In 2014, my postgraduate exam failed, and my classmate L told me that "choos is more important than hard work." His words made me start to doubt the past life. Am I doing this right? Is it my efforts or his choice is more correct?
  At that time, L became a bank employee after graduating. He had decent jobs envied by others and a steady salary. I failed in the postgraduate exam and I was unemployed during the summer vacation . Walking on the street, I feel like a homeless stray cat, I don't know where to go, what to do. At that time, in addition to the pressure given by myself, I also had to face the urging of my work at home. There is still a reluctance in reality in my heart. I think that fate owes my efforts.
  I have always had a famous school dream. The college entrance examination failed to enter a second college. Just entering the university has been preparing for the postgraduate study of the famous school. But the reality is not satisfactory, I failed. On the day when the score line came out, I was in the quilt for a day, and no one wanted to see it. But the days are always going to go on. One day, friend Y said that Xiamen is looking for a job and asked me to try it in the past. So, I bought a ticket that day.
  But I have to go around in Xiamen, but my work has not been settled. After a week, I voted for hundreds of companies, and the resume was like a stone cow into the sea without any news. Once, I started talking to a company well, but when I heard that I had no project experience, the other party immediately hung up. Friend Y advised me not to vote for IT related positions. Those companies like to recruit students, after all, pay less. But I am not willing to insist on a resume sent by a company. Hard work pays off, and in the second week, I received an interview notice from an IT company.
  I went to Xiamen Software Park seven times and went to the downstairs with the person in charge. I met each other for a little while, and both sides felt good. At that time, I had the illusion of being hired. At the beginning, the interview went smoothly. When I saw the technical interviewer nod, I thought that this work became. After that, the female interviewer silently watched me for a little while, and said to me sharply: "Your course, the junior year should be over. Why are you looking for a job now?" I wanted to take my postgraduate exam. The matter is clear, but I can think of my friend Y, who told me that some companies don't like to study. So, I explained that the graduation trip went there. After the interview, the person in charge politely sent me to the elevator and said to me: "I will email you in the afternoon." I didn't think much about it at the time, but in the afternoon, the phone was basically The mail message is not displayed.
  I was in the friend Y home for another two days. My friend H asked me if I want to take a postgraduate course in World War II. I turned around and turned to the night, remembering the arduous days of staying in the library all day, remembering the comrades who read the book, suddenly had the urge to cry. There have been several times, I want to send a text message to greet them, but I have not pressed the button. I am afraid that they will ask me about my current life. I don't want them to know that I am living so badly now. I was insomnia that night. I think of L. He said to me that "choice is more important than hard work." I have always rejected him, like a child who is angry, I sent him a text message saying "Effort is more important than choice."
  Friend L did not reply to me. I don't know how his mood was at that time. Do you really think that I am hopeless and decided to break with me? Later, I replied to friend H, and I came back to "World War II." The next day, I packed my bags and said goodbye to my friend Y. I continued to embark on the road that had failed. I know that I have the possibility of failing again, but I am not afraid. That year, I lived in a room less than ten square feet and started the "World War II" for the dream school.
  I don't know that dreams are worthless in this era . In the nearly four and a half months, I used to go out early and get married. I used to rush through a school in another person, got used to the strange face, and got used to saving a dollar fare. And running to the bookstore. I admire those who don't seem to work hard, but who are "easy" to succeed; they also admire those who have gone through a bit of cold and finally won the plum blossoms. And I, it seems to be the kind of loser who works hard but can't succeed.
  At the end of the year, I still lost. Many times, I will think that the famous school is really a dream for those of us who seem to work hard but have always failed. Relatives advised me to settle points, don't fight so much, "You are the one." When I first advised me to pay attention to the choice of L, I learned that I lost again, and also advised me: "You see me, how good work in the bank, high pay, no pressure, you still have points."
  In the days when I was at home for the New Year, in order to avoid acquaintances, I chose to stay at home or go to the bookstore to read books. On the fifth day of the first month, the prostitute is clamoring to see "The Mermaid". I explained that there is no Stephen Chow in it . She said that Zhou Xingchi was written on the poster, and Zhou Xingchi was there. I can't beat her, take her to the cinema. I saw the salted fish in the museum and suddenly cried in a foolish way.
  I feel that I am becoming a salted fish, like a salted fish, drifting in the city. I think of my past, I am greedy in the early days, so hard, but I have nothing at all, and become a burden to others. "You have successfully touched yourself, but it has become a joke of others."
  After Y friends who worked in Xiamen learned that I failed again, WeChat comforted me and said: "You may think that fate owes your efforts, but you have experienced the loneliness that ordinary people have not experienced. You lost an exam but won Your heart is determined. You are stronger than you think, and you have more dignity than you think. No matter how you go, I am still your strong backing."
  In that night, I asked myself if a small person like us who struggled hard needs a dream. We humbled under the tall buildings, and the ants looked up at the narrow sky between the city's buildings and forests. I don't know where to go. Finally, I remembered the comfort of Y, and what she said was not unreasonable. Destiny has never owed you your efforts, she always compensates you in another way. As long as you keep working hard, one day, the life you want will come.
  I took my resume again and traveled through every corner of the city. I echoed what Stephen Chow once said in my mind: "What is the difference between a man and a salted fish if he has no dream?" And this is my current answer to life.