I have listened to friends from the media circle and shared the story of such an author.
  Because of her poor family, she left the school early and went out to work to earn a living. With the help of an acquaintance, I went to work in a factory. It is a luxury to work overtime every day and employees can leave before ten o'clock.
  From that time on, she often read magazines and literary works on the day of rest. A paragraph of text was like an elf like her mind. She met her hobby in this boring job.
  Later she was exposed to the Internet and want to express in words, she began to write at least 200 words a day to talk about the experience.
  Some colleagues saw it and said, "You haven’t had much experience, or you haven’t sold it. I can’t afford an undergraduate student. You can write something even someone who hasn’t even written a paper.
  It can be said that many people stood by and watched the girl’s jokes.
  Her education is really not high, but writing her work is her dream . Is it because of the ridicule of others and the dilemma of reality?
  Of course not. From that day on, she was able to write hundreds of words every day, and took time to look at different kinds of books and browse different types of articles.
  There was a lot of accumulation, and she had a good idea every time she started writing. She registered her public account and opened her writing career in the short book.
  Day after day, the insistence on different types of subjects finally gave her a return. Now she has several popular masterpieces, and she has brought a batch of students to a stable income.
  We used to want to chase our dreams, but there are many people who can't stand the sarcasm and fall of others and give up. This road is very far away. Some people have not started yet, and they end because of the outside world's teasing.
  You have to understand that it is difficult to be recognized by the majority, but it is even more difficult to achieve something in your favorite industry, use your ability to prove yourself, and seize the opportunity of counterattack.
  Do not fear the doubts and ridicule of others, and walk on your own path. This is a kind of courage to overcome difficulties.
  As Huang Yongyu said: "Life is a 10,000-meter long run. If someone disagrees with you, then you have to run faster, so that the voices will be behind you, and you will never hear again."
  Sun Ning, an interpreter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has accompanied the chairman to the meeting several times and served as his personal translator. But in the previous Sun Ning, the English scores were not as good as we thought.
  When I was in junior high school, I read other people's English names and talked about it. Sun Ning had almost never read it. For the first time, he felt that he was not learning English. The words that others could simply remember were difficult for him. Even the class represents this word, and it is only remembered completely when you graduate.
  However, it is good to have a teacher with rich teaching experience in the class, teach them to read poetry and sing, and in a relaxed atmosphere, they will unconsciously master some of the words. Sun Ning suddenly found that the original word is also Can leap.
  Since then, he has had a strong interest in English. Sun Ning at university has studied English in the North . As a professional subject, open expression is an indispensable part. However, he often avoids classroom conversation in middle school. Spoken language is undoubtedly a problem.
  What should I do? Sun Ning is not anxious. He has listed all his own characteristics on paper, and then found a method in a targeted manner.
  Every morning, Sun Ning will study English in a small garden, recite the dialogue, and practice for two hours. After one year, the spoken language gradually improved.
  Listening, reading, writing, these basic skills Sun Ning has never fallen. A good foundation and a wide vocabulary made him stand out from the peers. Before the university graduated, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs became the male god of translation.
  The development of any professional skill is boring and long. The most stupid work is often the most difficult requirement, because few people are willing to study and practice hard.
  But those who are really in the industry, who are not crawling slowly in the process of not seeing light?
  Only by the test of time will we be able to settle down, have our own unique feelings and reflections, and the ever-changing years will also polish our ability and perseverance in doing things. It is both a test and a hone.
  There is a saying on the Internet: "The real difficulty is always serious about one thing."
  With a process that is not afraid of hardships, there is a result of hard work.
  "I think my life only two ways, either hastened death, or the wonderful to be alive." This is the " China dream scene would like to show" no arms Liu After playing the piano with the toes, that's a The remarks.
  In his childhood, Liu Wei touched the high-voltage line because he was playing with his companions. He was amputated in order to keep his arms. After losing your arms, how to take care of yourself becomes a problem.
  He began to try to use his feet to practice chopsticks, gargle, and eat. These are normal actions for us, and he has to repeat it several times to complete.
  Although he lost his hands, he did not want to spend his life like this. He also wanted to do what he wanted to do like ordinary people.
  In order to realize his own musical dream, he bought a piano. Every day, 7 hours of practice, three-point and one-line life, even if the piano toe has been polished by a layer of skin, his training has not been interrupted for several years.
  "Happiness is knocking on the door" says "When you think it is most difficult, it is actually the time when you are closest to success ."
  Destiny is sometimes ruthless, depriving us of the things we depend on, and giving us the toughness of Nirvana and rebirth in the cold eye.
  Don't tell yourself that I can't do it every time I try to get through the storm. If I don't try my best, how can I know?
  If you suffer a bitterness and then become decadent, you will not feel hopeful if you live in the world. If you face suffering and do not shrink back, you will turn your pains and pains into a driving force to realize your dreams. Life will eventually give you The corresponding return.
  When you straighten your waist, correct your attitude, and give your actions, you will find that the so-called difficulties are just a must-have question in life.
  It has no shortcuts to go, it can only be faced and solved without timidity, and your life will be full of hope and expectation because of this effort and change.
  Choosing the challenge is the best way to face the dilemma.