When you meet the difficulties, your life will shine brightly.
  I am a running enthusiast. From the year of the work, I ran for 6 kilometers every morning, except for the rain and snow, and there was very little interruption. Sticking to decades, not only ran out of a good body, but also ran a good mood.
  Friends know that my running has two characteristics: one is that I like to run alone, never companion; the other is to like jogging, never use a pedometer. Every morning, I jog on the boulevard by the lake. Thinking while running, the pace is free, and the mind is wide open.
  I never thought about running a marathon. Suddenly one day, the captain of the micro horse told me to take a hard workout and go to the international marathon competition outside the province next month.
  I am nervous, I have never run a marathon, how can I run through professional training personnel? I am not prepared, I can't run, I don't want to participate, I said all these reasons, but the captain only asked: We have to organize 50 people to participate in the competition, and now one is worse, can't you go?
  The arrow was on the string and had to be sent. For the entire team I have to be on! However, for a jogger who is a good swimmer, it is easy to run a healthy marathon!
  In the days that followed, I joined the rigorous training of the team. Steps should be big, speed should be steady, fists should be empty, breathe should be even... sweat falls, clothes are soaked, put on running shoes, bring yourself, how far, how far.
  The marathon was on schedule, and our team ran the full course with a good lead in the square. Later, I won the championship in the city women's long distance race. Later, I participated in different types of micro-horse races and marathons running in different places, and I felt more and more happy.
  I sincerely thank the team leader. He made me face the difficulties and I discovered that my life is full of light. Running hard, moving forward, I walked a farther way, saw a more beautiful scene, and met more friends.
  The peach sister opposite the fruit shop, doing housekeeping service when she first entered the city. The job is to help the fruit shop owner clean and pick up the child. Although she is not highly educated, she is honest and trustworthy.
  One day, before I got to work, the boss rushed to the phone and said that a salesperson suddenly fell ill and told her to go to the fruit shop to replace it. Tao sister wants to say that she doesn't know how to do it, she doesn't have the ability, she can't be competent, but she can go to the store to see, the bustling customers, one after another, and there is room for resignation!
  No way, she had to catch the ducks on the shelves and dry the scalp. Busy till the evening, the peach sister who is too nervous is exhausted. I thought it would be easy tomorrow, but the boss said the next day, at least two months.
  Have you been so flustered for two months? Have you worked so hard for two months? Tao sister feels that instead of being afraid of shrinking, it is better to meet difficulties!
  If you don't accept the cash, you will keep the process in your hand and sell it while you are learning; you will not introduce the fruit quality and nutrition, make a picture of the mobile phone, and compare it one by one; even smile, peach sister also uses the shift time, repeating the mirror to the bathroom. Exercise……
  Two months later, Tao Jie’s service and marketing were well-known in the fruit shop, and the boss directly appointed her as the manager. When the store manager and the salesperson are two different things, is it difficult to get up or not? Tao sister once again chose the former...
  Now, Tao Jie has made the fruit shop so good, the boss has let her share. Looking at the more moisturizing days, Tao sister smiled very brightly. She said: I don’t want to meet difficulties, I never know, I am a housekeeping service, and I have management skills!
  It turns out that the difficulty is a touchstone, specifically to test the quality of our lives .
  In fact, each of us is a piece of pure gold, and when we are born, we bring our own light. Why did some people later become poor and stupid, and some people are angry? Some people are eclipsed by gold, and some people are gleaming? In the face of difficulties, attitudes are different, methods are different, and the results are different.
  I have seen the story of a three-person mountain climber and I am very impressed. The first person climbed a few steps and retired; the second person climbed to the mountainside and was able to stop; the third person climbed up to the difficulties, fell and climbed again, and finally climbed to the summit to see the most beautiful scenery.
  From then on, the people who climbed to the top of the mountain talked about the experience with great pride. The two embarrassed people only have envy and admiration... This climbing history will always shine in his life!
  Therefore, when difficulties come, choose to face difficulties, life will have a chance to shine!
  Although there are pains and tears in the wounds, but more is the pride of "hanging the clouds and sailing the sea", it is the joy of "Liu Huaming Ming and Another Village". Even in the end, you have not completely overwhelmed the difficulties, but also laid a solid foundation for your future.
  Choosing to escape, although temporarily calm, but detour, to go further, to cross more pits. The most terrible thing is that you have to go around and walk through the mountains and rivers. The difficulties of the past have appeared in front of you, so that you can't escape!
  Who doesn't want to live a bright life? Who doesn't like the smooth road of a horse? However, after tempering, it will be able to shine brightly, and it will be difficult to level off the river!
  Therefore, in the face of difficulties, you must pull the sword to raise your eyebrows, bravely overcome it and defeat it! The biggest challenge in life is to challenge yourself.
  Yes, only when you meet the difficulties, your life will shine!