The friend Juanzi’s studio was opened years ago.
  It’s really not easy to get everything from nothing to small.
  Two years ago, Juanzi ended her marriage. Because of her betrayal, she was so ill-intentioned that she did not consider the house, the car and the money, and decided to separate from her ex-husband.
  One night, Juanzi had nothing. Without money and no work, the studios that were founded together with the two were encroached by the ex-husband.
  The reality does not allow her to spend too much time on grief and anger, and the issue of eating is imminent.
  Juanzi used the previous customer resources to start one-on-one tutoring of children's paintings. Without a studio, she borrowed money to rent a garage, cleaned up, used as a classroom during the day, and used as a bedroom at night.
  Because of his professionalism, Juanzi’s customer base has gradually increased. When a person is too busy, he has invited two female students to join.
  The three girls had been busy in the garage for a whole year, and had enough money to open the studio. Juanzi became a veritable boss.
  Juanzi often said that people are alive and can only look forward with strength.
  Many times, when we encounter difficulties or misfortunes, we are all desperate and think that there is no way to go in this world. In fact, the road we think is just the next step in the situation. The real road, in front, is the way to go out.
  Without a retreat, it is the best way out.
  Xu Huang in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" is a talented person who has both civil and military skills in the Cao Wei Group. He is known as Cao's "Five Sons". In Cao Cao and Liu Bei's battle for Hanzhong, Cao Cao ordered Xu Huang to be a pioneer and battle with the Sui Army.
  Xu Huang led the army to Hanshui, imitating the former Han Xin backwaters, so that the former army crossed the water array, and feared that if the army crossed the water, it needed to retire, so the pontoon was set up.
  The pontoon was secured behind him. The soldiers saw that there was a way to retreat. They did not arouse their fighting spirit and devoted themselves to the decisive battle. They will fight if they win and win, and the mentality of running without winning will be lost.
  In the same year, Han Xin was back in the water, and he was alone in the army. He did not retreat to survive, and he fought hard and won the victory.
  In the eleventh "Nine Places" of "The Art of War", he wrote: The land of death is still there, and it is dead and then born. It means that when it comes to the place of extinction, then you can survive, fall into a position of mortality, and then be able to get a living.
  People can retreat into their own potential and achieve their final success . Because, when you are desperate and struggling, you have already found the exit.
  There is no way out, you can go forward by instinct.
  In a person's life, there will always be many bumps and difficulties. Whenever this happens, we will feel that we have been forced into a dead end.
  When you walked through that gloomy day, think about it, let you break through the encirclement, all the dead ends that make you have nowhere to go.
  Ten years ago, in order to get a job closer to home, the cousin signed up for a bank recruitment exam.
  After the interview, the cousin took advantage of the resignation formalities of the previous job. I know that in the first class of the induction training, she realized that only after passing the training final exam can she officially enter the job.
  The cousin is difficult to ride the tiger, the previous job has been resigned, and if she fails to pass the training final exam, she will be unemployed!
  She has no choice but to get up at 5 o'clock every morning to review the training course. After the day's training, she will practice counting and typing at home in the evening, often until 11 o'clock in the middle of the night.
  In the training final exam, the cousin achieved the first place with good grades, and the basic banking skills were not lost to the old employees of the unit.
  Without a retreat, you can win a better way out.
  Sometimes it is not a blessing to have no way to retreat. When we have the courage to break the boat, there is a driving force for it.
  Because there is no way to go, we can force ourselves to break through. The end of the mountain is often the same.
  If life breaks your retreat, don't be discouraged. With this test, go forward and walk out of your vast world.
  You know, there is no way to go.