Zhang Quanling gave a good example in the speech of Peking University's Shenzhen Research Institute last year.
  There is a chicken, it wants to fly over the high fence in front of it, how can it not fly and can not fly, tried many times, red face, red chicken feathers. But once it stepped back a few steps, suddenly found that the fence that looks very tall, in fact, only one meter wide, it can be passed around...
  So, in my opinion, keeping a little distance from the nearest goal in front of you is an interesting start. But to retreat one meter is not an easy task.
  When many people are young, their experience is still very shallow. When they encounter problems, they only know how to be like this chicken. In the spirit of "welcome the difficulties and ups and downs", they try to surpass it and defeat it. Unbearable.
  Sometimes, take a step back and settle down. Maybe you will find a more convenient way to fly farther.
  Recently, the short-fire drama "In all the places I want to see", came to Hu Ge and Tang Wei as the starring.
  Tang Wei is not like some actresses. From the very beginning, he will go smoothly, walk the idols, the goddess route, have traffic, and have money.
  After three years in the School of Drama, everyone said that no one like her would watch it."
  Until 2007, Tang Wei starred in the film "Color and Caution" directed by Ang Lee, which won the best film "Golden Lion Award" at the Venice International Film Festival.
  However, soon, "Color and Caution" was "blocked", and even Tang Wei's acting career fell to freezing point.
  How to do?
  In exchange for a general star, or will be crazy to brush the sense of existence, and even for the fight out of the position and the sword to go slant, or a slap in the face, self-blame, and then resentment against this circle.
  Tang Wei went to the UK to study and honed his acting skills. Later, he also squeezed into the British fashion circle, and once became the master model of the famous fashion designer Gareth.
  In 2009, Tang Wei received a film contract with Zhang Xueyou for the film "Full Hennessy", which was officially "released."
  After Tang Wei, the acting career became more and more smooth. "Late Autumn" starring Hyun Bin, she became the first foreign actress to win the best female starring in the history of Korean cinema; "Beijing Meets Seattle" starring Wu Xiubo is also known as the love classic of the new era .
  Now it seems that Tang Wei’s retreat was not a helpless choice, but a deep dive after deliberation.
  Last year, our company's performance was saturated and encountered bottlenecks, which made me very anxious.
  Later, I thought, let's do it first, don't toss it, let's take a look.
  I took the initiative to evacuate the front line and pushed away a lot of entertainment. My colleagues said that I "disappeared."
  I started reading books, regained my writing, regularly updated original articles in the personal public account, and shared my feelings into the circle of friends.
  These seemingly irrelevant things have brought me unexpected surprises.
  After seeing my article, a boss with a super client will contact me.
  Now think about it, I seem to have retreated at the time, but in fact it is progressing.
  As Zhang Quanling said:
  "In this life, the frustrations in most workplaces you will encounter in the future and the frustrations in your emotional life are just a one-meter wide fence. When we face the fence, don't rush to cross it, try Going back a bit, maybe you will find a better way."
  Therefore, the retreat is actually to grow better.
  "Recession" is not to bury your intelligence, but to reserve more power for the next move.
  "Retreat force" is not to make you feel weak, but to take the opportunity to constantly improve yourself.
  "Recession" is not to let you escape the problem, but to give you more choices.
  In the first half of life, maybe the fight is passion and perseverance; the second half of life, the fight is the space and energy you retreat.