I heard that my niece crystal, I have to come back early to take annual leave.
  I called her and thought of picking her at the train station.
  Unexpectedly, the crystal was very happy on the phone: Aunt, you don't have to pick it up, I drove back. This year, my decoration company has a good business. I want to reward myself, buy a new car, take a long vacation, and have a happy year...
  I took a sigh of relief and I was very happy. This year and last year, it is not the same day!
  Before the Chinese New Year last year, Crystal called me, the tone was frustration: Aunt, this year's benefits are not good, busy for a year, the financial level is flat... Hey, a year is busy.
  She said a little sad: I said that efforts have paid off. I worked hard this year and the results were not as good. Who will remember such an effort? Efforts are not effective, I feel like I am busy all year round.
  In order to accumulate contacts, she ran a pair of flat shoes; in order to hire skilled plumbers, woodworkers, and inlays, she ran 20 miles back and forth, and the dumb said dumb; to upgrade the design grade, she never slept before 11 o'clock in the night. Over-conscious...
  But this year, her efforts last year have been used - good contacts, to get along more harmonious; good experience, to make things faster; good market, so that marketing is going up. When she is taking advantage of the industry's east winds, success is a matter of course.
  I am grateful for her success, but the crystal is very emotional: I want to thank the time! It turned out that my efforts, time to remember.
  Indeed, time is the most impartial messenger, it remembers all your efforts. Wait until one day, when your efforts reach the upper limit, it will reciprocate you.
  The little Zhang girl in our village has a wide range of sounds and good voices. She sings the songs and revolves around the beams.
  When I was in college, I listened to the teacher's advice and reported the vocal training class after class. She hopes that one day she will become a good singer.
  However, after one year of study , she has not waited for an opportunity to perform on stage. She was discouraged and gave up this hobby.
  The teacher advised her to stick to her heart and work harder.
  She blames everyone: What is the use of hard work? Efforts have no results, no effort, no effort, who will remember such an effort? No one remembers the effort, and the effort to leave no trace is a white effort!
  This is not the case. The three small partners who have come out with Xiaozhang are always graduating from college.
  In the years they practiced, no one cares and no one cares. But this kind of effort that no one cares, time to remember.
  Now, these three small partners have sung famous. One became a vocal teacher, one established a band, and one, singing to Beijing and participating in the National Country Singer Grand Prix.
  When you want to give up your efforts, don't forget - time is always there when no one remembers. Everyone's bit by bit of effort, time is in the eye. Where is the time spent, and where is the effort?
  When you open the effort mode for your dreams , to fight for your goals, time begins to record. It records your efforts, records your sweat, and records your heart.
  When your efforts accumulate and increase the value, the time will open the memory and give the reward in the way of gathering the sand into a tower.
  In life, we are always afraid of paying in vain, concentrating on energy, and counting time. With a little effort, I hope to have a good result. Even if there is no good result, I hope someone will like it. I praise you for your lack of merit and hard work...
  These efforts to plot returns are actually a manifestation of lack of confidence. Our struggle is not for others; our efforts are not to be praised; our dreams are not to pursue the flowering results because someone cares.
  On the road to success, there is no immediate effect, only unremitting efforts. On the road to the ideals, there is no measure of gains and losses, but only the pursuit of no regrets. Day after day, year after year, your pay and time will be remembered.
  Like the painter Qi Baishi, he spent the rest of his life from ordinary poor children to masters of art.
  From the eucalyptus branches to the ground painting, to the study of woodworking carving; to the teacher to learn the arts, all over the famous family; finally the late bloomer, become a world cultural celebrity.
  Time to remember his efforts, but also paved the way for his success.
  The masterpiece of the writer Ba Jin, "The Trilogy of the Rapids," has been in the process of creation for 10 years.
  In the days of his creation, he forgot about himself, thinking every day, and codewords every year.
  In the tenth year, when his work is sensational, can you say that his first nine years are all busy? His brewing and thinking, his pen and sweat, time to remember!
  Masters can still do this, depending on their efforts for everyday life. How can we expect to return with an effort? Does an action work?
  Unspeakable efforts, quietly paying, insisting on the initial heart, waiting for the dream, every day, every year, time has given you a clear record!
  When we grasp the limited time, we struggle in the rain and rain, and smile in the rainbow. I did what I did, met the person I wanted to see, and realized the dream of positive energy .
  Time will let you hear the sound of flowers, see the power of the grass, and experience the happiness of "a decade of grinding a sword and a plum blossom."