Before, I watched the girls on the street wearing cheongsam and licking Nana. I was very envious and bought one from the Internet.
  In fact, every time the weather is warmer, I will think of a poem: The beautiful woman first tested Bo Luoshang.
  I hope that I am also the beautiful woman, able to reborn, shake off the slouchy bloated winter, put on beautiful clothes, and spend the spring and summer with ease.
  But the self in the mirror is always unsatisfactory. I tried running and ended up fishing for two days in three days; I tried yoga and paid for a few lessons.
  This time, I heard that doing sit-ups can remove the fat from the lower abdomen, and I am like a chicken blood, and I am ready to move.
  With the lessons of the past, I dare not take the inertia of myself.
  I hung the cheongsam on the edge of the bed. I could see it in the morning when I opened my eyes. I started doing it the first time. If I was too busy, I would make it up at noon.
  Time is waiting for people, the short summer is fleeting, and if you want to wear cheongsam as soon as possible, you can't be lazy.
  A month later, I added a belly underwear to dress the cheongsam. If you continue to stick to it, the effect should be better.
  I found that as long as there is momentum to move forward, in fact, ten minutes a day is not difficult.
  Three years ago, the niece Dandan was admitted to the key high school, but it was the last one in the class.
  In fact, Dandan's other subjects have a good grade, that is, English has lowered the score. Dandan didn't like English from an early age and often failed. The lower the score, the less interested it is. Gradually, English becomes a burden.
  However, Dandan met a very strict English teacher in high school. She asked Dandan to read the English text aloud at least ten minutes a day.
  The teacher also gave Dandan an example of previous students' persistent reading. These students can finally get their English scores through daily morning reading.
  The teacher said, don't underestimate the ten minutes of the day. This little insistence will also be worn by the stone, and the iron will be ground into a needle.
  In the three years of high school, the prostitute's insistence has never been interrupted. She is more and more fluent about English. Whether it is pronunciation or listening, she gradually finds her direction. This subject that once disgusted her has slowly made her feel fulfilled.
  As the results improve, Dandan is more and more confident about himself and willing to spend more time to make up his short board.
  Surprisingly, when this year's college entrance examination, Dandan's English has changed from failing to 110 points, no longer dragging his feet.
  Ten minutes of seemingly inconspicuous, every day, the prostitute's English scores were improved.
  Sometimes, we only need a small ten-minute per day to get ourselves closer to success.
  Don't underestimate these ten minutes, it will be a huge force.
  Ten minutes in the eyes of many people, it will pass in a blink of an eye. However, if it is ten ten minutes, one hundred ten minutes, one thousand ten minutes... the power of gathering sand into the tower will come out.
  Minor changes in a ten minute are negligible, but if we stick to it, those small changes will be superimposed and give us an unexpected surprise.
  The third day of the colleague's daughter, the mathematics scores have been jumping around on the passing line. The math problem always makes her particularly troubled, and it is all right to finish the homework.
  At the beginning of the school, the math teacher and her jointly made a plan, and the teacher asked her to complete five calculation questions outside the homework every day.
  The teacher said that junior high school mathematics is not difficult, the results are not coming, but the questions are not done.
  It takes a long time to do it first. After a while, the little girl is getting faster and faster, and the five questions are usually fixed in ten minutes.
  This has been a semester, her mathematics scores have been easily over 100, and the interest in doing the work has been greatly improved.
  Miyazaki said that sometimes, if you insist on what you least want to do, you will get what you want most.
  Those inconspicuous efforts and efforts, the perseverance of the daily persistence, will turn into a beautiful encounter, and meet you on a certain day in the future.
  Your excellence, maybe you have spent ten minutes more than others every day, ordinary you have become different.