Proactive people, luck is not too bad
  When I was in junior year, one night, the teacher of the school team asked me to go to bed with her.
  In the past, it was the teacher’s own trip to go to bed, and generally did not call the students together. I couldn’t help but wonder, but I thought that the teacher asked the student cadres to help me.
  When I arrived at the dormitory hall on time according to the agreed time, I found that Teacher Pan had arrived early and there was a dragon student in the department.
  So, our two classmates accompanied Mr. Pan on one floor and checked the floor on one floor. Three people on the road have a chat without a ride.
  At the end, the dragon classmates and Mr. Pan said that the results of the inspection will be sent to her office tomorrow morning. I thought that there was no abnormal situation when I was just checking out the bed. What is good to write? She is really a lot of things. It’s better to have a hard time prepare for the exam.
  After a while, the president of the student union was elected. I was a candidate with Long, but in the end she was elected and I became a minister of a department. Listening to other informed students, Mr. Pan originally valued both of us at the same time and was difficult to choose. It may be that I did a deeper understanding through other channels before I finally made this decision.
  I remembered the night when the teacher told us to check the bed together, and it seemed like a sudden empty space. It seems that I understand that Pan may appreciate the initiative of Long.
  And I am not proactive and destined to be passive. Just as most people are stunned by the lost opportunities, they turn a blind eye to the opportunities ahead.
  Our unit has 6 or 7 military-transfer soldiers, and Lin Ge is the most popular one.
  Other demobilized soldiers are more bureaucratic. They like to control how many people are under the troops before they brag, but they are not interested in understanding the current business of our unit.
  However, Lin Ge is willing to follow us to investigate and understand the latest developments and problems facing the industry.
  After the investigation came back, he also wrote a very detailed investigation report. Although the report is not professional, there are many unique opinions in it. From the perspective of the industry, it is true that many places are beyond our imagination.
  When there are large conferences that are too busy, he will take the initiative to help the conference team. The night before the conference, you must go to the venue to repeat the details of all the equipment and layout. Make sure you have no problems and make a backup before you come home with peace of mind.
  Because of his character, we later called him "Heroes."
  He is always like a person in a costume film, with a liver and a narrow heart. Later, the cadres were adjusted and Lin Ge was promoted. It has become the only promoted military cadre of our unit for many years.
  Unexpectedly, it is reasonable.
  Even if the interlacing is like a mountain, as long as you have the heart, you can develop across fields. Such an active person, who does not like it? Work needs, job needs, and leadership needs more.
  Being proactive is like a booster in life, and it helps you move wherever you are.
  In the 1930s, there was a little girl named Margaret in the UK who was subjected to strict family education since she was a child .
  My father often instills in her the view that no matter what things are done, they must strive for first-class and always be ahead of others. Even if you are on a bus, you should always sit in the first row.
  The father never allowed her to say something like "I can't" or "too hard".
  Positive education has cultivated Margaret’s positive determination and confidence. “Forever sitting in the first row” became her positive attitude towards life and inspired her courage to go forward.
  Margaret's school often invites people to come to the school to give lectures. At the end of each speech, she is always the first to stand up and ask questions.
  Regardless of whether her problem is naive or sharp, she is always curious to blurt out, while other students are often afraid to speak out.
  This effort to move forward makes her stand out in all aspects.
  She was the first female prime minister in Britain in 1979 and was named "Iron Lady" by the world political politician Margaret Thatcher.
  Li Kaifu said that nothing can reflect your independent personality more than a proactive attitude. Use this sentence to describe Mrs. Thatcher is the most appropriate.
There is an important dress code   in the workplace called "wearing like your upper level."
  The advantage of this is that it can fully stimulate the potential of subjective initiative, think of what the superior thinks, and the urgency of the superior.
  Being proactive is a kind of high-spirited life posture. It will bring you full positive energy , so that your life, study and work will be born in the sun.
  Proactive thoughts and actions are like a beam of light that illuminates oneself and illuminates the people around you.
  Being proactive is more like a pair of wings, let us learn to fly.
  May you and me fly together, until you can illuminate thousands of mountains and waters.