There are several breakfast shops near my work, but these stores usually can't do it for half a year, and they can't make ends meet and change the owner frequently. Only a couple's breakfast shop has been open here for nearly ten years, and the price is affordable, but the income is very impressive. Their secrets are some seemingly insignificant factors.
  First of all, this shop is small, but it is well-organized and orderly. Even the exposed operation panels are wiped clean, making people look healthy and eating.
  Secondly, the couple in this store are very hard-working. They open their doors at 5:30 every morning, close at 12 noon, and do not rest on holidays.
  Moreover, the service attitude of this store is particularly good, they look amiable, and sometimes even if the customer is rushing, they will not show little bit of impatience.
  In fact, this store sells things like other homes, and even tastes not as good as other homes. But the reason why they can go today is that they rely on diligence to win. Because other families often want to open, they don't want to open, and the store is always there. They also cultivate their feelings with customers.
  You have to admit that sometimes a person's success does not have to have a dazzling advantage. As long as you persist in , work hard, and play your own core competitiveness, you can also have a place.
  A friend's company has an executive, and the ability is not outstanding, but every time the company lays off her, she can save her life.
  This employee is actually awkward. Although I tried to improve myself, the effect is not obvious. So she thought, I can't do important things, then at least do things that seem unimportant enough to be beautiful enough.
  For example, she specializes in file management. Although the technical content is relatively low, but the most meticulous and patience, she put the entire company's files in order.
  For example, she will especially receive guests. Although it seems that it is just a matter of tea delivery, how to be polite and grasp the scale and size, so that guests feel at home, but they need to work hard to think and think.
  For example, she is also very professional in order to take out. She is clear about who the company likes to eat and what to avoid. She can also take care of the mix of nutrition, the weight of the weight, the choice of price.
  Most of the advantages in her body are relatively small, but everything is done properly, making people unable to pick up the problem.
  Maybe many times, we can't be the protagonist, we can't do big things, but we must at least make sure that we can make the supporting role good and do the little things well. Once you take your work seriously, you will not be disappointed.
  Knowing an author, he once felt inferior, because he always writes bad hotspots. Whenever he is still collecting materials, sorting out ideas, and taking headlines, other people's articles have been released quickly and are of high quality.
  He calmed down and reflected. In fact, he is not good at writing hot articles, and is more suitable for writing characters. The latter generally does not require prompt writing, he can calm down and spend time and energy to polish the idea.
  He adjusted his mindset, gave up writing hot articles, and specialized in character writing. He often reads thousands of words in a manuscript, goes through more than a dozen books, and repeatedly learns all the information about this character . Hard work pays off, because of persistence and concentration, his character is better written, and more and more people are looking for him. He became a master of writing characters.
  In fact, it is not necessary to do something very difficult, it is called a promising future. Sometimes, if you do something that looks simple enough, you can make a difference.
  In real life, we always find many reasons for doing bad things for ourselves, but in fact, people who are not good enough can make up for the inadequacy through efforts, break through the constraints of objective conditions, and open another way out.
  People who do business do not have to have a smart mind, what a special secret recipe, if you can identify the needs of customers, work hard to improve products, improve services, you may also have a stable source of customers.
  Re-used employees are not necessarily top-notch talents. If you can take everything you do seriously, you can also win the trust of leaders.
  An author is not necessarily proficient in all styles, but if he can find his own characteristics and strengths, he may find another way to become a leader in writing.
  In fact, there are not many people who are truly capable, talented and talented. If you are willing to work hard, you can also bring good luck to yourself.
  Don't find any reason for your laziness and slackness. Many times, whether you are doing well or not, it doesn't matter if you are good or not, but it is inseparable from your efforts.