The wheat sister was particularly troubled some time ago. She was in a clothing store opened in the pedestrian street in the city last year. The business has been very sluggish.
  Once, I went shopping with my friends, passed through the store of the wheat sister, and saw the sign of “transfer” on the shop window. We went in and went to find the wheat sister for a while.
  The wheat sister sat at the checkout with a sad face, and when we saw us coming in, we stood up from the seat without any anger, and the smile that barely squeezed out on our face seemed to be left to the store.
  The wheat sister talked about the situation in the store on weekdays, and some pessimistically said: "There are very few customers entering the store, and there are only a handful of orders. This store seems to have no future."
  The wheat sister looked like a deflated ball, and sat down on the sofa in the corner, his eyes dimmed.
  My friend who was shopping with me was also doing the clothing business. She scanned a circle of wheat sister's shop and put forward some pertinent suggestions. She pointed out some reasons for the bad business, for example, the clothing display is messy and the color matching is not enough. And there are not enough store activities.
  After the wheat sister heard it, it seemed to have an epiphany.
  She said that she had to give up and wanted to change her hand, but after listening to my friend's words, she began to realize that to do business, we should not only rely on one's own enthusiasm, but also work hard in the details.
  Later, the wheat sister took off the sign on the window and concentrated on the clothing business.
  When I passed the wheat sister's shop again, the business was obviously much stronger than before. I saw that the wheat sister smiled and explained the characteristics of all kinds of clothing to the customers. I knew that she had come over.
  When we are tired and tired, try to stick to it for a while, take a few more steps forward, don't deny yourself too quickly, and you may see hope in the next step.
  Some time ago, the cousin who worked hard in the field returned to his hometown, nearly 30 years old, and he was very anxious. He asked the relatives and friends everywhere to help the cousin introduce the object.
  On that day, my cousin came to my house to play, we all teased him: What kind of career did you do outside, and did you have time to fall in love?
  Cousin looked helpless and smiled and said to us: "Which big business is just a life, I don't plan to go out next year, I have to dream of being rooted in a big city , I am afraid I will give up..."
  We are very puzzled. When my cousin went to school, she was always a schoolmaster, and she was very talented in painting. The university chose art major. After graduation, she stayed in the city where the university is located, and worked hard for her art career .
  But now my cousin said that the age of Pentium III, his talent in art, but one day is not as good as one day. I dreamed that I could hold my own art exhibition at the age of thirty, and there was no progress. In order to survive, I have to do something that has nothing to do with my dreams. My family forced him to go home and kiss him. He really wanted to give up.
  I was deeply impressed by the grief in my cousin's heart.
  When we are young, we can do our best to live with our lives for the sake of our dreams. The more we grow up, the more we become timid and shrinking. The reality has given us too many problems. Many people have given up. The only way out.
  But is this really the case? Really has reached the end of the road, no way to go?
  I asked my cousin: Do you really want to admit defeat so early? Will you regret it in the days to come? At that time, the so-called temporary regrets can become regrets for life, and regrets are too late.
  My cousin listened to my questioning, thoughtful.
  When I left my house, my cousin showed a long-lost smile. From his eyes, I saw firmness and hope.
  Success never favors those who admit defeat too early. Every time you admit defeat, you will push the success farther and farther, until you can never see its shadow.
  When the third year is over, I also wanted to bow to fate.
  I am afraid that I will lose my college entrance examination and I will not be admitted to college. For several weeks, I have been thinking about how to tell my family about dropping out of school.
  I was sick, took time off, and even deliberately washed my hair with cold water. I wanted to get sick quickly so that I could escape from the dark learning environment for the time being.
  I have also said to the class teacher at the time more than once that I want to drop out of school. But every time the teacher is very eager to tell me about the pros and cons.
  The deepest impression was that the teacher asked me at the time: It is easy to admit defeat, one to retreat, and one to give up is enough. But the road to life after admitting defeat is very long. Can you lose this world when you lose this time?
  I always remember the feelings of my heart at that time. So many people have persisted. For the sake of the college entrance examination, I have to study hard. Why should I admit defeat so early?
  Later, I took the college entrance examination and entered the university campus with full expectation. After graduation, I successfully participated in the work.
  Nowadays, I am doing my favorite job. It may not be the best, but it is my ideal life, and I am satisfied.
  Fortunately, I didn’t have a premature admit defeat, and I have my own self.
  Life is extremely difficult for everyone. We need to work hard enough to qualify for a good life.
  Those who admit defeat on the road of life will never know how prosperous and dazzling the road ahead is, and they will never know what they are going to miss.
  Don't be in the wind and rain, graciously hide under the umbrella and stop growing; don't stop in the mud, stop yourself, and let yourself sink deeper and deeper.
  I have heard such a passage: Since I have chosen a distant place, I will only care about the wind and rain. Since the goal is the horizon, then the only thing left to the world is the back.
  Only when you go on can you meet more beautiful things; you can only taste the joy of success if you don't admit defeat.
  Don't admit defeat so quickly, take a few more steps, maybe the next step is to see the flowers!