Persevere, it is the noble person on your way to success.
  After a high school graduation, I only know that there are such outstanding people among the students. This excellence is not to say how much achievement he has achieved in life, but a persistence that does not give up.
  He is now a judge in our county court.
  When he took the college entrance examination, he did not go to the university of his choice. He chose to repeat after painstaking thoughts. He worked hard for a year, and then he still fell out of the list. He was disheartened and wanted to give up, but he was not willing to stick to it.
  Destiny seems to be particularly fond of joking with him. This insistence still has no results. The family advised him to give up. He hoped that he would find a job safely, but he still insisted on it. After three years of re-reading, he was admitted to the university of his choice.
  He smiled and said: "You have been in high school for three years. I have been in college for six years, so I have defeated myself."
  A lightly sloppy sentence contains too much persistence. If you didn’t insist on it at the time, or believe that only you can change yourself, how can he persist?
  In life, each of us is eager to meet our own nobles, hoping to get help from the nobles on the road of life, but if you give up, no one can help you.
  Only if one does not give up or admit defeat, will the fate be favored by him and will give him the chance to make a final turn.
  A friend used to like singing very much.
  Some people suggested that she should more dredge the relationship, the gift giving gifts, to maximize the exposure of themselves, only with the help of the nobles can achieve their dreams , but the friend refused.
  Because she likes to sing, she goes all out. During that time, she practiced the song madly, and it was common to practice the hoarseness of the scorpion. This insistence made her singing skills better and better, and even killed the original singer.
  Later, she went to the singing competition because she sang very well, so she would win the championship smoothly and quickly signed a contract with the favorite record company.
  After her success, many people said that she was lucky and met her own noble person. But she said: "I don't think there are noble people in this world. If you want them to be able to pull you, at least you have to make yourself good enough, and only if you are good, will they attract them."
  Before the nobles have arrived, please work hard and be yourself. Please try to stick to yourself before fate has changed. The goddess of fate always favors those who dare to struggle , and precious opportunities will also fall on those who are prepared.
  On the way to realizing our dreams, no one of us is qualified to withdraw. Even if we can't find a way out on this road, we must find a way to create a miracle.
  In this world, there has never been a lucky for no reason, and there is no casual success. The quality of your life is actually the result of self-selection and hard work. If you try your best not to admit defeat for your dreams, you will definitely get a good result.
  In life, people often sigh that they are not lucky, and feel that they are not in a good position, and they are not supported by the nobles. But you ask yourself, have you worked hard?
  We all want to take shortcuts, which is actually the most stupid behavior. We have been complaining about the door closed up in the sky, but we forgot that we can open a window.
  A person's life stage is not in the eyes of others, but in his own heart. The performance of a person on his own stage is not for the applause of others, but for adapting to the breadth, breadth and depth of his own soul.
  We are the vast majority of ordinary people, but what about it? As long as we are determined to go which way, know what kind of person we want to be, and work hard to be lazy, we will be able to get the results we want.
  Spring silkworm suede, it will be very painful; phoenix nirvana, it will be very painful. But as long as you have experienced these pains, you can be free. We don't have to hope that there will be noble people in our lives. We can walk on our own. We must believe in our dreams and keep on insisting.