Before going to bed some night, I received a WeChat message: Do you still remember me? I am your reader, you have written an article for me.
  This sentence quickly reminded me of her story.
  Last year, she fell into a low life because of her love affair. She kept herself at home every day, didn't go out, and didn't talk to friends. Only in the occasional late night, I will come to see my article, then leave a message in the background to tell my despair and sadness . Sometimes, the idea of ​​negative suicide is revealed in the tone.
  Every time, I will try to communicate with her. The article mentioned above is also to encourage her to write, the purpose is to tell her, must believe in themselves, believe that the days will be difficult, there will be a day in the past.
  What makes me very happy is that in this chat, I finally learned that she has completely bid farewell to the past sentiment and opened a new life.
  She said that would be just broke up, it really kind of feeling of being abandoned by the world, like life in this little man, life is completely lost direction and did not know how to face the future.
  Until one day, she was hungry for a whole day, trying to dry her tears, walked into the kitchen, and cooked herself a bowl of noodles. The bowl of steamed aroma noodles warmed her stomach and inadvertently soothed her heart. For the first time, she began to feel that a person’s life did not seem so terrible.
  Now she is looking for more fun with her and enjoying it. In her spare time, as long as she is free, she will go shopping, listening to movies and watching movies. Of course, from time to time, there will be a trip of one person.
  "Do you know? When I heard you say the truth, I always felt that you were comforting me purely. But now, I finally believe that life is really nothing to do. Thank you!" This is her last hair. A paragraph that came.
  In the dead of night, looking at the flashing words on the screen of the mobile phone, I have a kind of inexplicable touch.
  We don't know each other, we get attached to it because of words, but what really makes us achieve the inner resonance at this moment, I think is due to some common experiences and sentiments.
  We have all suffered from the hardships of life, tasted the failures and setbacks , and finally learned that the more painful the day, the more we have to step on the pain. We can bear much more than we imagined.
  This story reminds me of a friend.
  After two years of acquaintance, I watched her grow fast, from a high school-level writing white, step by step to a recognized freelance writer. Not long ago, she published a new book and completed her biggest dream in her life .
  But it is such a positive girl, the past life experience is unexpectedly rough and difficult.
  She said that she had to be crowded with her parents and sisters in a large rented house because of her family's poverty. She was worried about her daily livelihood. After graduation, she could not find a job because she could not find a job. Days. In the most difficult time, I was expelled from the factory dormitory and was dragged out of the street at two o'clock in the morning. I was crying for not finding a place to stop.
  This article once made me see tears in my face. Because in her body, I saw a lot of my own shadows, the same only high school education, the same has been wandering in a strange city, the same feeling of loneliness and helpless.
  But as she said in the text, suffering is much more difficult, and it is not so terrible. Even, in a sense, it is these experiences that have been sad and sad, unknowingly smelt our will and make us stronger and firmer.
  After suffering the pain of failure, the literary friends did not blame others, but chose to reflect on their own problems. She worked hard to learn foreign languages, improve her business skills, and slowly found her place in the workplace. Later, she was able to set off her dream of writing when she was young.
  me too. If it is not because of the situation after graduation, you can't find a job, you will not choose to adhere to it for more than ten years, and there will be no opportunities and changes.
  The reality is cruel, but it is also fair. With more difficulties, you will find that you can do more than you think.
  Many of us thought that we had a very difficult situation. Looking back at one day was just the way to life. In the process, you have become a better look.
  Someone asked on the Internet: What should I do if I encounter a hurdle that is difficult to pass?
  One answer I like very much is: look at the long legs under our feet, you will know that there is no hurdle to go.
  Yes, we have to admit that life is sometimes difficult. Born in the world, everyone is doomed to be tested, and there will inevitably be moments that feel unsustainable.
  In these days, you may just end a long-lasting relationship, you need to face pain alone, and heal the wounds; maybe you are working alone, being cold-eyed and ridiculed, but you have to do your best to stand on the ground; or you are full of enthusiasm But always can't be understood, seen, and affirmed.
  But all of this is actually not as difficult to deal with as we imagined. In other words, we are much more brave than we think. The fears and limitations are just the settings that you have made for yourself.
  There is a well-recognized training rule in the sports world: a weightlifter can only lift a barbell of 50 kilograms at first, and after training, can lift up to 250 kilograms.
  This truth is placed in any difficulty and challenge in life.
  No matter what kind of situation we face now, what we need to know is that we can afford it and do it.
  Instead of being in a state of failure, it is better to take the courage to face and bear. As long as you go forward and stop, those who have feared you will always have a day behind you.
  In the end, there is always helplessness in life, but the wonderful thing about life is precisely that we have to work hard to make a difference in helplessness. And the happiness we get is derived from our ability to withstand the test.
  People grow up because of their experience, and they are strong because of tempering.
  I believe that I have unlimited potential, I believe that I can overcome all difficulties, and my fate will eventually give us the best ending.