I don't know when to start, we are used to pretending to be self-defeating.
  When a relationship ends, it is clear that the heart is broken, but it is still dry and tearful: "I never loved him at all";
  When a person goes to the hospital for infusion, when he goes to the toilet, he has a hand-held bottle and a pair of pants. He can only helplessly see the blood returning, but he said to the friend who called: "I can, really do not need you to accompany";
  I often can't stop crying in the middle of the night, but when I was asked, "I am too good," I said, "I am good," and my face is full of clouds.
  Some people say that behind every stubborn soul, there are unspeakable grievances and sadness.
  And I hope that you can be strong, but you don't have to be stubborn.
  No longer reluctant, because the soft heart has been placed.
  A few days ago, I attended the wedding of the university friend Reiko. Reiko is a very good girl. When she is studying, she is our idol: the exam is the first year of the year, and she is the head of several major associations. She is as good at work and learning .
  After graduating, the students got married and had children, but they never heard the news of her love. I saw that she was promoted to work, and when she was busy, she worked overtime until the day. When she was free, she traveled to various places, and she was still full of vitality and invincibility.
  We asked her what to look for. She said that she does not need an object: "I can change the light bulb, I can repair the toilet, I can do it all at work and life, what do my boyfriend do?"
  We always worry that she is too strong and missed happiness, until this time she saw her husband, a heart was put down.
  The boy is very ordinary, not a hegemonic president, nor a jade face, but he is particularly warm when he laughs.
  Reiko said that once she was sick, it happened to catch up with a project. Her colleagues advised her to rest. She refused, until she fell to the desk at home in the middle of the night. Reiko hurriedly called the boy's phone, the boy appeared soon, and then guarded and took care of the hospital for one month in a row, melting the cold heart of Reiko.
  Reiko told us: "I used to be strong and I forgot that I was also vulnerable. It was his appearance that told me that I don't have to be stubborn."
  Seeing him and her full of emotions, we also have a few mouths. You don't have to be stubborn, you can meet a soul and talk to each other. You can have a warm time and happiness.
  I don't want to be stubborn because I have an object that I want to guard.
  In a variety show, I saw an actress crashing and crying in the high-altitude adventure, which made people feel distressed.
  She said that as an actor, Weiwei is a daily job, and she is afraid because of the “horror memory” she once had.
  She is very strong at work, even to the point of being reluctant: when she was pregnant for three months, she was bleeding due to insisting on filming... She said: "Sometimes it is not necessarily good, as a mother, I really can’t do it anymore. Issues."
  And as a mother of the child, I take it for granted.
  I was not afraid of being afraid of it. When I was a mother, I always endured when I was uncomfortable.
  There was a angina that made me feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t speak with tears, and I happened to be seen by my eldest son. He cried and asked very timidly: "Mom, what are you doing, mother, please don't leave me."
  I was only awakened at that moment, and I was so stubborn that I forgot the softness and fear. I always say that I love children. If I have any accidents, how can I love them well?
  "If you are in awe, you can stop." I am no longer reluctant, because I know that only by loving myself first, can we protect our family and protect our happiness.
  You don't have to be stubborn because you have learned to reconcile with life.
  Why do people choose to be stubborn?
  Perhaps, it is afraid to spread the fragility and not meet the understanding and understanding.
  Perhaps, it is worried that once they withdraw, they will have someone else to take over our role.
  Maybe, I don't want to bother with other people. I always want to prove that I can, and I want to be strong.
  Maybe, just don't know how to refuse, and then let yourself be full of expectations, and if you catch up with the shelf, you can't come back.
  As everyone knows, only if you let go of your stubbornness and honestly face yourself, can you meet the truth and exchange the nourishment of love. Only when you reasonably show weakness and maintain the bottom line can you exchange the cherish and respect of others.
  And choose to face the imperfect life, do not suppress the heart, do not pretend to be calm, in the sound of crying and lol, in order to reach a reconciliation with life.
  May you be alone, no longer reluctant, someone understands all your appearance and share your sorrow .
  May you be stubborn, have a shoulder, unload your defenses, and harvest the power of gentleness and warmth.
  I hope that you and me who walk in the world can be strong and strong, but you don't have to be stubborn!