Think of life as a belief, life will open
  Qi Qi said that there is a debate on the issue: "Ta really works hard. Is this a good word?"
  I have always firmly believed that this is a good word.
  Moreover, I also believe that those who take this sentence as a good word are those who truly have "growth thinking."
  People who grow up thinking are most concerned with hard work, not results. Because in comparison, effort is a controllable constant, and the result is an uncontrollable variable.
  What is more magical is that people who really pay attention to this constant can continue to output their efforts, and will eventually become a "koi."
  1. Use the positive feedback effect to break the "start line" spell
  Some time ago, the pay network announced a 2018 Chinese university graduate salary list TOP200.
  The top ten universities in the list include Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beiwai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and University of International Business and Economics. It can be said that most of the top rankings are 985 and 211 key schools.
  The pay list has caused a heated discussion. Many people are saying, yeah, I am a famous school and it is really amazing.
  It's amazing, but it's not that great. I refer to the phenomenon of high starting salary for the graduates of elite schools as the “starting line effect”. This is an "initial value" for many professionals to enter the society.
  After reading a famous school, it is really easy to win at the starting line. But what is life? Life is a marathon, it is a long-distance running. Can you laugh at the end when you win the starting line?
  One insists on hard work, sweats, legs soft to tremble, and never gives up. If the time dimension is lengthened, it will inevitably break the starting line effect.
  My good friend, Mei Zi, is my colleague at the law firm. When I first saw Meizi, I didn't take her seriously.
  She is too ordinary. In our internship or undergraduate, or postgraduate internship lawyers, Meizi’s academic qualifications are simply not available. She is a self-taught undergraduate. Not only undergraduate self-study, but also the self-study.
  Every day, Meizi often studies in the office , backing the words, defending words, and imitating to write. After work every afternoon, I practice typing in the room. Moreover, it is often left until around 9 pm.
  Which lawyer in the office needs help, she rushed up and seized every opportunity to improve herself. When the party came to consult, she received the reception seriously and recorded the case she encountered. If she did not understand, she would consult the old lawyer.
  She started typing very slowly. The official lawyer in the office, no one asked her to help with the materials. At that time, I became the "typewriter" in the house with 100 words per minute.
  After 3 months, no one asked me. The speed of plum is almost the same as me, but she is a hundred times more serious than me. Typing never fails. Naturally, choosing me is the next step.
  At the end of the internship period, Meizi became a formal lawyer. Others were either unqualified during the internship period and needed to re-internship, or they were barely qualified. They did not want to stay. And plum, there are already other law firms to dig her.
  In the first year of being a lawyer, Meizi earned more than 100,000. And our batch of "tangent" undergraduates and graduate students, no one can reach her level. Most of them are still working as assistants.
  Later, Mei Zi naturally opened all the way. In the third year, he became a partner of the law firm. His own case is also very special, and he is still a legal consultant for several companies.
  The starting line is important, but it's really just an initial value.
  In "Master", there is a "positive feedback effect" in a real society. In the positive feedback effect, the strong will become stronger and stronger. For example, a website has more users, and then it has more users.
  Author Wei Weigang said: "Positive feedback is a very terrible force," because "this effect, once activated, is an avalanche process."
  Because in the real world, there is also a "power law distribution." When you take positive feedback and break through the critical point, you will become the richest person in the crowd, 20% of the crowd, "the poorer the poor, the rich get richer."
  The power of hard work is so terrible that it can completely break the starting line spell and become the little man on the pyramid.
  2, your strokes are all buried for the "koi"
  A classic old movie that I really like, called "Happiness is knocking on the door." This film is a perfect interpretation of what is "the Koi possession".
  Male No. 1 Chris, a medical device salesman, runs around with instruments every day, but he can’t sell one.
  The economy was so embarrassed that he could not afford the rent and his wife chose to leave.
  Chris and his 5-year-old son are living together, with a bank account of only 21 yuan. The landlord drove him out of the apartment, Chris began to rent the motel, and later the hotel could not afford to rent, went to the shelter.
  Chris in this period is simply a "sacred god" possession, one after another, the unfortunate thing, the skull cover his face.
  Chris's counterattack began with an internship at a famous stock investment company. During the internship, Chris called to give more calls to customers, never drinking water when they went to work, so they could avoid going to the toilet. Regardless of how many times the customer refused, Chris smiled and continued to fight. He seized all the time to learn. At the end of the internship, Chris's written test scores were also excellent.
  In the end, Chris, who has a common qualification, became a full-time employee of the investment company.
  Is there a Koi in your life? There are indeed, but not by forwarding the koi, but by hard work.
  Since I wrote, I often met people who said that I was lucky, I was able to get guidance from the cattle, and I was able to sign up with the big platform, so I was able to write a blast.
  I wrote the article from the beginning and became the signatory author of the famous storyteller. The sledgehammer has done several exploding courses and is also the signing author of many large platforms. In the process of writing, I got a lot of guidance from the sledgehammer and it made rapid progress.
  After writing for more than half a year, I was fortunate enough to sign a high-quality platform like Fushu and other big platforms. My article has the opportunity to be published on the big platform and reprinted by many other big platforms.
  Is this really a matter of luck? From the beginning. Before signing with the sledgehammer, I read more than 50 books a year and wrote 100,000 words of reading notes . It is this kind of effort that makes me stand out among the competitors.
  In 2017, after signing with the hammer, I read more than 100 books in addition to the normal output of the contract. This accumulation is the basis for signing with platforms such as Fushu.
  Many people say that success depends on luck. Yes, luck is really important.
  If luck means that people can ultimately succeed, then the effort will determine whether you can have good luck. The so-called congenital self-contained koi, the life that lies in life, I believe there may be, but in the real ordinary world, there is no reference value.
  Frank wrote in the book "Success and Luck": Human society is a nonlinear complex system.
  After your efforts make your conditions better, the final result is not proportional, and a little better, it is likely to magnify your previous advantages many times and many times.
  Because luck can be accumulated. When you work hard, you have an opportunity, and this opportunity will usher in another opportunity, and your good fortune will form a superposition effect.
  This is the luck in the real world. Work hard first, then there is a koi.
  3, you need unbreakable anti-vulnerability
  Writer Taleb in the "anti-fragility" This book tells us, whether individual or social, anti-vulnerability only has to have a tough life force.
  Fragile things like a stable environment, and if there is fluctuation, it may be awkward. For example, a glass cup will be broken when it falls.
  What about anti-fragility? The more volatile, random and chaotic the external environment, the more it can thrive. For example, the legendary Hydra genus has a huge number of heads, and each time he is cut off a head, he will grow two heads again. Instead of destroying it, an external attack will make it stronger.
  When it comes to anti-fragile people, it is actually the person who is "more and more frustrated." In addition to being able to withstand setbacks , you can grow up in frustration and become stronger and stronger.
  Those who regard their efforts as faith in life are those who have anti-vulnerabilities and will become stronger and stronger in setbacks.
  The US group went public this year and became the second company with the same stock rights after the reform of the IPO policy of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The market value has exceeded that of Xiaomi, and the founder Wang Xing has become a winner in life.
  Before the US Mission, the story of Wang Xing’s experience was simply the modern version of “Fighting and defeating, repeated defeats”.
  In 2003, Wang Xing founded the “Duoduo” social networking site. In 2006, Wang Xing sold the intranet of the capital chain exercise to the Thousand Oaks Group. After that, I took my schoolmate and made a meal. In May 2007, rice was not on the line, but in July 2009, the meal was suspended for some reason, no one knows when to go online again. After two major defeats, Wang Xing established the US Mission in 2010. Without being defeated by failure, we will work hard to get to the end, and we will have today's beauty group.
  Wang Xing forwarded a microblog about Tang Yin's mentoring: "In the face of the difficulty of the 81st, he cried and pleaded, but never said once: 'We don't take it, everyone is distracted.'"
  There is never one thing, and it can be done with a little effort. Any dazzling success is behind the hard work.
  Father Zhu Shijian, once the director of Asia's largest cigarette factory, propped up half of Yunnan's finances.
  In 1999, the old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for being reported. In 2002, he went to the hospital for medical treatment. At the age of 74, the old man raised 10 million yuan to his friends and packaged a 2,400-acre government farm on Ailao Mountain. Six years later, the well-known rock candy orange was planted and became the "Chinese Orange King."
  Nietzsche said: "If you kill me, it will make me stronger."
  Those who work hard, in the face of setbacks, will not be dying, no fighting spirit. They understand the cards of this world, they are hard work. So, despite the failure, it will start again. The growth gained in the last failure is the next starting point.
  People who regard their efforts as a belief in life know that no matter what kind of valley they fall into, they will have the opportunity to reinvent themselves if they work hard. When they experienced failure, the point of focus was how to start from the failure of the Middle East, instead of complaining and complaining about the unfairness and darkness of the world.
  4, strive to become a talent, become a growth hacker
  Over the years, we have heard too many negative energy stories about hard work but no effect. In fact, such seemingly busy efforts have always been “pseudo-efforts”.
  What is a real effort? I think the most important thing is that you can always feel "pain." This means that we have to keep coming out of the comfort zone.
  Teacher Wu Bofan mentioned in the column of Cognitive Methodology that human beings are born with a comfortable zone.
  What is a comfort zone? I really like the metaphor of Wu Bofan's teacher. He likes the comfort zone to the feeling of being in the womb.
  Darkness, warmth, no lack, even feeling, sight, taste, smell, etc., are not needed. The price of staying in the comfort zone is “zero awareness.” “Any good has a price. Any gospel is a curse.”
  If you feel that your days are very comfortable, using old cognitive and thinking frameworks, you seem to be busy, but never grow. This is the most typical "pseudo-effort".
  The real effort is to jump out of the comfort zone and work with pain.
  The effort to jump out of the comfort zone can really push us to run forward. If you want to make the running acceleration, you need to learn to copy the effort.
  What is a "copy effort"? The copying effort is to make a time-consuming work, which can produce endless benefits.
  What things have this effect? For example, doing courses, writing books, works of art, etc., each industry will have something like a "multiplication effect." After doing this, this thing will produce a "complex effect."
  Time has become a huge copier, helping you to magnify your efforts by countless times. Or, copy your efforts into countless copies to maximize the value of your efforts.
  Who says that hard work is not a gift, and that you can work hard all your life is definitely a kind of talent. This is the ultimate lever to stimulate growth. It will bring you continuous help to promote you to become a growth hacker and gain explosive growth.