What is the best of life, but it is a lot of effort
  Youyou is one of the most beautiful girls in our girlfriends.
  She is less than 30 years old and she is already a marketing manager of a company. Not long ago, she passed a master's exam for a famous brand.
  We are very envious, feel what she wants, what we can get, what we find difficult, she always seems to be able to do it easily.
  Think about it, she deserves to have better.
  Ten years ago, after graduating from high school, excellent and excellent, because of family financial difficulties, dropped out of school, became the most common migrant workers.
  At first, she could only do rough work such as shopping guides and dishwashers. Even if it is the most common job, Youyou never neglects. While working hard, study hard and find every opportunity to improve yourself.
  Others are watching movies, Youyou is learning; others are shopping, Youyou is learning, others are drinking tea, and Youyou is still learning.
  In the past few years, Youyou has successively won college and undergraduate diplomas, and also participated in the postgraduate entrance examination; and her work is always the best one in the team.
  The starting point is so low, but it can make life so reliable. Some people say that she is lucky, and everyone who has worked hard knows that it is not so easy and glamorous.
  Efforts are enough, and dreams will bloom.
  In this world, there has never been a triumph in one go, and there is no success in one step . Road, only one step at a time, can walk without effort.
  Just like a famous saying: every gift of fate is secretly marked with the price.
  How much you pay to get.
  Wenyou is a editor in a new media platform. Her personally handwritten articles often become phenomenatic explosions.
  But in fact, I studied writing with her almost at the same time.
  At the beginning, I was very puzzled. It was also the author. Why did she improve so much?
  But after getting in touch with her for a long time, and gradually understanding her growth process, I discovered that what I lack is not luck, but the shallow one.
  When I first entered the business, I was completely writing white, and I was only responsible for the simplest proofreading work.
  However, I often work overtime, list some good articles, think about the title, analyze the logical structure, and disassemble several articles every day.
  She often gets up at 4:30 in the morning, looks at the data, finds the topic, and insists on writing 1000 words every day .
  In order to learn to write, she reads more than 100 books a year. I usually see what is available and I use the mobile phone software for simple recording.
  Someone once told her that you are just doing proofreading, why spend so much thought!
  It is this special thought that allowed her to develop from proofreading to typography, from planning to topic editing, and then step by step to her position today.
  It turns out that all of them are effortless and there is all the effort behind them. Life is proud, but it is a lot of effort.
  I still remember an article in the elementary school textbook, "Selling Oil".
  Selling oil has a proud skill, put a copper coin on the gourd mouth, slowly inject the gourd with the oil spoon, the oil is injected from the money hole, but the coin is not wet.
  The entrance is only the size of the copper coin, and most people will find it difficult to do it, but the old man does it effortlessly.
  The old man felt that he did not have any special skills, but he was familiar with it.
  But how many times is the practice behind the "hand cooked"?
  Repeated attempts, failures one after another, only the last effort is effortless.
  Why do we often feel that we are working hard, but we still have a gap with others?
  The root of this is that maybe we have worked hard, but still leave room for ourselves, we may have done 90%, others have done 100%.
  The gap between people is sometimes in that 10%, life is often in the end of your efforts to fight, suddenly on the peaks and turns, the dark flowers, showing another world.
  There is a saying like this:
  If you think about life in general , you will encounter general setbacks ; if you think about the most relaxed and comfortable life, life will definitely give you the most hardships.
  A good life, the first step is often difficult, the second step may still be difficult, but walking, feet are smooth, the road is flat, it will get better and better.
  Scenery has never been easy, only work harder.