Two days ago, I heard a good news from my friend Lingzhi: a wheelchair she had given out was stolen.
  That was when she gave a patient a charity event a few years ago. It was only an ordinary wheelchair with four or five hundred dollars. I didn't expect anyone to steal it.
  A wheelchair is a "leg" of a high paraplegic patient. The patient’s family is difficult. When he has no money to buy a wheelchair, he can only lie down every day. With a wheelchair, I can sit up and have more courage to live.
  As soon as the incident came out, the group of patients in the Ganoderma lucidum was filled with indignation. You said this in a word, the thief who stole the wheelchair. Immediately, someone immediately thought of the countermeasure: "Who has a second-hand wheelchair, pay attention!"
  Soon, a young man who was in a wheelchair in the vegetable market selling tofu, took out his old wheelchair, and another netizen paid a postage of one hundred dollars, and left the same day.
  Everyone has no time to continue to sneak thieves. Although the wheelchair is lost, this trivial day will go on.
  Ganoderma lucidum said that the thought of the life-saving of the patient was "recovered" and that he had passed through a small difficulty in front of him, and he felt that the power of kindness was too strong.
  The world we live in is a world with light and shadow.
  In order to satisfy the desire for selfishness, some people have not let go of the tools of a disabled person with disabilities. They are people who create darkness. Others, when they see other people’s difficulties, they immediately lend a helping hand and pass their light to the place where they are. The people in the dark.
  Although the first person will not disappear, the second person will definitely be a sequel.
  Near the staff quarters of the factory, there is a stall selling octopus balls, and the business there has suddenly been very hot.
  The uncle who sells octopus balls is very fashionable. It has opened a mobile phone QR code to pay, and everyone can pay with the sweep.
  My roommate Xiao An is a careful girl. She found that it is not the mobile phone payment that attracts everyone to come to this place to buy octopus balls, but the grandfather does not look at how much money others have given him.
  An octopus dumpling is seven yuan. Many workers know that when the old man pays, they don't look at the payment record. Just on the mobile phone, they can slip a few cents.
  Once Xiao An met the workers and took advantage of the small price, he immediately discouraged him. After returning to the factory, the workers blame Xiao An for his nosy: everyone is so dark, what is your heart? What's more, have we not been blacked out when we go out?
  Andy angrily: a man to stand up, too black people, they should go their own bright.
  Several people in our dormitory have added a small speaker to help the grandfather, the voice will prompt the amount of the account, and this kind of thing should not happen again in the future.
  Listening to Xiao An, when the uncle checked the account, he found that there were more than a thousand dollars in the loophole.
  Life is so difficult, but there is still a darkness of humanity everywhere. However, in the dark, there are always people trying to illuminate others.
  Kindness is the most powerful light, so don't blame your goodwill at all times.
  Whenever the media exposed a negative event, many people left a message saying: "Cold, the society we are in is too dark."
  Few people have thought that changing the status quo is timely action, not complaints. In the face of coolness, those small goodness, small good deeds, is also the heart of the fire.
  I remember that one year my mother and I were eating at the restaurant. She heard that there was someone fighting outside and she was going to see it. The restaurant owner called her, "The fight is far away, what should I do if I meet you?"
  I also let her not do much, and she did not care, rushed out to look at the situation, then came in and called the police. Not long after, the police came, and a storm was calmed down.
  After returning home, I blamed her for saying that in the future, I would like to take care of such things. If anyone knows who the police are, what should I do to retaliate?
  She said, "If everyone doesn't care, isn't that going to kill people?"
  When many people complain about the world, whoever thinks about it, we can eliminate these suffocating and malicious moments in a timely manner. Instead of waiting for things to get worse.
  A bad thing is the first evil voice to make a curse. A good deed, with the first leader who planted good thoughts swarmed.
  When the tragedy occurs, blaming the society and others, what are we doing ourselves? Why can't we do the first kind of light?
  Xiao Gang of the Southern and Northern Dynasties once said: A good heart, a million immortals. The hundred lights are shining, and the miles are bright.
  Kindness is a timely light. When justice hesitates, it comes with a clear-cut, even if it is only a slight sigh, it will finally gather into a bright light.
  Writer Liu Tong said: complaining about being in the dark, it is better to go ahead with the lights.
  Each of us can be the light that drives away the darkness.