The year when I was on maternity leave was the most difficult time for me and my husband.
  Because of maternity leave, I can only get the basic salary. My husband just took part in the work at that time and his salary was not high. I have to pay a mortgage every month and buy milk powder for my children. It is not enough.
  At that time, Mr. signed up to participate in the project manager certification exam, hoping to improve salary through learning . In order for the exam to pass, he reported a remedial class with a little deposit at home. Every weekend, regardless of the wind and rain, he insisted on taking a four-hour bus to and from class.
  Although hard, my heart is full of hope.
  Unexpectedly, just after three months of tutoring, Mr.'s company made departmental adjustments and the entire department was laid off. Although I got a compensation of 10,000 yuan, but the work is gone, this money can not last for a few days.
  Suddenly, I feel how life is so difficult! Why are all the bad things caught up by us!
  Mr. has only two months of resumes to find a job, not only the salary is lower than before, but also far away from home. I do not agree with him to go to this unit. The gentleman said, if you do it first, you can solve the problem of eating and you will be able to pass.
  Finally, no, it’s very good. After half a year of hard work, Mr. passed the exam and successfully moved to a large company as a project manager, and our life has been greatly improved.
  The old saying goes, the yin is the ultimate, the yang is born. One thing develops to the extreme, and the other opposite thing will sprout.
  When you feel particularly bitter and particularly difficult, this may be the time for life to turn. You are in the bottom of your life, and the next thing you can meet is the uphill road.
  My colleague Xiaofang was originally a college student. She felt that her academic qualifications were her own shortcomings, so she applied for a self-study exam for Chinese majors. After spending a few years, I completed the exam and got my undergraduate diploma and degree certificate. Everyone admired her perseverance.
  Xiaofang said that in fact, she has also been shaken. She has been tested in foreign languages ​​for five times.
  When preparing for the foreign language for the fifth time, Xiaofang was doing the work of a Chinese teacher. Usually, she can take two classes a day. I didn’t expect her to become a class teacher by the teacher, and the number of class hours increased to six.
  Every day, check the body temperature, do reporting, class, prepare lessons, answer questions, and get busy. When I got off work, Xiaofang was so tired that she wanted to lie down on the bed and didn't care about it. She slept until dawn.
  One day after work, Xiaofang dragged her tired body back home, lying in bed, and her heart was very painful.
  She thought that the foreign language test is already the last subject. If she can't keep going, she may not get a diploma and a degree certificate. In these years, the hard work of countless nights and countless winds and rains is in vain. .
  Thinking of this, she was not reconciled, so she got up and insisted on getting up and reading books. Later, Xiaofang finally passed the foreign language and realized his own ideals.
  Sometimes, all the problems will come when we are caught off guard, and our first reaction is often to panic. All the original plans will be disrupted or shelved for no reason.
  However, the mountains and heavy waters have no way to reconcile, and Liu Yuhuaming another village. Since the good is ahead, why should you give up because of a few obstacles?
  If you stick your teeth, you will see the possibility of victory.
  In life, we often encounter this kind of thing:
  I did a good job of the Raiders, drove a thousand miles and went to see the beautiful scenery. I didn’t expect the heavy rain, I didn’t see anything, you were so depressed;
  Carefully prepared for the pre-test review, but because of a fever, you feel a disappointment, you feel disappointed;
  The copywriting that was done overnight and overtime, but because of traffic jams and being late for being taken advantage of by others, you feel that luck is simply worse.
  All the questions are just like the consultations, and you are welcome.
  But at this time, if you are in adversity, if you lose the courage to look up at the stars, you may miss a better life.
  The most difficult time may be the day not far from success. Since the darkness has arrived, the dawn must be in sight. Instead of sighing, it is better to work hard. Instead of giving up, it is better to laugh at it and catch it off guard.
  No winter can't be crossed, no single difficulty can be awkward.
  As long as you don't stay, continue to work hard, you can definitely see the beauty of spring blossoms. When you feel the worst, maybe, the good is coming.