Chen Yu is my former colleague, who is slightly younger than me. Because the processing work is relatively procrastinating, the popularity of the people, the colleagues who have worked with her feel that Chen Yu is good, that is, always do things, it makes people feel very annoying.
  Everyone is an adult. As a working partner, they can handle their work in a timely manner without affecting the progress of others. I think this is the most basic etiquette for other colleagues. In the final analysis, low productivity is not caused by conscious self-discipline.
  In fact, people who are not self-disciplined are acting in all aspects of work and life.
  Last month, Chen Yufa sent me a letter to me, asking me to borrow a book from the accounting profession and said that I plan to apply for a financial qualification certificate this year. I readily agreed, but now I haven't seen her come to take books for more than a month.
  I remembered that when she was on New Year's Day, she used to show her new year flag in her circle of friends: 2019! In addition to working hard, I have to complete the English training course before March; I have to go to the gym twice a week to exercise, and read two books a month...
  She should have been too busy in the matter to be able to prepare for the financial certificate exam. But who knows, just happened to meet Chen Yu on the street two days ago.
  I asked her: You are not going to borrow books, why didn't you come to me?
  Chen Yu said with a smile: Recently, I have been busy. After a lot of gatherings in the years before, I haven't had enough time to do it. After a while, I will borrow books from you.
  As soon as I heard it, I understood that the so-called plan should be just thinking about it. Most people have dreams and plans, some people have achieved it, and some people have not.
  Where is the difference?
  In fact, there is no special shortcut to get closer to your dreams. When you set your goals and plans, you have to be self-disciplined to perform, and you will be able to hear the sound of dreams.
  Last summer, the famous work mad person Qi Jie in our circle, when she was just 50 years old, resolutely went through the retirement procedures. I am very surprised. Qi Jie is famous for his desperate work. Why did he choose to retire during his peak career?
  It turned out that Qi Jie had already completed the immigration. After the retirement procedure was completed, she immediately went to the United States. During the Spring Festival, Qi Jie came back from the United States to visit relatives. We met one side.
  Qi Jie told me that as soon as she arrived in the United States, she reported to the local training school to learn English. Get up at 7:00 every day, go to class, read a book, review the weekend, go to bed at 10 o'clock in the evening. In addition to the lack of performance pressure, and the law of life in the country is the same.
  Then Qi Jie told me that she ended her domestic work and wanted to start a new life journey. She said that she had been in the busy work for the first time in her life, and she wanted to change her way to continue the second half of her life.
  The second half she wanted was: on the one hand, she settled in the United States, and reunited with her family; on the other hand, she had to travel while doing local tour guides. In order to achieve this goal, she began to study in the United States as soon as she arrived.
  "People must make a difference, and they will not be ridiculous in their hearts. I can't let myself live in a lazy and comfortable way, so it is too decadent." Qi sister said with a smile.
  Kant has a famous saying: Only self-discipline makes us different, and self-discipline makes us live more advanced.
  Self-disciplined people not only know what they want, but when they should do it, they can also perform with the fastest action and the strongest willpower.
  They can stick to self-discipline and naturally gain their own excitement and luck.
  Xiaozhi is a very talented and inspirational young man and a self-disciplined person. When he was studying in the United States ten years ago, his living expenses were earned by his work-study. After returning to China, Xiaozhi did not work in this profession. He is optimistic about the development of the food industry and wants to start his own business as a food business.
  To this end, he decided to temporarily quit all entertainment. Learn the knowledge of food and beverage management within two years, and first find a restaurant internship. He applied to a brand restaurant to apply for a job, during that time,
  Xiaozhi gets up at 6 o'clock every morning, sometimes earlier. First, read the self-study management knowledge of the book, then go to the run, go to work after breakfast, go to the library to check the information every Monday afternoon .
  We all admire Xiaozhi’s self-discipline and self-discipline.
  He doesn't play games, doesn't go to clubbing, and occasionally gathers with our friends. It's also a long time to make an appointment with him. Xiao Zhi said that to achieve a goal, the road to hard work must be very hard and lonely.
  But people live for a lifetime, do not do the best for some things, what is the meaning of life?
  After working for two years, Xiaozhi resigned to go to the management position of the restaurant and started his own business.
  From the procurement of materials to the quality of dishes, from the kitchen hygiene to the dining area, Xiaozhi personally control. Friends say that Xiaozhi is the most diligent employee in the restaurant.
  The facts also prove that hard work pays off. In just four or five years, he has saved a lot of money and successfully opened his first restaurant. On the opening day, I and a few friends went to celebrate for him, and I was sincerely happy for him.
  Goethe said: There is a long period between today and tomorrow. On this road, only self-discipline can accompany us to keep moving forward and become more and more sophisticated.
  If you plan for your future, start from this moment and use enough self-discipline to practice it step by step.
  Because, self-disciplined life will eventually be extraordinary.