time, I often heard someone say to me: "Girls should not be too tired, you can hardly get everything you want..." But it turns out that I have overcome all the difficulties and persisted in the present.
  Many times, you may have to pay 10 points, but you can only get 5 points. But if you give up your efforts because the returns are not ideal, then the result is often not even one point.
  Therefore, when all the difficulties are in front of you, I hope that the first thing you think of is how to overcome, not to escape.
  Some people, when they go to school, meet their favorite subjects, they use all their strength to learn; if they don't like it, they will skip classes and detour. At the end of the final exam, the subjects with poor grades have not improved.
  Some people, when they encounter difficult things in their work, always want to deal with things by delay, or expect others to solve all the problems. As a result, every time until the end, it was a mess, and the problems were not resolved at the end.
  This way, instead of wasting too much time to find shortcuts, it is better to use these hours to solve the dilemma. Fate has already made a lot of annotations for our lives, and each hurdle can only be settled if it crosses the past.
  I remember that in the film "Genius Gunners", the actor, Banke, in order to get rid of the poor life, did not hesitate to join the talented girl Xiaolin staged a cheating drama. Although both of them had a lot of income at the beginning, they were eventually discovered by educational institutions, not only lost money, but also affected their own studies.
  Perhaps today you have achieved an ideal result because of a small shortcut, but tomorrow you may lose everything you have now because of a small lazy.
  We must know that once we get used to the shortcuts of shortcuts, we will involuntarily expect the next time we will get nothing, and we will never be willing to work harder. In the end, we will go further and eat more.
  Since no one is born with luck forever, it is better to let yourself become the hard worker before you have good luck.
  I have read such a passage in the book: Life is meaningless, what meaning can you give it, and what it means. Instead of thinking about your life all day long, try to use this life to do something meaningful.
  We are all single-handed, and we will go all the way to the present. In fact, some shortcuts are not good. In fact, some successes are not as difficult as you think. Instead of forwarding the "Koi" and trying your best to find a shortcut that doesn't exist, it's better to calm down and think about how to cross an important level.
  There are no shortcuts on the road to success. Don't worry, work hard together. One day, you don't have a "koi", you can work harder and more fortunate.