1. We will all change, the same way, the heart will change, many old friends have already become strangers, because they have different roles to play, to adapt to life and the environment, have to change.
  2. Don't you have someone who feels good, isn't it because you are not good enough? - "Question Restaurant"
  3. If God is open to others, it is difficult for anyone to deal with. --"Homeric"
  4. I hope that you will shine in places that I can't see, and they will be as good and dazzling as they were.
  5. The deepest love in the world is acceptance, not tolerance; support, not domination; condolence, not questioning. In fact, love is not to find a perfect person, but to learn to appreciate a person who is not perfect with a perfect eye.
  6. People are always happy when they are close to happiness, but they are suffering when they are happy. - Eileen Chang
  7. I hope you: always happy, always happy, interesting, hopeless, and disaster-free.
  8. The essence of falling in love and marriage is actually to have a person who understands and unconditionally supports himself.
  9, our lives are too short, too late to witness those distant and embarrassing words, such as forever, the Cape of the World, the blue sky, the blue sea, the sea. So, you have to live.
  10, some things, I know it is good, there is no need to ask, because the answer may not be acceptable; some people recognize it well, it is not worth going to sad, because the feeling can not be forced.
  11, because they owe each other, will meet; know how to cherish, only with possession; encounter is not easy, I hope you cherish.
  12, you should learn to be yourself, face the true self, as long as you do this, you do not have to fear anything.
  13, life is lucky twice, once to meet you, once to the end.
  14, I love you, love your brave, love your tenacity, hot pillow, and cruelty without mercy. --"With the wind"
  15. Believe that the person who is most suitable for you does not need to run to catch up and fight to get close.
  16. Don't move, promise, afterwards, the future, I don't want to listen; I only know that at noon today I said that I want to watch a movie. You will take me when you get off work at night.
  17. It is not confession to maintain a relationship, but to consider the feelings of the other party and have reservations.
  18. There are two possibilities for "Tomorrow". One is better than today, so I should be happy today! One is more bitter than today, and today it is even more enjoyable! What do you say?
  19. Bamboo has been rooted for 4 years. In the fifth year, it was made into bamboo shoots and fried meat.
  20, in spite of the wind, life does not give up.