Dachao is still feeling a lot. "If you are younger, I will definitely go out and do something."
  I asked Dachao: "Since there is an ideal in my heart, why didn't I try it at the beginning? Besides, it is not too late to act now!"
  The big sigh sighed heavily. "This is the arrangement of fate. This life can only be doomed!"
  I am silent. "The arrangement of fate!" This sentence sounds familiar, but especially helpless.
  Dachao is relatively busy in the company's work and is responsible for maintaining the computer network. In addition to the network failure, there are usually not many specific matters, most of the time he is on the Internet, look at the phone.
  The age of the Super League is not too big. We all advise him to learn more from young people , to test a network engineer, and to improve his ability, but he is coveted. Too leisurely life, developed his inertia, and stopped self-growth.
  Dachao was addicted to his comfort zone and trapped himself in a mediocre cage. In fact, he also wants to break through the shackles, but he does not have the courage to step out of a comfortable life circle, and can only linger in the face of ideals. Over time, the enthusiasm of the full body was exhausted.
  Once accepted, this so-called fate arrangement, the fighting spirit of life will disappear.
  Obviously, you can work hard for the ideals of your heart , but you must be trapped in the arrangements you set, and you will be stagnant.
  Some people like to attribute unsatisfactory life to the arrangement of fate.
  In the face of "arrangement", they are willing to swallow their voices, accept them in the opposite direction, and do not try to change the status quo. They are indulging in the hustle and bustle of life all day, and do not think ahead.
  Of course, there are still some people who dare to break through and overcome the predicament of life.
  After graduating from his son, Zhang Wei’s son, he entered a well-known corporate job.
  It is really a good idea to be able to cultivate such a good child. Few people know how Zhang Wei is a big boy.
  Zhang Wei was divorced very early, and one person took the child and supported the whole family. Her meager income to cope with life has been stretched, and the education of the child is not enough.
  Zhang Wei’s son is very sensible and knows the hardships of the family, so he studies very hard.
  Zhang Huan’s heart has only one wish and cannot delay the child’s future. So she desperately tried to make money.
  Once a person begins to not compromise with fate, his courage will be motivated, and the power of life will not be underestimated.
  After leaving work every day, Zhang Wei took the small cart with the thin body and went to the lively street. He sold the night to the early morning.
  However, those who have been forced into desperation by life will no longer have anything to stump her.
  For the hope in her heart, Zhang Hao has no retreat, she can only move forward. With this spirit of not giving in to fate, for decades, Zhang Hao worked hard to save his son's college tuition.
  Today, Zhang Wei has been on a good day, and friends have asked her how she came over?
  She said: "I have identified a rationale, and I am dead with fate. No one can arrange my life, only myself."
  Yes, Zhang Wei completed the reversal of fate through self-improvement.
  Destiny is not arranged, but is transcended.
  Some people, in the course of life, as long as they encounter storms and storms, they will be helpless and can only listen to their fate. They think that this is the arrangement of fate.
  As everyone knows, we can still be afraid of danger, swell the sails, ride the wind and waves.
  Shan sister finally got the certificate of certified public accountant. If it was before, this is something she can't imagine.
  Because she was not a graduate of the class, Shan sister has been working in the finance department for the most basic work after entering the company. Collecting information , binding documents...
  But the most desired thing in her sister's heart is to be able to work alone like the excellent financial managers. I know all kinds of financial statements and confidently and calmly report and analyze them in front of everyone.
  However, she knows that such professional competence is not something that can be mastered overnight.
  Therefore, she made up her mind to go all out to prepare for the CPA. However, she has no professional foundation, and even the theoretical knowledge on digesting books is difficult. She knows that the road ahead must be full of rugged and difficult.
  Colleagues heard that she was going to test the CPA and looked at her with amazement. A colleague directly advised Shan Sister not to waste time. All the colleagues in the department are more professional than her, but there are very few who have passed this certificate, not to mention that she is only a layman.
  The more difficult it is, the more it has to climb the peak. Shan sister is not dejected because of the contempt of her colleagues, nor has she given up her goal because of the obstacles ahead.
  In order to prepare for the exam, Shan sister never went to socialize again. All the time was squeezed, and even the dreams were all professional knowledge.
  Five years later, Mr. Shan finally got a certificate of certified public accountant.
  I don't know how hard she walked through this road, but I understand that fate is always for those who don't want to bow to difficulties.
  Since you do not want to be arranged by fate, you must be brave enough to transcend the plight of life.
  We are always full of expectations for life, but the reality is often not as wonderful as we think.
  Maybe we will also encounter a bumpy life, then how! As long as we have a firm belief and go forward, we will not be arranged by fate.
  The road to life needs to move forward step by step. Even if we do not bow to fate, we can continue to forge ahead and surpass ourselves.
  Growth is a process of continuous transcendence. We have learned to be strong in our struggles and learned to grow up in setbacks.
  Everyone's life is free, if you don't want to be arranged, fate can't help you!
  Yes, no one in your life can control.
  Just like this: only the transcendence of life, there is no fate arrangement!