The old neighbor Li Bodeng visited and asked me to help his son go out to find a job.
  Li Bo’s son, A Cheng, did not find a job after graduating from college. I heard people say that entrepreneurship makes money fast, and when they are hot, they ask their parents for money and open an advertising company.
  As a result, the company closed down less than half a year after its operation.
  Ah Cheng did not give up, switched to trade, and ended in failure.
  At first, Li Bo also felt that his son had the ambition, and he fully supported his son, took out the old-age savings and gave his son a business. As a result, after three years, the family was fully compensated, and the young man was still dependent on the elderly.
  I grew up with Acheng and witnessed his entrepreneurial experience. Every time he started his business, the thunder and the rain were small. At the beginning, he was ambitious, but in the end he did not end.
  In fact, the reasons for Ah Cheng’s failure are the same: small things are not willing to do, big things can’t be done.
  Someone introduced him to the business. The list was small and he made less profit. When the list was big, he could not consider the details in detail. Slowly no one would like to find him to cooperate.
  After several failures, A Cheng simply stayed at home and played games all day, letting the old man break his heart.
  Even if you don't want to go out and find a job to support yourself, it's hard to imagine what else he can do.
  It is unrealistic to set the goal higher than the sky and hope that the results will be harvested immediately.
  It is good to have a dream , but the big dream is to be realized by every little thing on the ground. The road to the distance is coming out one step at a time.
  Only when you start from a small matter in a down-to-earth manner can you accumulate the ability to do great things.
  Thanks to Li Bozhi, I made a few friends and talked with Ah Cheng.
  Ah Cheng did not listen to advice. He said that he was just luck, not lazy. If he tried several times, he might have the opportunity to display his talents.
  A Cheng Na, we are the same as the village's Juan sister, saying that Juan Jie and his entrepreneurship at the same time, some questions still came to him to ask for advice, and now the company has been in full swing, this is not luck?
  I finally understood what happened to A. I have never failed to reflect on myself. I just attributed the cause of success or failure to luck.
  I am aware of Juan, and her success is no accident.
  Before starting a business, Juan Jie was working in a company in the same industry to make the operation of the industry clear and clear; during the period of starting a business, she was early in the dark, and when she encountered incomprehension, she humbly asked for advice.
  I still remember that once a sister's client was a foreigner, she also spent a few days to understand the customer's living habits and interests, and finally finally succeeded in cooperation. This spirit, I have never been in Acheng. I have seen it.
  We often feel that it is easy for others to do one thing, but it is so hard to be their own. It is not that others are good, but we have not seen the efforts of others.
  Just as we envy other children's children and envy other people's love, how much effort others have spent on nurturing their children, how much effort has been made in emotional management, have we seen it?
  There is no happiness that comes from the hand, and there is no success without any effort. All the good things in this world are exchanged by people with little bit of effort.
  Lao Tzu said: It is difficult to do things in the world, and it will be done in the easy world;
  The hard things in the world are started from the easy places; the big things in the world start from the small things.
  My mother-in-law is a very loved planter. Her backyard planted a garden full of plants, which looks unattractive but full of vitality.
  I have also filled my imagination and expectation with my small garden. For example, I have to plant a wall of different colors of roses, and look at it in a flower sea. I also need to plant a variety of potted plants to make the garden taste and taste.
  There are many ideas, but the reality is cruel. Because I don't know the planting knowledge, and I don't keep following the plant growth, the flower seedlings planted every time are very depressed and endless. Don't say that the rose that climbs a wall, I don't even see a flower.
  The garden of the mother-in-law harvested various flowers and fruits such as jujube, guava and strawberry.
  The mother-in-law did not have a big goal, but only fertilized, irrigated and pruned the flowers day after day.
  Her mother-in-law has no culture, but she taught me the truth with the simplest actions: as long as the current situation is done a little bit, there will be gains. On the contrary, there will be empty thoughts, and it will only be on paper.
  There is a saying that it is not easy to do every simple thing; it is extraordinary to do every ordinary thing.
  Put your time in your own porridge and rice, pay attention to the current life, make a meal with your heart, tell a story to your child, and do a good job with your heart. You will get closer and closer to your ideal life.
  The dream is not elsewhere, it is always at our feet. Eyes are low, it is better to be down to earth.
  Don't let your heart float too high. You must know that all the greatness in this world comes from the ordinary.