People who don’t work hard will feel that their efforts are useless.
  A few months ago, a reader and sister complained to me that I had prepared for a three-month English CET exam.
  Not only that, but she was also ridiculed by roommates: "Look, then what is the use of hard work, it is not the same!"
  Because she often gets up early and returns late, she never participates in the collective activities of her roommates, she becomes a "heterogeneous". The harder she worked, the more she was looked down on by her roommates. It seemed that everyone was waiting to see her ugly. This time I was hanging out, and her grievances broke out.
  I can feel the frustration of the little girl across the screen. She asked: "What do you mean by my efforts? Not only did the exam not test well, but also made me a friend."
  I asked: "Would you not work hard in the future?"
  She resolutely returned to me and said, "No."
  Because this time the exam is only five points away from the pass, she believes that as long as she prepares for the exam, the next time she will pass.
  Moreover, in the past three months, the mastery of vocabulary and grammar has been greatly improved. What is more gratifying is that she has been at the level of “dumb English”. After repeated listening training during this period, she gradually found some Sense of language, dare to speak, and occasionally dreaming of a few words of English.
  All these changes have made her feel closer to the goal of wanting to engage in the foreign trade industry.
  now it's right. People who work hard always know what they have harvested. Only those who are unwilling to work hard will find it useless.
  I also encountered this kind of ridicule when I was at work in the previous company.
  The working atmosphere of the office is quite casual. As long as there is no big scorpion, everyone has to pass. I am often the last person to leave work in the office. Colleagues often talk to me and think that I am doing it for the boss.
  They may not know that whenever I explore a new work skill, I feel that my future is full of possibilities, and that kind of joy is not comparable to the boss's praise.
  There was a colleague, A Ling, who would be "mixed". It took two or three days for others to go to the development of the production process. She only finished the two actions of opening the bill and collecting the sample. Her lazy philosophy is: No matter if you stare at it, the sample will come out as scheduled. Why bother?
  She may not have thought that it is less the process of participation, how much technical dry goods she missed. We have known each other for ten years. She has always been chasing the "leisure" in front of her.
  Life is like sailing against the water, and if you don’t advance, you will retreat. When everyone is squeezing hard, you can be the one that is the easiest to be eliminated if you are alone.
  We often don't think that efforts are useless and we don't want to work hard, but because we don't want to work hard, we feel that our efforts are useless. If we only have 60 points for ourselves, when an opportunity with 80 points is coming, we can only watch others take it.
  If you don't work hard, you can only live a life without hard work.
  There are always some people who sing "work hard and useless" when you sweat.
  At school, they think, to learn the meaning is to meet the test; in the workplace on, they think, the meaning of work just to get paid. If the exam can pass, the salary is quite a lot, and every extra effort is wasted.
  However, the significance of hard work is not only the success or failure of the immediate situation, but also the energy reserve of our future. If you don't feel this energy, it's mostly because you haven't put much effort into it.
  My cousin Alu, who helped the family work very early, went to the construction site to earn tuition fees during the summer and winter vacations. After graduating, Alu’s first job was to sell and walk in the strange city to pull the business. He regarded a period of unattended loneliness as his own value-added period, even when he was in the worst of the cold, he did not forget to charge himself.
  It is precisely because I have witnessed the power to change my destiny with sweat since I was a child, so Alu firmly believes that every moment of hard work is an investment in the future.
  Today, Alu has already become a corporate executive, but still struggles to run on the road of self-improvement.
  I often use his story to motivate myself: even if the starting point is low, even if it is difficult at the moment, as long as you are not afraid of hard work, everything is not enough.
  When others are resting, you will run for a while; when others want to give up, you will stick to it for a while. One day, you will get a reward for your destiny.
  May you live up to your time, live up to your ambitions, and work hard to make yourself a better self.