My annual salary is 600,000 yuan, and the students who sold the fake shoes in Putian in the Spring Festival despised.
  What is the most memorable thing about returning to your hometown during the Spring Festival holiday?
  May be a scorn chain.
  For example, the system scorns each other inside and outside, and the contempt of marriage is single, and the second child is born, despising only one child...
  For another example, your annual salary is 600,000. During the Spring Festival holiday, students who sold fake shoes despised.
  In the past few days, a message has spread in the circle of friends.
  It is said that a doctor who has been employed for two years and has an annual salary of 600,000 thought that he could return to his hometown decently.
  I didn’t expect the party to know that his classmates who graduated from junior high school earned more than him.
  They make fake shoes in Putian, and they can earn one or two million in a young and relaxed way.
  As a result, the style of painting at the party suddenly changed, and the doctor was greatly affected.
  The cold window is hard to read to the doctor, but in the end it is better than selling fake shoes. What happened to this world?
  Yes, there is always a time when you feel that you are working hard and feel that you have read a fake university.
  Just like the online section, you have read many years of books, and you still have to give your junior high school students a brick after returning.
  Reading is too hard and too tired, high school entrance examination , college entrance examination, postgraduate entrance examination, job hunting... Every intersection has difficulties.
  But selling fake shoes in Putian, it is easy to get rich.
  So, less reading is a wise choice?
  Do not.
  Less and less people who can earn money without reading
  If you say that all roads lead to Rome, then reading, for ordinary people, must be the easiest way to make money.
  Remember, the news that broke the Internet at the end of last year?
  In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, a newly opened hot pot restaurant recruiting waiter, the academic qualifications are required to be 985 colleges, with an annual salary of 20W+.
  Regardless of whether it is hype or not, this news shows that the university you are reading is good, your education is high, and you can earn more money.
  Of course, there are quite a few people with low academic qualifications who make a lot of money, but there are too few such people.
  To magnify such a small number of people to criticize the role of reading, this is anti-intellectualism.
  In fact, the more powerful people, the more they attach importance to reading.
  Some media have conducted surveys on 500 A-share listed companies in China. Among them, 84% of the annual salary of the chairman of the class has a high degree, and more than 50% graduated from 985 colleges and universities.
  Not long ago, the China Alumni Association Network announced the 2019 University Fortune Creativity Ranking:
  The better the university, the greater the probability that you will earn money after graduation.
  If you don't study, don't think ahead, become rich, and even support yourself, you will only get harder and harder.
  Reading is the only chance for the poor to change their destiny
  The security guard of our community, Li Chengtian, laughed and laughed, because her daughter was eager to get angry.
  One of the words he often said is:
  "My generation has eaten a loss of culture. I have to let my daughter study when I sell iron. I only really hope to see the children."
  Her daughter’s hope, is it not the hope of the next generation?
  Children who lose on the starting line can only rely on reading counterattacks, and children without umbrellas must run harder.
  Because there is no one behind you, you can only run hard, and finally you can make the next generation born on the starting line.
  Of course, there are many ways to change your destiny.
  For example, marrying. However, there is no free lunch in the world, and the shortcut you think is often dangerous.
  Ten years ago, when it comes to marriage, Gao Pan and Marry, it is still a high-frequency word.
  But in the past few years, have you looked around and the situation has changed?
  The door is right, and it has gradually become a common pattern of marriage.
  If you have low academic qualifications, the space for mate selection will be very limited. You can only choose the other half in the same level and higher level.
  It is a small probability to start to change your destiny through marriage.
  Everything is the only way to read a book, and there is still no past.
  Reading is still the only chance for poor children to change their destiny.
  The biggest benefit of reading is that you are no longer short-sighted.
  For a long time, there is a general cognition in society, and education is equivalent to reading.
  However, this argument is too biased.
  Reading does not mean that you have been studying for four years, but you have always had learning .
  The advantage of maintaining your learning ability is that you will no longer be short-sighted and look farther, not just the oil and rice in front of you.
  The writer who wrote "Those Things in the Ming Dynasty" was the Ming Dynasty official of Guangdong Shunde Customs, and the book "Those Things in the Ming Dynasty", with a total sales volume of more than 10 million, set a miracle in Chinese book sales;
  Liu Cixin, a top science fiction writer in China, used to be a computer engineer at the Shanxi Niangziguan Power Plant, but he insisted on writing in his amateurs and was finally known for his fame and fortune.
  They did not stop at their previous positions, maintained a strong learning ability, and lived different self.
  My hometown is rural. After graduating from the beginning of the year, many parents of students let them drop out of school and go to work in Guangdong.
  The reason for the parents is that now when they go out to work, they can get two or three thousand dollars a month, continue to study, but only lose money.
  After more than a decade, I will see that those students who have been rushing to work in the past are not very good.
  On the contrary, those who insist on reading college or even graduate students basically work decently and have a bright future.
  The more books you read, the more you will know that reading is not a quick realization, but a person who has an eye, a taste, and a thought.
  Even if you are destined to live an ordinary life, you will be different from the people around you.
  I never deny that in this world, some people have not studied, and even scorned reading, and they have a good life.
  But I firmly believe that most of the upswings, the bottom-level counterattacks, the late bloomers, and the emergence of the world are the products of reading and knowledge.
  Is there any use for reading?
  The most important criterion to judge is money.
  You know, the most profitable method in the world is written in the criminal law.
  If everything has to rise to money, it is too shallow.
  The doctor's annual salary of 600,000 yuan is temporary, and there is still a lot of room for improvement.
  Those who sell millions of fake shoes in the field will lose all of them tomorrow.
  Reading is not to stand at the top of the chain of contempt, but to give yourself more possibilities;
  Even at the bottom, you can turn over; reward your knowledge and accomplishment to the next generation.
  Reading, may not let you get ahead, but will save you from falling to the bottom.
  If you are a child of a poor family, don't doubt it any more.
  In this world, some people live in high-rise buildings, some people are in deep ditch, some people are bright, and some people are rusted.
  But reading is still the easiest way to go.