Mr. Hu Shi once said that to look at the civilization of a country, it is only necessary to examine three things:
  First, see how they treat children; second, how they treat women; third, how they use their leisure time.
  How a person achieves often depends on how he uses his leisure time.
  Your leisure often sets your life.
  This is a paragraph that Hu is suitable for in a speech in 1932 to spur a freshman at the university. It can be described as a classic sentence.
  The phrase "Your leisure often sets your life", as if you are screaming and waking up.
  How a person uses his free time often determines the future of this person.
  At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Dong Yu, a very famous intellectual at that time, and together with the other six people, he was called a Confucian master.
  The reason why Dong Yu was able to become a big intellectual was also inseparable from his full use of leisure time.
  Someone asked Dong Yu: "How did you study?"
  Dong Yu replied: "I have read books that I don't understand, and I read them over and over again."
  The person asked: "How many times does it take to read a book over and over again?"
  Dong Yu said: "Then use the time of 'three more'."
  The man curiously asked: "What is the time of 'three more'?"
  Dong Yu replied: "The winter is older than the night, and the rest of the night is also the time when the rain is over."
  This is the three reading methods, meaning that winter is the most leisure time of the year, the night is the most leisure time of the day, and the rainy day is the most leisure time of four o'clock.
  And what do you do in these leisure time? He suggested that people make the most of their free time to study.
  It can be said that the success of Dong Yu is inseparable from his full use of time to study.
  There are still many things that make a good life with leisure time.
  Qi Baishi was originally a carpenter. He just played the paintings during leisure time. As a result, he played "China Picasso".
  Writing used to be Yu Hua's hobby. Whenever the night was quiet, he always worked hard under the light and worked on the desk. A few years later, an ordinary dentist turned into a famous writer and his works were sold at home and abroad.
  The Ming Dynasty was originally a civil servant. It was just a leisure time to play "Ming History". As a result, I played "The Things of the Ming Dynasty". . . . .
  In a person's leisure time, his future is hidden.
  I remember someone once did an analysis. If a person's life is calculated according to the age of 72, he will sleep for 20 years in his life, eat for 6 years, get sick for 2 years, 8 years of cultural and sports activities, 14 years of work, and 22 years of leisure time. .
  Therefore, how to use free time determines the height of a person's life.
  Even after 30 minutes of free time after work every day, you can easily finish a book in a week. You may not be an expert, but you will know more than your peers.
  It is better to use the free time to do a small thing from now on , because no matter who is in this world, there is no unsuccessful success, and there is no smooth sailing.
  Those who have the brilliance and the achievements are accumulated from one small thing and one day after another.