The road to success is not crowded, don't give up so early
  Not long ago, my cousin told me for the third time that he had to give up the postgraduate examination.
  Half a year ago, after reviewing the first six months of his real problem, he got a staggered test paper. He felt that he was not talented and wanted to give up.
  Three months ago, he and his roommates talked about the progress of the review. Facing the roommate who answered the questions, he felt that the opponent was too strong and wanted to give up.
  When he was less than two weeks near the exam a few days ago, he fell into anxiety and confusion again, feeling that he was in a bad state and wanted to give up.
  I hate iron and not steel: "You have been persisting for so long, is it still ten days?"
  The cousin plausibly said: "But I can't do it. My foundation is not good, my opponent is so strong. I still have a bunch of knowledge points to understand, and what hope?"
  But in fact, we all know that people who have the willingness to take a postgraduate degree will not go to sign up, and some people who have finished their names will choose to abandon the test. That is to say, the cousin has been working hard since the beginning, and it has been a whole year. He can see the dawn of victory as long as he persists and strives for one point.
  The road to success, sometimes not to race with others, but to fight with yourself. When we really reach the end of success, we will discover that there may not be many people who “opened up”, but some people gave up their efforts early and stayed at the initial mark.
  Teacher Du is a person I admire. As long as it is what she wants to do, she will not give up easily.
  A year ago, Teacher Du and many teachers from our school went to worship a calligraphy person as a teacher. They wanted to cultivate their sentiments and improve their calligraphy skills in addition to teaching and scientific research.
  So, soft pen, hard pen, engraving, at least two hours a day, the thundering time of the word is opened.
  In the early days, everyone was very self-disciplined, and they were able to supervise each other, encourage each other, and support each other. As time went by, some teachers gradually lost their heat in practicing words. Some teachers frequently take time off due to the pressure of academic work. Some teachers shorten the time for practicing words because of many trivial things in life. Gradually, there are very few people who can persist.
  One year passed quickly. Only Du teacher was busy with work during the day and more entertainment at night. He also guaranteed a fixed time calligraphy and engraving exercises. To this end, she reduced her entertainment and optimized her working methods.
  Just a few weeks ago, Teacher Du was pleased to announce in her circle of friends that she successfully passed the level assessment of Calligraphy Association engraving 8 and Calligraphy 5 and completed her first goal.
  The truth of success is not complicated: if you stick to one step, you will have one more chance.
  A few months ago, the small partners who signed up with me in writing classes were very excited. Some of them are senior teachers, some are members of the association, and some are already famous in the field of writing.
  Halfway through, some small partners gave up, and they also said that the counseling class was useless; my friends around me also advised me to "provide the province, you can't write a professional." I just don't want to give up my dream of writing, I do n't want to be sorry for myself. I don’t want to live up to my own efforts.
  Therefore, as a writing white, I started from scratch, and guaranteed to complete the work every two days on time. Under the teacher's comments, I tried to modify, constantly improve, and grow my teeth.
  Finally, my manuscript was published. The teacher made a screenshot in the class group and praised me for her long face. The classmates also added my friends and asked me the secret of progress.
  In fact, there are some secrets, but I am working harder than others, but it is to let myself stick to it for a while.
  The road to success is not crowded, and many people are scaring themselves.
  So, keep your dreams and work hard. Every time you don't give up, you are building a better self.