Your persistence, can't be underestimated
  When I was at home on the weekend, I saw my sister teach her daughter to write. The niece, who is less than five years old, holds a pencil in her hand and writes it very seriously in the square. Despite the hard work, there are still many strokes written in awkwardness, and half of the words with a large number of words are written outside the square.
  "Mom, I am ugly, I don't want to write."
  The niece looked at Linyi and looked at her own twisted words. She was mad at throwing pens and papers aside and would not practice again. The sister sitting on the side was not angry, and pulled her to the front. "Baby, mom tells you a story."
  "In ancient times, there was a calligrapher called Wang Xizhi. He worked hard. In order to practice the words well, whether he was resting or walking, he always thought about writing. He kept typing on his clothes with his fingers. It took a long time, even his body. The clothes were all cut. He often practiced words at the pond. Every time he finished writing, he washed the pen in the pond. After a long time, the water in the pond became dark. Later, he became a famous calligrapher. ""
  "Baby, you are not writing well now, because you have just started. If you stick to it, you can write the words very beautiful. Just like the braised pork stewed by Grandpa, there is no morning time, it is not well stewed. There must be a process to do anything, you must learn to persist."
  "Mom, then I want to be a child like Wang Xizhi, write the words well."
  The niece put the paper and pen that had been thrown aside and set it again. Looking at the look of the niece, I suddenly realized the importance of time and persistence to a person.
  When I was studying, the words of several classmates in the class were particularly beautiful. I asked them how they could write as beautiful as they were. Each of them told me: write more, practice more, and don't rush to seek success.
  "Being on the ground, persevering." I practiced according to their methods. After a long time, the writing has really changed.
  One's efforts can't immediately reflect the results in the moment. Stew a bowl of delicious braised pork. This is the case with the wording. It is like doing anything else. What you have achieved so far may be the foreshadowing of your five, ten, or even twenty years ago.
  Many things in life are protracted, you can't always be eager to become famous.
  A lot of things are not as good as they are now, because the fire has not arrived yet.
  I have a friend who plays the guitar very well. Once I went to her house to play, I happened to catch up with someone who asked her how to play the guitar. There was a fingering. My friends taught it many times. The other side tried it many times. They didn't succeed , and they were a little discouraged.
  The friend said: "It doesn't matter. I have been learning guitar since now. It has been almost ten years since I started. I practiced every day and practiced constantly to master the current skills. You have just been in touch, as long as there is nothing wrong with the method, you will continue to practice and will not be bad. of."
  After listening to the other party, I eagerly asked: "But I want to learn quickly. I don't want to spend so long to practice, there is no quick way."
  My friend returned to her: "The practice can't be completed in a few days. You only have to be solid in basic skills, and the way to go is better. I don't have a shortcut to teach you, only work hard and persist."
  Finally, the other party left with disappointment.
  This friend, because the guitar played very well, was invited to participate in several performances, and was famous.
  She told me that it is also very troublesome after being famous. Many people come to her to learn guitar, and most of them want to seek quick skills, and they will not sink their hearts to really work hard.
  "It takes a lot of effort to pay for it. There has never been such a good thing in the world. It took me nearly ten years to achieve my present achievements."
  Successful people always try to move forward step by step. They never look around and never care about gains and losses. Most people can only see the success of others, but rarely find the difficult years behind others who have bitten their teeth.
  One reader, in the background, asked me how to fully express my attitude and thoughts when writing an article. The reply I gave him was just more reading, more reading, and more writing.
  Dripping water can penetrate the stone, and everything goes to nature.
  If you want to do something, just sink your heart and try your best. This process seems to be very long. Sometimes it will make people lose hope. You may feel bored and even laughed at.
  But if you leave this, you will have more gains. In addition to achieving your goals, in this process, you have tempered your own mind, you may also learn some skills, you can even endure that ordinary people can't stand it. Lonely and boring.
  It seems that there is no return in this process. In fact, every step you take has a response.
  Your persistence should not be underestimated.
  Feelings are too quick to make a profit, the other party can feel it, the best love is a response, but not eager to return.
  Xiaoshuai is a friend of my WeChat. Recently, he liked a girl in the unit. After chasing someone for a long time, not only did he not succeed, but the girl resigned and made him quite embarrassed.
  Xiaoshuai came to me to complain. He said: In the movie plot, I like a girl who is not desperately trying to be her. I am so good to her. Why doesn’t she agree to be with me?
  So, I asked him, how do you make a good law for her, give me a few examples to listen to.
  He cut a lot of chat records to me, and indeed did a lot of things that girls like, but it is not difficult to find out why the girl doesn't like him or even resigns from the screenshot.
  Because every time he finishes one thing, he asks the girl, are you willing to be my girlfriend?
  After reading it, I asked him, do you really like this girl? He said, I really like this girl very much, but why should she escape me?
  I want to tell him that in the matter of chasing girls, he has a problem, I believe that every girl can't stand it, and the person who chases himself has everything with his purpose.
  To be honest, this approach seems to be too utilitarian for girls, making people very uncomfortable, or even knowing what to do.
  In fact, the "I like you" and "How much I like" things, the other side can feel it.
  To be honest, can't take me to watch a movie, accompany me to a meal, or take me to a favorite concert, you can ask me unscrupulously, "Look, I am for you. With so much, you should be fulfilled."
  Sorry, there is no clear price in the relationship, only you love me, if you feel that paying like is a kind of grievance, you can not like me.
  In the end, I just replied to him: Sometimes, paying a kind of heart does not necessarily require a return. You must let the other person feel your heart, not your intention. It is very difficult to insist on being a person. Otherwise, how can companionship be the most long-lasting confession?
  It is undeniable that life is hasty, and everything we do is more or less purposeful. This is a good thing.
  The purpose is to be the driving force for the advancement. It is not to advocate that everything does not seek repayment, but to put the "return for seeking" on the basis of doing things well.
  A pot of meat that has been stewed for a long time, you can expect it to be fragrant when it is baked;
  After the basic skills of playing the piano have been solid, you can expect yourself to be on the stage with a small reputation;
  After you have mastered the various techniques of writing or have cultivated a field, you can expect to make your own book famous;
  After a long time with a person, you can expect to be able to keep up with the other party for a long time.
  Just remember, no matter what you do, don't rush to pay back, because planting and harvesting are not in the same season, and in the middle of the interval, we call it: persisting for a long time, natural.