In this era, there is no need to meet
  Have dinner with friends on weekends.
  He is a small screenwriter and has written for seven years with few breakthroughs. There is also a programmer in the same industry who has studied the technology for 8 years and is still a grassroots management that is not painful.
  The two people were very envious of a friend who was in the media at the time. After only writing for one year, they accumulated millions of fans and won the game all the way.
  At the end, everyone was very disheartened to sigh the injustice and emptiness of this era.
  Many words are not good for us to say in person: Although there is no absolute fairness in this world, we have lived in the era of the most opportunities.
  Careful analysis, the two of them in their careers can not talk much love, only as a career to make a living. In contrast, the friend who made the new media had been working on the road for a decade before she had smashed a million powders.
  Sui Hongjun said in "Great Wisdom":
  "Huai Cai and pregnancy are the same. As long as they are there, they will be seen sooner or later. Some people have no talents because they are not big enough."
  The secret of success is the accumulation of thin hair
  Remember the "genius beautiful girl writer" Jiang Fangzhou?
  This young writer who has been highly regarded has been writing since he was 7 years old. At the age of 9 he wrote a collection of essays, "Opening the Skylight". The 18-year-old college entrance examination was accepted by Tsinghua University. After graduating from university, he was the deputy editor of "New Weekly" magazine. In recent years, she has been active. In the public eye.
  The outside world said that she is fortunate, because the development of the network, let people early tap the talented talent of this talented little girl.
  In this regard, she admitted:
  "In the times, I am very fortunate. In a more open era, I can communicate directly with readers on social networks. I can communicate with young writers abroad and abroad. I can become more extensive and have more. chance."
  But to get rid of this, in fact, when she was young, she already had a reading accumulation far beyond her peers. At that time, because she had to wait for her mother to be a teacher, she would quietly read the book while waiting in the school library.
  I think that the quiet and focused reading years are the prerequisites for her future. Therefore, one day, when the opportunity comes down, it will succeed in catching up with the express train of the times.
  In contrast, we are always habitually blaming our own mediocrity on the outside world's injustice, but not on how much we have paid for in pursuing this goal.
  The old saying goes well, if you are wonderful, the day is arranged.
  Don't complain, bow your head, when you are ready, this time will give you a surprise.
  Behind the lucky, I don’t forget my heart.
  If you want to say the most popular "narrator" in the modern era, I am afraid it is Heisenberg.
  As the annual champion of "One Stop in the End" in 2016, through the rapid spread of the Internet, it is almost overnight, becoming the knowledge network red of this era, with 30W+ knowing attention, plus 350W+ Weibo fans.
  Before he became popular, he had been working at Guobo for seven years with a modest salary.
  40,000 words to explain words, 1 cm thick prints, 200 words per minute, read from beginning to end, took 3 hours, but he used a one-month word to back down.
  With more than 3,000 pieces of cultural relics, he can skillfully say the dynasty, origin and function of each piece of cultural relics.
  Now when I think of my new job, he used a mess to describe his interpretation.
  I have thought about retreating, but every time I have survived my dream of becoming the best in the country's finest museums, and I have to pay a hundredfold effort.
  In the past seven years, he has turned his work into a career, and he has been on the Internet to make his life sparkle.
  There is a saying that "tolerate loneliness, to be able to keep the bustling." When you can stick to your own heart, rock solid, this firm and persistent, will always let you wait for the opportunity.
  This world is sometimes paranoid.
  In this era, there is no need to meet
  My neighbor's little brother, who has been learning dance for many years, has recently become a net red through short videos;
  I was a high school classmate, good at writing, and opened a public account that quickly attracted 100,000 attention;
  My colleague, who has a good deputy, has attracted a lot of attention through live broadcasts. The record company started to contact her...
  Whether it is Jiang Fangzhou, Heisenberg, or these people around us, what they have in common is to accumulate an unsurpassed competitiveness on the basis of a large time span.
  Opportunities are only for those who are prepared. When you are dazzling enough, WeChat, Weibo, Vibrating, Fast... The Internet gives the amateurs a variety of opportunities to express themselves.
  Like Heisenberg, he laughed at his popularity:
  "Three years ago, can I go to this day? I absolutely can't. This life span has made me feel surprised. I think luck is one thing. What matters is the current situation brought by the Internet. If I When I joined the work in the 1990s, I don’t think I can talk about everything today."
  Xue Zhiqian once said in the Tucao Conference:
  "In this world, there is no talent at all. The world's self-media is enough to carry any kind of talent, but the key is that you must really have talent."
  In this era, there is no cure.