In the book "Seeing", Chai Jing wrote such a sentence : behind every relaxed smile, it was once a soul that clenched its teeth. I think this sentence is the best proof for "effort" and "pay".
  If you remember, you will have an echo, and all your efforts will make sense.
  I received a message from a reader in the background two days ago. She said that she was a little disappointed when she found the results of the postgraduate entrance examination. She felt that she could have done a better job. Now the score is not high or low, a little embarrassing, the school I want to go to. It may be a little overhanging, and I feel uncomfortable when I choose to adjust the school.
  She said: "In fact, I really tried my best. I knew from an early age that I was not very smart. I have to do it several times after others do it again, so I have been working hard to make the first flying stupid bird. But I paid a lot, or I can't change the results I want, it's... very frustrating, very sad."
  In fact, we all have such a time, we are overwhelmed by confusion and anxiety, and even self-denial.
  It must be admitted that there are many things in this world that are unfair in the moment.
  Many questions have no answer. Many stories don't end. Many efforts and gains are not directly proportional, but I still believe that sentence: I will never forget, I will have a resounding.
  Last year, a friend lost his postgraduate entrance examination and had a hard time, insomnia, hair loss, and comfort by overeating.
  But after the state was adjusted, she quickly found a job that she liked and suited, and turned into a new phase of life.
  My friend said to me: "I just felt that my efforts for such a long time were in vain, and my heart was particularly uncomfortable, but I slowly discovered that the days of hard work made me grow up. After adjusting my mentality and entering the work, I found out. struggle PubMed period of time to develop the stick and self-discipline, let me benefit.
  I didn't set foot on the road I wanted to go because of the postgraduate entrance examination, but I also walked flatter on the other road. I think this is the same reward. I am more and more determined. It is not meaningless to pay for this. . ”
  This is the case. Every experience is a rare growth. Every growth is a rare poem on the road. Every effort you make will make you a stronger self.
  As the lines in the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" say: The real losers are not those who have not won, but those who are afraid of failure and dare not try.
  Work hard, persist, you have already won.
  I remember that when the college entrance examination ended last year, I saw a particularly deep impression in the circle of friends. The general idea is: no matter how many points you take, no matter which city you go to, don’t worry too much. The place you are going to will definitely Give you unexpected surprises, you will meet some people, make you feel that life is worth it.
  Recalling what you have experienced, it is not difficult to find that there are always times when you think that life is taking you, but it is just that it wants to give you more appropriate.
  A lot of fascination in life is not due to the wish, but in the wrong place, as long as you love life, then your efforts will not be in vain, all your efforts make sense.
  You will suddenly understand at some point that the occurrence of the world is inevitable;
  You will find that the nights that you have passed, the tears that flow through, have paved the way for you to go, the road you have traveled, the books you have read, the people you have loved, are making you newer and better. Yourself.
  Some pay, maybe not the reward you want in the moment, but you have to believe that every hardship on the road to life is the foundation for the future.
  Every effort makes you grow. Every effort is made to make you strong. They will make you stand on a bigger stage and shine in a certain day in the future.
  I hope that once I clench my teeth, I will let you have a relaxed smile. I hope that you will have a hard time, and you will end up with the life you want.
  good night.