Don't look down on small things, every hardship is to hone
  Organize parties in the class of students. Talking about the city to be gathered, as well as the hotel accommodation and travel tools, Han students who did not speak often - the former study committee compiled a document.
  When I opened it, I found that Han’s students were thoughtful and thoughtful.
  First, she summed up the cities where most of the classmates are located, giving the distance between each city and the meeting place and the timetable for taking the transportation. Once again, she divided the schedule of several local students and the vehicles that could be provided. She then selected a number of representative hotels and marked the star rating, price and accommodation.
  Finally, she sent the floor plan of the tentative venue and said she would contact the advertising company to create a theme and site layout that would be suitable for a long time.
  Because of the AA system, she also recommended several students, as the "financial staff", "logistics team", "food and beverage responsibility", "registration contact person", "literary program co-ordination" and other responsible persons, in order to clear the division of labor, to do a field Lively and warm, not chaotic class reunion.
  At this time, you will find that when the teacher appointed the class management staff, when the candidates responsible for the party were elected, the arrangements were justified. Not everyone can handle things in an orderly manner, and not everyone can treat things outside of them so seriously.
  Han is already a management member of a foreign company. He holds a large number of company stocks and dividends at the end of the year. His career has been successful. These little things, I don't have to do it, but she did it, and it was justified. This is her serious attitude towards doing things, and it is also the quality of dealing with people.
  In the early years, she reported to the calligraphy community. The students who had signed up together also mistakenly misunderstood, and casually wrote a name to make up the number. If they didn’t see anyone, they would seriously practice the brushwork. Whoever thinks she is not perfunctory, the courses that can participate are not lazy, when they are free. Practice alone.
  At that time, I also ridiculed her: "On how an amateur calligraphy practitioner is counter-attacking." Some students also said: "It is not a speciality for a professional, but it is not useful for calligraphy." She just smiled. Slightly and softly said: "I just thought that since I signed up, I will do this seriously, and I will be idle."
  Later, her brushwork was vigorous and powerful, and even the director of the school praised it. Later, listening to her rumors, the company leaders respected traditional culture and paid a lot of respect for her understanding of calligraphy.
  It is true that she can do today's position, and it is inseparable from the working attitude in the weekdays, but at the very least, it is the good fortune brought about by her serious work.
  You have learned a lot of things, and the skills you have learned can become your stepping stone.
  I remember when I was young, many people envied those who became the protagonists of the TV series. Complain while admiring. But some people are different, he is equally envious, but not only envious, he has to change.
  How to change it? Start with every little thing.
  In real life, it is impossible to be like a TV series. It is always alive and well, and it is full of violent, but wrapped in trivial feathers. But if you want to change, he can sweep the chicken feathers, give himself a peace, and do every little thing in his hands. Don’t look down on it, don’t complain, he sees every time as tempering. .
  Others do not bother to do things, he does it seriously.
  Others are not willing to change their laziness, but he gets up early every day.
  Others refused to work overtime to do more for the company, but he did a good job of all the tasks that were explained, and also helped colleagues.
  Some people do not like to take English forty-six grades and give up at will. He has become an English teacher and has an additional allowance.
  Some people are reluctant to work outside of charge and learn more. He cherishes all opportunities to improve themselves, whether for free or at their own expense.
  Although he walked very slowly, he was powerful every step of the way, and every time he grew up, he stood in a higher position.
  So he surpassed everyone.
  When you start to be serious about life, you will understand how important it is to spend time together. It is not enough. You will not have time to blame others. You will only be a little bit awed by life.
  This is the greatest fairness that life gives us. If we grasp it well, it is an opportunity. If we don’t grasp it well, we will make a bad hand.
  Keeping it serious, this will prompt you to go uphill and encourage you to complete your own transformation.
  This will be the biggest gift of life to you.