In the first years of life, I always have to write something, although I often don’t know where to start. Recently, I felt that I was ignorant of time. Last year, this season was still eight or nine months pregnant. I was looking forward to the safe birth of Xiaobao every day. Now I have grown so big and started to walk the sofa step by step. Sometimes it will suddenly slam, oh, it’s already thirty.
  Work and life, bear and give up, never thought about it before, just live a good life, hold a fair salary, and spend the weekend cooking at home to watch a play or go out to play. As the two worlds become a family, it seems that everything has changed.
  The baby is really a magical species. Once you are born, you don't have to get the center of the family. After that, you will come to the ground and smile with you. Even if you don't understand each other, it doesn't affect your happy life. Of course, there is also a housework that never completes sleep and never stops.
  If you can still live like this before, Xiaobao’s birth will be soberly aware that he will never be able to. Life is always a stage and a stage. The student era is a stage. Bright, sad , and unassuming, how good a word is used is not to be overwhelmed. From graduation to Xiaobao before birth, it is a stage, careful from the wing. Calm and joy; Xiaobao is a new stage after birth.
  Before I had no baby, I always felt that I was a child. After I had it, I was no longer able to escape. A person who eats Haisai wants to sleep and sleeps, but the identity becomes a mother can not be so, to consider breastfeeding, to prepare her to eat and drink, but also to consider the various biological activities of Xiaobao, and when she finally fell asleep at night It is early in the morning. This year is really a good night and the evening to press the road to talk about the stars to see the sky, luck, but also to buy a flower, nothing to eat a hot and sour powder life completely farewell.
  This year, the change of the husband is also very big. It is accurate to say that his changes in the past few years are much bigger than me, and he has become calm and down-to-earth. After having Xiaobao, there are a lot more words than before, and it is more sunny and positive.
  I also began to re-examine myself. I tried a lot in my graduation years. When I said it, I understood it completely, but nothing happened. There are not many words before Mr., but it is a goal, and it is a step by step step. Perhaps this is what I lack, not practical enough, not serious enough, always feel okay, in fact, there are still many people who are harder than you, but time will always be crowded, you really have to work hard. Have you ever tried to fight it?
  I am a person who is not easy to be convinced, but this year I also began to reflect on myself. Everyone's life has hardships that you don't know. When I was young, I felt happy because my parents did everything for you. Now I feel tired because you have to do everything for another little life . The cruelty of time lies in telling you quietly that you are no longer a pleasant teenager.
  I have been in Beijing for six years, and I have changed my work for three big and small jobs. I have been editors. I have met the editor of very nice, and I have encountered slag that is not compatible with Germany. The passion has also been depressed. After working for a long time, I will be tired. Know what you should do, how to go on the career path.
  It’s very clear to others that they always look at it. When they think of themselves, they are confused. It looks like a lot of things, but it’s not too good. The tangled room will pass by.
  The only thing I can understand is that I can't stop, probably because I don't like a static still water. I always feel that life should be fresh and life should be steaming.
  I remember when I was in high school, the Chinese teacher said that my roots are that I am competing with myself. I must be right. The inner struggle and desire will take me forward.
  Today, I accidentally flipped the previous notebook and felt a lot. The plain white paper, with black pens copied to those sentences that touched the heart, now it seems to be a sigh.
  To be honest, if you say that you have antiques or old-fashioned, you still like the feeling of writing with a pen. You always think that the text is alive. You can feel the vitality of the word by writing with a pen. You can feel your own in the word. The mood of the time, if many years later, turn it up, but also smell the atmosphere of the year. The inner tremors, I understand that I love these.
  There are always many forks in life. Maybe you can't understand what you want in your life. There are too many uncertainties and accidents in your efforts. Only you know that love is the family and those words. The family makes me warm, but the text has become a part of my life. I was annoyed to write, happy to write, nothing to write, more like a dialogue with myself, a dispelling of myself, emotions need a Export, writing is a good export.
  The so-called future, strive to fight; the so-called family, warmth and wait; the so-called words, deep love. I hope that every spring in my efforts, there will be beautiful butterflies flying gently.