A while ago, the academic hegemon of a doctoral star was set to collapse.
  From him you can reflect a social problem - the importance of education.
  It is for this reason that the actors who are not inferior in acting are trying to build a "School" design and give them a layer of Phnom Penh.
  How important is high education to the development of a person today?
  I remember reading a series of "The Speaker", and I was deeply impressed by a paragraph from Zhang Xuefeng, a graduate student.
  When guest Martin debated with him, whether the job should be valued, Martin said that none of his company graduated from a major university.
  Teacher Zhang Xuefeng roared: "So you are not a top 500 company in the world."
  He repeatedly stressed that the importance of education:
  In the ninety-sixth year of this year, go to the general university to have a look and see what kind of business to go to those schools to recruit?
  Then go to Tsinghua University to take a look and see what kind of business to recruit at Tsinghua University.
  What kind of business do they go to? How much do they give this student? One month's salary, you can take a look and you will know!
  Companies that say "ability is more important than academic qualifications" may be the first time to screen resumes, the minimum standard is 985, 211 colleges and universities.
  The so-called "capabilities are more important than academic qualifications" refers to the hard work after entering their company.
  Does it sound cruel? But this is the reality we are going through.
  And this kind of cruelty, you will know all about running a job fair.
  There is a two-book student on Weibo who said that when I was looking for a job, I went to a job fair of a famous enterprise. I didn’t expect the speaker’s first sentence to be:
  This time we recruited 985, 211 students, non-985, 211 students can leave the field, do not want to delay everyone's time.
  The expression of the other party’s dislike and the wave of movements seem to be a waste of expression.
  You see, there is no high education, and there are no admission passes.
  In "Dedication of Suspect X", the math teacher Shi Shen said something like this to students who didn't want to take the test:
  I am teaching you now, but only enough to stand in the small entrance of the world of mathematics.
  If you don't know where it is, you can't enter.
  The reason why I am taking the exam is just to confirm, do you know where the entrance is.
  The same is true for education. It is like an entrance. It is the first business card we enter into society. It is the first way for others to understand you.
  Do not think that as long as you have the ability, education is not important until you face the baptism of society, apply for civil servants, society, campus recruitment... You understand that education is the promotion channel for thousands of people in the employer.
  After all, everyone is very busy, no one has time to slowly discover your abilities, or wait for you to study skills in the company .
  To this day, many people regard their academic qualifications as a useless paper, saying that reading is useless and academic qualifications are not important.
  Those people take ignorance as a personality, take no culture as a true temperament, and if they are not successful , they still say that "education is not important" and want to pull more people into the water.
  Although reading and education are not the only way to succeed, it is not foolish or bad to talk to young people.
  Those who tell you that the next-door community sells tens of thousands of dollars and sells pancakes and sells several suites. If it is so easy to succeed, why don’t they go by themselves and tell you?
  Moreover, can you copy such a hard "success"? If you can't do it, then reading may be the best path for you.
  Of course, some people will come out and refute: "The graduate of Peking University is not going to sell pork!"
  Yes, Peking University is out of Lu Buxuan who sells pork. He used to be the champion of the liberal arts examination, the high school graduate who graduated from Peking University, and the talent of the pillars of the 80s... many auras.
  If you think this is an example where education is not important, then it is wrong.
  With the help of alumnus Chen Sheng, the two collaborated to form a "butcher school" and cultivated a team with high quality. At the same time, he did not put down his pen and wrote his own books.
  Later, they opened hundreds of chain stores, and the sales of pork have exceeded one billion, becoming the first brand of pork.
  Others like to take celebrity examples:
  You see Bill Gates and Zuckerberg, Jobs dropped out of school so successful, a Microsoft empire, is the world's richest man, a Facebook created a large number of users, one created Apple.
  Indeed, these successful people have dropped out of school, but their success is due to low academic qualifications?
  Then the excuse you have found for yourself is too big.
  The school where Bill Gates and Zuckerberg dropped out was Harvard University, and Jobs dropped out to be the third-ranked Reed College in the United States.
  That is to say, before they dropped out of school, they were able to get into the world's top universities such as Harvard and Reed College. This is intrinsically different from the low academic qualifications. Those people simply can't test well. the University.
  When Bill Gates applied for Harvard, the SAT score was 1590 (out of 1600).
  After Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard for 13 years, he received an honorary doctorate in law from Harvard.
  Jobs’s dropout did not reveal the value of the school’s compulsory courses, and he did not leave school after dropping out of school and spent more time choosing the courses he was interested in.
  Do you dare to say that they drop out of school and do not value academic qualifications?
  Bill Gates said:
  Although I dropped out of college and was fortunate enough to make a difference in the software industry, getting a degree is a more reliable path to success.
  It is easier for college graduates to find a good job, earn a higher income, and even have signs that college graduates are healthier than those without a degree.
  The most direct role of education is not to show off, but to have the right to life and choice.
  “Education is not important” is the most ridiculous lie.
  The previous TV series "Ode to Joy" has revealed this social reality.
  Andy, who is surrounded by returnees, is surrounded by the singularity of the big boss, the business genius Lao Tan, the group of small bags, and the same class and the elite of the gas field.
  On the other hand, Fan Shengmei, Xiaoyan and Guanguan are just ordinary office workers who are rushing around, like most people around us.
  This is the difference in connections, where you will know what kind of person.
  The photo of the smashing Wuhua dinner in the tech circle that was previously madly passed is the best evidence.
  An elite gathering, of course, is the most attractive thing for them, but their qualifications are not to be underestimated.
  Ma Huateng is a graduate of the Department of Computer Science of Shenzhen University. Lei Jun is the cow of the Department of Computer Science of Wuhan University...
  Almost all key universities! None of the top elites are low-educated.
  Those who say that academic qualifications are not important, you will find that they will not educate their children like this, but you have taken the words seriously.
  Not far away, I feel that there will be no difference in the graduates of famous schools around me.
  And like Ma Yun’s counterattack, there are very few. Although Ma Yun was dropped out of the college entrance examination and his application was repeatedly rejected, he later went to the MBA.
  You only see individual examples of low academic qualifications, but ignore the efforts of most highly educated people.
  Individuals can't replace the whole, all of them are justified, they are all hooligans!
  You know, can there be a few Ma Yun and Han Han in the world ?
  Some people say that there are at least two things in this world. Only those who have it are qualified to say that it is not important. One is money and the other is education.
  Anyone who has gone through 985, 211, or graduated from college will think that education is important because they know what academics bring to them.
  Those who haven’t been there may think that academic qualifications are not important because they don’t know what they have lost.
  There used to be a paragraph like this:
  985 is a soft sleeper, 211 is a hard sleeper, double is not a book, two seats are hard seats, three are station tickets, specialists squeeze the toilet, other trains on the top, to the destination, no one cares how you came...
  But since there are ways to get to reach your destination faster, why don't we fight for it?
  William Dresevich mentioned in "The Outstanding Sheep":
  Prestigious schools are a necessity for children, no longer an opportunity to change their lives, and an elite lifestyle is the only way to happiness.
  A well-known writer also said this to children:
  Child, I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to compare with others, but because:
  I hope that you will have the right to choose in the future and choose meaningful, time-based work instead of being forced to make a living.
  When your work makes sense in your heart, you have a sense of accomplishment; when your work gives you time, without depriving you of your life, you have dignity. A sense of accomplishment and dignity give you happiness.
  Yes, everyone is emphasizing the importance of learning and education. You are hypnotizing yourself with the success of a few people. It is the biggest joke.
  I hope that when we educate our children, we can tell him the importance of reading, not that reading is useless or that academic qualifications are not important. Continuous learning will be the wealth we have for life.