The harder you work now, the more fortunate the future
  A girl after 95 said to me that she had to leave the company. I asked her why did she go? She said that the work was too boring and she wanted to change her job.
  I asked again, is the work content so boring from the beginning, or what pressure is encountered? Is there any room for improvement in the work, is it better to spend this difficult period?
  She replied, I also can't say clearly, now I just want to try another environment.
  In fact, I have encountered this situation many times. Many young people who leave with this kind of thinking often go through half a year, still spinning at the original level, and can get progress and improvement, and there are very few.
  Young people's high turnover rate and strong liquidity are a common phenomenon, but I think the most taboo situation is that many people do not have clear goals, and they don't think clearly whether they want to resign because of work or their own. The reason is just to "go away." So next time, if you encounter similar problems and the same situation, you will still not solve it. It is still difficult to make a breakthrough.
  I didn't work hard to solve the problem. I didn't have the ability to try my own ability. It seems that the killing and decisive "waving my hand without taking a cloud" is actually using the way of escaping to stay in the comfort zone. I will find out later that I have lost time.
  Some people have been working and studying for the past three years; children who know each other, while internships, prepare for civil service examinations; people who work hard, will use the time to study and research, and create more for the future. possibility……
  They also often travel and eat food. They also often feel that they stay up late, saying that they are a bit serious, but the difference is that they do know what they want and do not work hard.
  Many people know that the harder they work, the more fortunate, but not everyone can practice this.
  Because I work hard today, I have not immediately raised my salary to promote my job tomorrow; I will study hard today and I will not necessarily take a good grade for tomorrow's exam. Those who are eager for quick success, when they need it, will regard their efforts as a sword of Shangfang, hoping that it will be invincible. In the end, I found that it didn’t help at all, and I was angry: forget it!
  But the real effort is not like this. The real effort is to work hard to do the right thing now, and to make yourself strong enough to make yourself lucky enough in the future.
  Among my friends, I feel that I am particularly outstanding and excellent. I have always been learning constantly, constantly learning from knowledge and improving myself. I never sleep on my existing achievements, so I always let me "three days." Look at it."
  The better, the harder you work; the harder you work, the luckier you are.
  Others, even if they haven't seen it for three years, goodbye is the same as before.
  At noon on the weekend, I was bored with my child at home. He picked up a chess book and watched it. Then he found a chessboard and tried to figure it out.
  The seriousness and commitment of his moment at this moment may not allow him to immediately increase his "chest power" and invincible, but he can let him accumulate and improve without knowing it, and gain enough ability to face stronger. opponent.
  He lowered his head and kept silent. Perhaps he has not realized that the current efforts will make him more fortunate and more powerful in the future, but I suddenly realized and benefited a lot.
  Everything we are doing now, all of them are shaping a better self, even if it is not the next second, but as long as we do not hesitate to work hard and pay, not afraid to persist and persevere, we can slowly reshape one more. Good self, isn't it?
  If you don't want to work hard now, why should you patronize you?
  We all have an answer in our hearts - only the harder we work, the luckier we can be.