Every failure is helping the future
  Focusing on the present is the source of all success
  My good friend is a girl who is diligent and motivated. Once, I asked me to come out to eat, but the room was silent. I saw her thoughts, and after my repeated questioning, she slowly told me what happened to her recently.
  Near the end of the period, the review of more than a dozen exams was on the body. In Higher Education in the learning performance has been good, which she usually every day in the library's efforts are inseparable. But now that I am nearing graduation, in order to improve my social practice ability, I want to find an internship before the end of the study.
  Carefully prepared and repeatedly revised resumes, after repeated delivery, is a long wait. Finally, one week before the final exam, he received an interview invitation from an Internet company. Excited cockroaches temporarily stopped the review work at hand and spent two days preparing for the interview. At 12 o'clock in the evening before the interview, she also carefully summarized the interview ideas under the lights.
  The next day, he arrived at the interview site half an hour earlier, but found that the applicants were all from the famous universities and experienced students. The first time I participated in the interview, I was very nervous. I was even more pressured to see other students responding to the question. Under the watchful eye of several interviewers, Qi Liantou did not dare to carry, stuttering with his pre-conceived answers.
  A week later, I received a letter of rejection from the company.
  It was an unavoidable failure, but it was impossible to open it. The night before the final exam, I was insomnia. All night, she was wondering why she was more nervous than other students, why she was so nervous, and she said that she was not smooth. The opportunity was missed this time, and the next time I don’t know when I can get an interview offer.
  The next day, the top of the eye went to the exam with dark circles, and even the content reviewed was forgotten.
  In the next two weeks of review, you can't concentrate on it. While thinking about summing up the experience of this interview failure, I also thought about continuing to deliver resumes. Whenever she picks up the pen, the shadow of the interview failure in her mind is always lingering.
  As a result, the final exams were very bad, and even half of the usual levels were not met. There was no progress in the internship, so I had to spend the whole summer at home.
  Looking at the embarrassing shackles, I can't help but think of my experience a few years ago.
  I am just the opposite of my character. I am so sentimental, I am an optimist, and nothing is in my heart.
  I have studied piano since I was a child. Once, the teacher signed up for the piano competition in the city. At the beginning, I guaranteed two hours of practicing time every day. Not too much tension, I played very stable in the preliminary round and entered the semi-finals smoothly.
  I can stand out from hundreds of players, and my pride and sense of accomplishment surround me. My rematched repertoire and the preliminary repertoire are the same one. After a month of repeated practice, I am quite skilled. So, for the next two weeks, I didn't touch the piano. I spent every day shopping and shopping with my friends. Just playing it a few times the day before the game, then I went to sleep with peace of mind.
  The weather was very cold on the day of the game and my hands were cold. Halfway through, I suddenly forgot the melody that I want to play. I pretended to play a few scales calmly, and wanted to use this method to connect with the following content, but after the end of the scale, I still did not think of the following melody.
  The air smashed and solidified. I said a few words "Thank you teacher" and hurriedly left the stage.
  The road to the game was so abruptly stopped that hundreds of people entered the preliminary round of the 50s, but did not pass the 50-into 30 rematch. Why is it so skillful to play at home, but forget it when you step on the stage?
  Later, the piano teacher told me that playing the piano relied on a little bit of accumulation, and that the stage was well trained. The stage can only play eight or nine percent of the strength. The remaining ten percent is often due to sudden The range of fluctuations caused by an incident or mental state. Once the martial arts are lacking, they will appear immediately after they come to power.
  In the face of a failed past, don't sink. Failure is the mother of success, and the experience of failure sets the ladder for success. Believe that any failure will not be wasted and will help the future.
  In the face of a successful past, don't be proud. Remember that competition exists in every corner of life. The good state of the past does not mean that it will continue into the future. If you stop working hard, the failure will come unexpectedly.
  Do not read the past, not afraid of the future. The secret to maintaining good stability and success is to forget the past and not worry about what has not happened yet. Focusing on the present is the source of all success.